Love & Sex: Second Base [v24.4.0a] [Andrealphus]

Love & Sex: Second Base [v20.6.1d] [Andrealphus]

Обзор : Love & Sex: Second Base — это симулятор знакомств, где выродок (надеюсь, вы) становится соседом по комнате с двумя очень горячими девушками и встречается с другими в повседневной жизни. Основная цель игры состоит в том, чтобы ему повезло и, возможно, жениться на девушке из твоих влажных снов, для этого нужно делать выбор и повышать свою статистику.

Дата обновления: 2024-05-01
Дата выпуска : 2024-05-01
Разработчик: Andrealphus Patreon — Twitter — ko-fi — Discord — — Wiki — Steam
Цензура: Нет
Версия : 24.4.0a Patreon
ОС : Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Язык : английский
Жанр : 2DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Simulator, Dating sim, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, MILF, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, NTR (Avoidable)

Журнал изменений :
Feature: intro balance changes
Fix: phone crashing because of Amy

New features:
[MikeMC] Camila post date standing sex [1CG] [MikeMC] Electronic harem last event [1EV, 3CG] [MikeMC] Reona, Kat and Amy pregnacy talk [3EV] [MikeMC] Reona, Kat and Amy wedding dresses
[MikeMC] Amy event 8, 9 and 10 [3EV] [MikeMC] Music for the home harem and F.A.F.O.W girls
[MikeMC] Sex inserts in Audrey, Ayesha, Bree, Camila, Cassidy, Emma, Hanna, Harmony, Kleio, Kylie, Lavish and Lexi scenes
[BreeMC] Ayesha gym meeting
[BreeMC] Better morality options
[BreeMC] Artificial insemination [1EV] [BreeMC] Mike reverse cowgirl [1CG] [BreeMC] Cuddle scenes with Angela, Ayesha, Lexi and Sasha [4CG] [BreeMC] Danny event 2 and 4 [2EV, 1CG] [BreeMC] Dwayne event 3 [1EV, 1CG] [BreeMC] Dwayne job offer [1EV] [BreeMC] Dwayne limo window [1CG] [BreeMC] Dwayne propose [1EV] [BreeMC] Jack doggy [1CG, 1EV ] [BreeMC] Mike job offer [1EV] [BreeMC] Mike masturbating enhancement
[BreeMC] Mike postdate reverse cowgirl [1EV] [BreeMC] Jack vip doggy [1EV] [BreeMC] Shawn hottub sex [1EV, 1CG] [BreeMC] Victor hottub sex [1EV, 1CG] [BothMC] First floor bathroom [1BG, 1EV] [BothMC] Taxi bg [1BG] [BothMC] Better ui for the command menu

Electronic harem events 4 & 5 [2EV, 3CG] Goth harem hot coffee 2 [3CG, 1EV] 5 new Kat story events [5EV] 9 new Kat hot coffee scenes [9EV, 5CG] Angela birthday sex [1EV] Hot coffee inserts in Aletta, Alexis and Hanna scenes
Improved hot coffee scenes for Sasha & Shiori
[BreeMC] 1 new Scottie hot coffee scene [1EV, 1CG]

[MikeMC] Lexi birthday date [1EV] [MikeMC] Minami, Morgan, Palla and Samantha hot coffee scenes improved
[MikeMC] Update Samantha selfie [1CG] [MikeMC] Kat events 1 to 4 [4EV] [MikeMC] Kat meets Jack [1EV] [MikeMC] Bree reverse cowgirl [1EV, 1CG] [MikeMC] Goth harem (Amy/Violaine) [1EV, 3CG] [MikeMC] Gaming harem (Bree/Kat) [2EV] [MikeMC] Amusement Park [1BG, 1DA, 5AC] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona photobooth [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona hottub sex [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona cuddles [3CG] [BreeMC] All guys cuddles [9CG]

[MikeMC] Lexi birthday date [1EV] [MikeMC] Kat first events [2EV] [MikeMC] Goth harem (Amy/Violaine) sex scene [3CG,1EV]

New features:
[MikeMC] Added Hanna’s armpits hair to all her scenes
[MikeMC] Aletta, Alexis, Anna, Audrey, Ayesha, Bree, Camila, Cassidy, Emma, Hanna, Harmony, Kleio, Kylie, Lavish, Lexi hot coffee scenes improved
[MikeMC] Amy, Ayesha, Camila, Kylie birthday dates [6EV, 2CG] [MikeMC] Amy blowjob [1CG, 2EV] [MikeMC] Amy forest date [1EV] [MikeMC] Amy halloween party at home [1EV] [MikeMC] Amy kink events 1 to 5 [6EV, 1BG] [MikeMC] Ayesha cowgirl [1EV][1CG] [MikeMC] Camila, Cherie story scenes improved
[MikeMC] Criminal harem restaurant date [2CG][2EV] [MikeMC] add amy, kat, reona tattoo parlor scene [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona chatting artworks [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona arcade gaming [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona hottub [3CG] [MikeMC] playing guitar for Amy, Kat, Reona [3CG] [MikeMC] Electronic harem 03 [1EV] [MikeMC] intro improved
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona restaurant meal [3CG] [MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona watching movies [3CG] [BreeMC] add guys tattoo parlor scene
[BreeMC] add missing layers in the dance scene
[BreeMC] abort pregnancy [1EV] [BreeMC] can have two jobs
[BreeMC] Jack missionary scene [1CG][1EV] [BreeMC] scottie cowgirl [1CG, 2EV] [BreeMC] scottie doggy [1CG, 2EV] [BreeMC] scottie hot coffee in the pub [1CG][1EV] [BreeMC] Updated victor sprite

MikeMC] Camila/Kylie ending [1EV] [MikeMC] Lap dance: Harmony, Hanna [2EV] [BreeMC] Angela event 6-9 [4EV, 3CG, 1BG] [BreeMC] Birthday date: Jack [1EV, 1BG] [BreeMC] Mike after date hot coffee [2EV] [BreeMC] Lap dance: Mike, Danny [2EV, 1CG] [BreeMC] Pregnancy discovery: Dwayne, Mike, Scottie, Jack [4EV]

— Alexis ntr conversation issue
— Avoid selling already acquired skill books
— Issue with sam, lexi, minami joining home harem
— Mikemc birthday dates triggering for breemc
— Samantha typo

— Alexis birthday date [1ev] — Alexis ntr event 05 bis [1ev] — Alternate proposal to kylie while in jail
— Amy / kat / reona kiss [3cg] — Amy base texts
— Amy sprite
— Ayesha aquarium date [1ev] — Ayesha emma meeting in the coffeshop [1ev] — Ayesha forest date [1ev] — Ayesha wresling show enhancement [qol] — Beach icecream naked seller
— Beach icecream with amy/kat/reona
— Beach sandcastle dlc fafow
— Beach sun cream cg — dlc characters
— Beach volleyball dlc fafow
— Breemc angela event 05 [1ev] — Breemc ayesha event 04 [1ev] — Breemc ayesha’s wrestling show [2ev] — Breemc cunnilingus on lexi [1cg] — Breemc dwayne kiss
— Breemc meet danny [1ev] — Breemc meet dwayne [1ev] — Breemc meet dwayne in the street [1ev] — Breemc mike celebrates his promotion [1ev] — Breemc mike finds out pregnancy [1ev] — Breemc pregnant congratulations [1ev] — Drink dlc fafow
— Friendly harem ending[ ev] — In game achievements
— Kat base texts
— Kat sprite
— Lexi smoking pot event intro during home date [1ev] — Minami birthday date [1ev] — Pat/grope/finger actions for amy/kat/reona
— Pimping lexi with master [1ev] — Playing water dlc fafow
— Reona sprite
— Repeatable bj scene with bree, sam, sasha afterwork [1ev] — Swimming race dlc fafow
— Add aletta’s requirement in shiori’s tracker
— Add current sexperience in mc profile when ng+
— Aletta asks mc to work overtime when ceo
— Aletta story tracker for «have a date in the restaurant» event
— Amy teaser size
— Ayesha story tracker issue when meeting her in the street
— Breemc dwayne kiss haircut
— Calling someone in at home
— Choose which date to cancel when multiple dates are planned with the same npc
— Disable booty call palla when she’s hidden
— Disable playing guitar for breemc
— Emma missing sexperience checks
— Ensure sasha is not hidden during kleio’s studio event
— Friendly harem achievements
— Kleio nipples piercings
— Kylie do_event crash
— Kylie investigation
— Lavish bj position
— Meet people audrey/ayesha
— Mike bauer and sex overdose achievements
— Missing impregnate/anal flags
— Move call mom/dad/bruce into the call smartphone screen
— Move cheat button bottom right of the phone
— Multiple fixes on office harem
— Naked npc during jack videogames event
— Outfit issue during harmony bree sasha encounter
— Pimping lexi story tracker
— Sam talk about being together
— Samantha’s story tracker
— Sasha doesn’t return after boobjob
— Sasha returning from surgery
— Sasha/scottie events
— Strip club issue
— Wrong npc during birthday gifts check

— AttributeError: ‘Room’ object has no attribute ‘conditioned_bg’
— Breemc peeping bath Sasha/Mike layer issue
— Sasha returning from surgery

— Alexis ntr events triggering unexpectedly
— Amy teaser size
— Avoid bree/sasha to come back from the dead
— Sasha bj mouth
— Strip club issue
— Video games with jack require home harem

— Dlcs pub cgs update
— Hanna annoyed blush crash
— Small typos

— Added pickup line (suggested by thepostalgamer)
— Aletta date birthday [2ev] — Alexis ntr event 04 [1ev] — Alexis repeatable movie event
— Alexis restaurant ntr scene [1ev] — Anna date birthday [2ev] — Blackmail dwayne [1ev] — Breemc ayesha hottub event [1ev] — Breemc ayesha kiss
— Breemc danny hot tub event
— Breemc dwayne hot tub event
— Breemc jack hot tub event
— Breemc lexi hot tub event [1ev] — Breemc sasha alternate event 05 [1 ev] — Breemc sasha hottub event [1ev] — Breemc scottie event 06 [1ev] — Breemc scottie kiss
— Cassidy birthday date
— Chibis for arcade claw machine
— College ending [1ev] — Even more achievements
— Fashion ending [1ev] — Hanna / harmony / lexi lapdance
— Hanna birthday date [2ev] — Heart attack and hypnosis arrest [2cg] — Home harem enhancement 3 [qol] — Kylie’s murder trial [3ev, 2cg] — New achievement — solitude & sorrow
— New achievements
— Palla birthday date [2ev] — Playing videogames with jack [1ev] — Repeatable alexis beach event
— Repeatable events for camila [2ev] — Ryan taking the bus [1cg] — Sasha handjob [1cg] — Shiori birthday date [2ev] — Sleepy shiori [1cg, 1ev] Fix:
— Add missing outfits for shiori fall
— Add missing outside cum during ayesha missionary
— Allow birthday dates to trigger after an afternoon date
— Blur unseen images in gallery
— Bree outfit during tournament
— Bree’s condom reaction in sasha’s bedroom
— Breemc bath cg with mike
— Breemc jack
— Can’t breakup with cassidy
— Cannot pickle ‘odict_keys’ (lol)
— Cassidy_hold_meeting story tracker issue
— Crash when trying to do reminderappointment
— Disable booty call with camila while in hospital
— Emma groping hands overclip
— Gifts increase lp after 50+ lp
— Halloween sex event pass time
— Hottub swimsuit
— Introduction when meeting emma, and being able to trigger introduction while on
revenge route
— Issue when talking about alexis’s behavior
— Kleio call back about car repair
— Kylie trial conditions
— Kylie trial sound missing
— Lexi sasha nightclub event triggered during another date
— Licking layer minami/sasha
— Look around button
— Mc in kitchen meal cg
— Mixed event in random ponstar job event for breemc
— Naked layers for sasha bass training & sasha unpacking
— Nudist beach layers
— Pimping lexi to jack will update correctly
— Room crash attribute error scene
— Sam event d02 trigger conditions
— Sam preg achievement / slap intro
— Sasha missionary
— Sasha mixed event breemc/mikemc
— Shiori hottub swimsuit
— Soft lock on minami siscon story
— Spelling mistakes
— Typo in pimping lexi story tracker
— Typo in shiori office sleep event
— When introduced to emma you won’t be called samantha’s boyfriend if on revenge route

— When introduced to Emma you won’t be called Samantha’s boyfriend if on revenge route

— Aletta cassidy fight
— Breemc gifts dialogues
— Breemc/sasha kiss
— Crash before sam’s wedding
— Hang with kleio at the mall
— Hottub pregnancy/sexy swimsuit issues
— Lexi bj story tracker
— Meet kylie at the university story tracker
— Naked layers for watch tv
— Sam’s revenge path
— Sam’s revenge tracker
— Sasha haircut in home harem foursome
— Tracking cassidy’s meeting

Love & Sex 23.09 September Monthly Update
Hi guys !
Here is 23.09 the September monthly update, it’s a bit smaller than the previous one as we focused on bug fixing! Next month will see the arrival of our first DLC girls (hopefully) keep your eyes open for the poll 😀
[BothMC] Call a NPC in any room at home
[BothMC] New gift plushie
[MikeMC] Alternate Sasha BJ event [1EV] [MikeMC] Jealous harem ending [1EV] [MikeMC] Kleio call me master [1EV] [MikeMC] Lavish meeting BJ [1EV] [MikeMC] Lexi/Ryan pimping events [3EV] [MikeMC] Sam alternate beach hot coffee [1EV] [MikeMC] Sam doggy in her livingroom [1EV] [MikeMC] Sam sneaking in [1EV] [MikeMC] Sasha pool foreplay [1EV] [BreeMC] Doggy scene with Mike [1EV] [BreeMC] Missionary with Mike [1EV] [BreeMC] Angela’s hottub event & sex [2EV, 2 CG] [BreeMC] Mike’s hottub event [1EV, 1CG] [BreeMC] Scottie’s hottub event [1EV, 1CG]

— Audrey’s alternative start event conditions will fire correctly
— Conditions for reporting Kylie after house assault
— Multiple layers issues

— Battle of the bands solo enhancement [qol] Fix:
— Activities during scavenger hunt linked to emma
— Added delay to samantha /ryan’s baby talk, and fixed bug that prevented avoiding
— Added spoiler support to scottie’s story tracker
— Avoid sasha/scottie to trigger due to unwanted lp loss
— Ayesha and hanna event order
— Ensure no transformations are applied to npc during home harem choices
— Npcs only wearing a towel when they’re not
— Random pregnant girl
— Samantha leaving during showdown even if agreed to non exclusive relationships

Here is 23.08 the August monthly update, it’s packed full with content including some great new pregnancy related features for BreeMC ^^

34 phone wallpapers added to the supporter pack
[BreeMC] 5 new outfits for Bree
[BreeMC] hot tub artworks [2+CG] Wrestling ending for the taming harem [1CG, 1EV] Amy kiss & sex teasers [2EV, 2CG] [BreeMC] Bree mc pregnancy handling part 2
Camila helping with the office investigation [2EV] Concert solos during the band story [4CG] Naked bathroom with Bree [1EV] Home harem events improvements
Minami couch fun [1EV] Minami’s masturbation [1EV, 1CG] Palla restaurant bj [1EV] [BreeMC] Pregnancy test [1EV, 1CB] Sam’s baby ryan [2EV] Samantha additional post date BJ [1EV] Samantha wedding BJ [1EV] [BreeMC] new scottie events [4EV, 2CG]

— Gallery crash on kwargs

— Bree minami sasha blowjob layers
— Bree titfuck mouth layers
— Chatting cg layers
— Gallery picker issue
— Lavish piercings on chatting cg
— Missing button for gallery
— Sexperience achievement

Love & Sex 23.07 July Monthly Update
Hi guys
Here is 23.07 the July monthly update, to be honest you already got most of that content during the month through smaller updates. We did a lot of bug fix this month and the gallery took a lot of our dev time but here you are ^^
And the new features are :
Gallery (Need NG+, very alpha right now)
Sasha boobjob visual update [1CG] Hanna stand [1EV, 1CG] Criminal Harem Alley Blowjob [1EV,1CG] Sporty Harem Proposal + Ending [2EV,1CG] Alexis ntr bj high school reunion [1CG] Camila hospital artwork [1CG] Bree boobjob visual update [1CG] Bree spoon visual update [1CG] Just a little push [1EV] Play guitar activity [4CG]

— Sasha tittyfuck visual update [1cg] — Taming harem enhancement 1 [qol] Fix:
— Adjust story tracker for bree lp >= 50%
— Alexis ntr school reunion
— Ayesha steam achievements
— Bree sasha shower haircut issue
— Intro issue with old ngplus games
— Issue with «go to work» step in story tracker
— Missing ending steps for Bitchy and Criminal harems

— Cassidy kiss

— Alexis ntr bj high school reunion [1cg] — Band harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Bitchy harem events enhancement 2 [qol] — Bree boobjob visual update [1cg] — Camila hospital cg
— Cleaned up hypnosis option conditions, and added kylie yandere management
— College harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Criminal harem alley blowjob [1ev,1cg] — Criminal harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Fashion harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Gaming harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Hanna stand [1ev, 1cg] — Jealous harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Just a little push [1ev] — New achievements
— Office harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Pixie harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Play guitar activity [4cg] — Rework bree spoon [1cg] — Samantha cum shake in booty call scene [qol] — Sporty harem events enhancement 1 [qol] — Sporty harem proposal + ending [2ev,1cg] — Tatophile harem events enhancement 1 [qol] Fix:
— Add missing layers bree boobjob
— Add missing slutty dress dialogues
— Added jealousy checks to grope activity
— Adjust topless conditions
— Bree doggy mouth cum
— Bug in displaying hidden locations
— Camila and kylie schedule
— Cancel issue at the piercings shop
— Cassidy reverse cowgirl
— Cg girls couch fun
— Chatting cg
— Chatting with sasha
— Crash during vaginal palla’s doggy scene with condom
— Crash when using special characters in save names
— Emma’s judgement story tracker conditions made more clear
— Groping triggers jealousy, and fixed jealousy handling
— Kylie sexperience tracker update for nighttime unwelcome visit
— Lavish collar on office 3some with audrey
— Minami handcuffs during fuck date
— Minami slutty dress
— Misplaced shiori missionary
— Missing parameters on cheated labels
— Palla piercings
— Prevent topless during wedding
— Sasha fuckdate intro when doing it from home
— Shiori missing dialogues using nicknames
— Shiori piledriver layers
— Shopping choices
— Spelling mistake
— Spelling mistakes
— Tattooparlor cassidy clit piercing
— Text crowding for skills listed in phone profile
— Topless home and office girls
— Topless outfits management
— Visited room type issue

— Add cancel option in date/time selection
— Adjustments on events trigger one after another + layers issues
— Aletta fuck office choices
— Avoid sam sleeping in minami’s bedroom if minami not in the home harem
— Band harem threesome repeat
— Bree scene in sasha bedroom conditions
— Hanna stripclub outfits
— Home harem lesbian repetition + sam schedule
— Lexi loss of lp in standing scene
— Minami pat head
— Remove option wearing sexy/slutty dress when not available on sprite
— Remove unwanted multidick superpower
— Update 23.6.0a crash

Love & Sex 23.06 June Monthly Update
Hi guys !
Here is the 23.06 June monthly update, which should in all honesty be called the big fat juicy update as we have no less than 10 CG and 36 events in it (and even a few expressions and outfits)!
And the new features are :
Aletta alternate events [5EV] Aletta repeatable restaurant cunnilingus [1EV] Aletta restaurant blowjob [1EV] Audrey playing board game scene [1EV] Bree doggy in sasha’s room [1EV] Bree penalty when she looses at zbox [1EV] Bree postdate rough doggy [1EV] Bree postdate spoon [1EV] Cassidy office reverse cowgirl [1EV] Harmony sexy date [1EV] Harmony poledance scene [1EV] Harmony stripclub events [2EV] Hanna gym blowjob [1EV] Kleio studio BJ [1EV] Kylie classroom blowjob [1EV] Lexi alternate standing hot coffee [1EV] Lexi improved events [QOL] Lexi pool bj during home date [1EV] Lexi sasha threesome bedroom [1EV] Minami improved events [QOL] Morgan nightclub cunnilingus [1EV] Morgan improved events [QOL] Palla spanking foreplay [1EV] Samantha improved events [QOL] Small bitchy harem ending [1EV] Criminal harem ending [2EV, 1CG] Taming harem ending [2EV, 1CG] Watch tv dunring dates [4CG] Chatting with the girls [4CG] Heart attack ending [1EV] Hypnosis skill, book & activity [1AC, 2EV] Pet head and grope activity for every girls [2AC] Toggleable pregnancy pop-up [QOL] Topless command (office/work) [QOL] Ventilate weekend events [QOL] Spoilers tooltip for story steps [QOL] Allow afternoon dates on week days [QOL] [breemc] Jobs random events [QOL] [BreeMC] Mike titty fuck [1EV] [BreeMC] Mike spoon [1EV] [BreeMC] Mike masturbate in living room [1EV]

Here is the 23.05 May monthly update.
And the new features are :
Bitchy harem endings [1CG, 5EV] Home harem girls couch fun [1CG, 1EV] Sam flat doggy sex [1EV] Friendly harem sex [3CG, 1EV] Playing board games [4CG] Home date eating snacks [4CG] Sam repeatable cowgirl & reverse cowgirl [2EV] Improved Samantha cheating reactions
Birthday intro on dates
Emma & Hanna improved events
New band harem proposal options
Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%
3 new job chibis
[BreeMC] Jack deathless harpies event [1EV] [BreeMC] Mike new story events [5EV] [BreeMC] gifts from NPCs
[BreeMC] 14 new job chibis + random job events
Thanks a lot to our artist & dev team especially MidnightDatura, Lent1, Paradoxal D, Apoc, BlissFullDarkness, Domestos and Firesparq.

23.4.0f — May Weekly Update 2
Hello guys & gals!

Here is the content for our weekly Love & Sex update:


Special date intro on birthday

[BreeMC] 5 new job chibis

Friendly harem threesome [3CG]

Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%

23.4.0f — May Weekly Update 1
Playing board game art [4CG] [BreeMC] 5 new chibis
[BreeMC] New Mike events [10EV] [BreeMC] birthday/valentine/christmas gift from NPCs

— Sasha events enhanced reactions part 2 [qol] Fix:
— Breemc feedbacks
— Nude beach dialogues + outfit
— Revert fix on minami’s hand
— Sasha kiss outfit

Ayesha, Bree, Kylie and Sasha improved events
Date introduction on special dates
Emma wedding [2EV, 1CG] Peeping on bree and samantha having fun [1CG, 2EV] Peeping on lexi and samantha having sex [1CG, 2EV] Peeping on minami and samantha having sex [1CG, 2EV] Peeping on samantha and sasha having sex [1CG, 2EV] Samantha beach hot coffee [1EV] Samantha booty calls MC [1EV] [BreeMC] Jack alternate events [4EV] [BreeMC] 11 new jobs
[BreeMC] guys/girls reactions enhanced
[BreeMC] pregnancy
[BreeMC] updated inventory
[BreeMC] piercing shop

Features Weekly Update 2:
Bree enhanced events part 2
BreeMC pregnancy
One time dates introduction with Ayesha. [4EV] Samantha beach hot coffee [1EV] Samantha booty calls MC [1EV] Updated BreeMC inventory
Features Weekly Update 1:
Improved Ayesha events
Peeping on Bree and Samantha having fun [1CG, 2EV] Peeping on Lexi and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV] Peeping on Minami and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV] Peeping on Sasha and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV]

— Battle of the bands enhancement [qol] — Small talks enhanced reactions part 2 [qol] Fix:
— Adjust nonexclusive flag when joining a harem
— Duplicated mike in sasha ending
— Hospital issue with camila in demo
— Minami happy expression
— [breemc] force mike’s story tracker

Bugfix update

Here is the 23.02 February monthly update.
And the new features are :

Audrey new events [3EV, 3CG] Improved legacy Audrey events
Audrey repeatable reverse cowgirl [1EV] Ayesha new events & ending [5EV] Band harem threesome art rework [1CG] Bitchy harem BJ [1EV, 1CG] Camila new events & endings [4EV, 1CG] Movie theater CGs [4CG] Dynamic load/save pagination
Home harem BJ Lexi/Minami/Samantha [1CG][1EV] Home harem confession to Samantha [1EV] Improved legacy Lavish events
Manage collar in command menu
Updated Sasha missionary CG
Updated Sasha standing CG

Here is the 23.01 January Monthly Update.
And the new features are :
Emma pregnacy talk [1EV] Harmony ending [1EV, 2CG] Harmony preg talk [1ev] Kylie endings [2EV, 2CG] Morgan ending visuals [2CG] New harmony events [1CG, 10EV] Swimming visuals [20+CG] Threesome with Violaine and Vincent [1EV, 1CG] Palla model ending outfit
Buying popcorn visuals [20+CG] Morgan sexy dress
Added the deathless harpies original song to the supporter pack
Aletta events enhanced 2

Here is the 22.12 December Monthly Update.
And the new features are :
Home harem christmas [1EV, 3CG] Criminal harem start [2EV] Enhanced characters reactions (Aletta & Shiori)
Girl on girl dance activity
New Kleio events [2EV] Kylie’s demise [2EV] Lexi pimping ending [1EV, 1CG] Morgan ending [1EV, 1CG] Morgan event 09 [1EV][1CG] Morgan final events [2EV] Updated CGs with angela
— Bree event office 04 stacktrace
— Bree meeting with dwayne at the office
— Cassidy wedding kiss

— Alexis cg during ntr office
— Bree office story tracker
— Easier to trigger bree ev 01 (phone missing)
— Harmony casual outfit after ev_08 appointement
— Sasha event 5


— Add camila event [1ev] — Add emma wedding dress
— Aletta kink 08 [1ev] — Angela sprite
— Anna sub event [2ev] — Bree office event [4ev][1cg] — Camila alternate event 05
— Cassidy wedding dress (sprite + kiss)
— Emma collaring event [1ev] — House map
— Kleio garage hot coffee [1ev] — Kylie bondage date [1ev] — Kylie is getting better/worse 1-2 [4ev] — Kylie is getting better/worse 3-4 [4ev] — Kylie university blowjob [1ev] — Office ending [1ev] — Palla endings [1cg][2ev] — Palla model ending [1cg] — Taming harem home date event [1ev] — Taming harem second threesome fuck [2cg][1ev] — Update bree kissing angela
— A few house map bugs
— Add minami slutty date in slap scene
— Anna’s sub event progression
— Assorted aletta bugs and typos
— Assorted alexis bugs
— Assorted anna bugs
— Ayesha sub event choice logic
— Bathroom will correctly appear on the house map
— Beach date choice always pops up
— Bitchy foursome resume activity
— Bree x minami x sasha blowjob
— Bree/dwayne/mike missing layers
— Bug report link
— Cassidy parents talk
— Code optimization
— Disable apply suntan + isseason harmonisation
— Fix and adjust ayesha layers
— Fixed assorted general bugs added a few qol features
— Harem proposal logic
— Harmony birthday talk
— House map
— Morgan rewrites
— Naked activities when date on nudist beach
— Nudist beach date conditions backend
— Outfits issues
— Play zbox conditions
— Play zbox conditions
— Randomness with kiss cheating
— Sasha boobjob issue when adding navel piercing
— Sasha/sam beach date position + ice cream outfits
— Smartphone will stay on top of map and house map after calling/texting
— Smoothed out emma petite love progression
— Taming harem labels issues
— Typo in condom check usage
— Typos
— Use breakup method
— Watch tv pregnancy issues
— Working with sexy work outfit
— Init typos
— Workon init

Here is the 22.10 October Monthly Update.
And the new features are :
Add sexy casual outfit for harmony dance
Anna oral fun [1cg][1ev] Bitchy hot coffee text update
Bree karate-gi outfit
Bree/Lexi hot coffee [1ev] Bree MC — Jack events [3 cg][6 ev] Bree Z-box events [1cg][2ev] Cassidy’s ending [2ev][1cg] Hanna alternate missionary [1ev] Hanna’s ending [2ev][1cg] Hanna event 10 [1ev] Home harem Bree/Lexi beach date [2cg][1ev] Lexi/Minami/Samantha beach date [1ev] New Android logo
Samantha/Sasha beach date [1ev] Samantha alternate ending [1cg] Taming oral fun [1cg][1 ev] Taming harem hot coffee with Ayesha [1cg][1ev] Taming harem event 3 [1ev]

v22.9 Monthly Update. Our new features :
19 new events
13 new CGs including sex scenes
300+ new voiced lines for Harmony
Pixie & Sporty Harem Update
Expression rework on Audrey & Kleio

— More gestures for android
— Bitchy harem showdown
— Breemc issue with scottie and sasha event
— Map readability improvements
— Morgan events 7/7b

— Add some activities at the strip club
— Adjust lexi’s schedule to fix home harem repeatable events
— Bree sprite issue with pubes
— Caught peeping
— Issue with stripclub date in demo

City map
526 new voiced lines
3 New events and 4 CG for the Bitchy harem
4 Lavish spanking events
Add breemc talk subjects
6 more new or updated CG
8 new events
Kleio new haircut

— Alexis love max
— Consumables
— Date events
— Disable breemc/master missing events
— Sasha collar issues
— Typos

— 253 voiced lines for alexis
— 313 new voiced lines for samantha
— Add guys smartphone
— Add new pose for bree [1 sprite] — Alexis ending [1ev, 2cg] — Alexis ntr glory hole [1ev, 1cg] — Battle of the bands ending events [2 ev] — Bree cunnilingus with sasha
— Breemc master story
— Breemc sasha cunnilingus
— Breemc sasha oral scenes [2 ev] — Kleio alternate cowgirl [1 ev] — Kleio cgs update
— Lavish blowjob at the office [1ev] — Lavish cowgirl [1cg] — Minami fuck date blowjob
— Pet shelter bg, cat and dog sprite [1bg, 3ev] — Ryan flirt and fight [2cg] — Sasha second footjob [1 ev] — Sasha titfuck alternate event [1 ev] — Sasha unpacking scene for breemc [1cg] — Threesome between minami & sasha [2cg, 1ev] Fix:
— Add a wait step in minami tracker
— Add checks on do_activity
— Add minami slutty dress in restaurant
— Add missing button for victor
— Adjust max lp for some gifts
— Aletta pregnant office fuck
— Allow rollback during events
— Anna underwear date
— Ayesha (reverse) cowgirl
— Call in new context stacktrace
— Call_in_new_context/valid_events
— Cassidy’s story tracker will update correctly if you miss cherie’s party
— Condoms as consumable + enable/disable skills in cheat menu + small fixes
— Crash during lesbian stat update for guys
— Disable random bree position c
— Enable college harem
— Girls referring to their kids
— Harmony naked dance
— Increase time window to meet minami on saturday afternoon
— Infinity loop
— Issue while calling flags hooks
— Issue with the battle of the band for the demo
— Kylie fuck_kylie_jail not triggering
— Lexi dance sexy date pregnant
— Minami cowgirl nipples piercing
— Morgan story tracker not displaying next task
— Send texts conditions
— Small fixes in talk subjects
— Stacktrace condom for audrey
— Stacktrace pop in room.rpy
— Switch camila talk events to activties
— Temp fix on
— University and office closed on christmas day
— Week 202228.

— Crash at the end of dates
— Crash using box of condoms
— Crash while opening the agenda
— Fashion harem event repeats forever
— Lexi issue in demo
— Show overlay ui while shopping

— 1 new event for sasha [1ev] — 155 new voiced lines for kleio
— 183 new voiced lines for anna
— 276 new voiced lines for mike
— 332 new voiced lines for lexi
— Add custom movies reactions
— Add custom texts from mike
— Additional bree/sasha showdown outcome
— Alternate call me daddy event [1 ev] — Audrey swing at the park [1cg] — Audrey water slide [1cg] — Audrey’s photocopy [1cg] — Beach volley with guys
— Bree alternate collaring [1ev] — Bree kiss lexi
— Bree maid event beach date alternate [1ev] — Bree reacts to sasha’s pregnancy [1ev] — Bree/kleio meeting [1ev] — Custom texts from girls
— Dance breemc
— Ice cream with guys
— Kleio and anna reacts to sasha’s murder [2ev] — Kleio gets a new haircut [2ev] — Kleio new haircut
— Kleio new haircut cgs update
— Lavish ending [3ev, 1cg] — Lexi blowjob alley [1ev] — Lexi kiss bree [1cg] — Minami alternate event 06 [1ev] — More pregnancy dialogues (bree/sasha)
— New aletta ending [1cg] — New gift from minami
— Playing water with guys
— Sandcastle with guys
— Sandwich with bree and minami [1cg] — Sasha and bree react to each other’s collar [ 2ev] — Threesome with bree and minami [1cg][1ev] — Vibrating aletta [1ev, 1ac] — Work with cg [1 cg] Fix:
— After date sex need 50% love
— Aletta remote vibrator
— Aletta vibrate text
— Audrey event with ryan at the pub
— Audrey on swing
— Better condom usage thresholds
— Boy position in anna kleio ending
— Bree kleio pool game layers issue
— Characters positions in the home harem ending
— Cheat menu
— Clear legacy appointments for harmony
— Disable working with cassidy
— Emma & minami likes manga now
— Fashion harem start
— Gift collar/swimsuit/etc.
— Halloween characters consistency
— Harmony doggy issue
— Harmony love stats
— Harmony outfit switch after date foreplay
— Issue in aletta cowgirl with condom
— Issue with harems activation
— Issue with interact activities events (minami + sasha)
— Lavish tongue and lips piercings
— Lexi bj layer issue
— Lexi blowjob sexydate
— Lexi issue during halloween in demo
— Loading saves with the old version of the fertility-assesment skill book (22.2.0c
or older)
— Mall button stacktrace
— Mikemc outfit during lexi’s wedding
— Minami cunni piercing
— Minami flirty and dirty texts
— Minami pregnant doggy dialogue issue
— Minami stacktrace + issue in clothes shop
— Missed cherie party issue
— Missing anna line
— Naked ayesha in the park
— Naked shiori while babysitting kanta
— Outfit issue in dance scene
— Prison events chain
— Rename office fuck labels
— Samantha fuck date stacktrace
— Sasha event 01 background
— Sasha missing piercings kiss and doggy
— Sasha repeatable dialogues delay
— Sasha tracker duplicates
— Save updates on weekly
— Search emma if she’s not a dream
— Shiori coffee sexywork
— Story tracker issues audrey/palla and camila
— The shiva problem
— Wake up in the middle of the night while fully rested
— Workhard does not trigger shiori events
— Switch to renpy 7.5.0

— Warn about capped promotion
— Demo issues
— Easier stamina recovery
— Fashion harem triggering in the middle of interaction
— Lexi alternate ev 02
— Lexi ending
— Naked alexis ntr at nudist beach
— Wait for audrey + alexis tracker

— 144 new voiced lines for minami
— Audrey office missionary outfits
— Audrey park issue
— Audrey park/waterpark story tracker
— Audrey tracker «wait for audrey to show up at the office»
— Ayesha alternate event
— Buy a round when pregnant
— College harem showdown required
— Fashion harem story tracker
— Hanna location issue
— Morgan cinema tracker
— Story tracker home harem pending
— Story trackers issues + kylie stacktrace
— Tracker, add wait for bree step

17 new CGs including sex scenes
20 new events
11 new musical tunes
College Harem
144 new voiced lines for Shiori
New restaurant meal poses

— Ayesha missing missionary layers
— Minami surprised expression
— Morgan missing doggy layer
— Shiori titfuck
— cinemaroom date
— demo

— Alexis doggy
— Gift stacktrace
— attributes scaling with game difficulty again
— call in Lavish

— Cum reaction Aletta
— Cum reaction Alexis
— Nicknames for Samantha, Bree, Shiori and Audrey
— Customer Service event
— Lexi naked on watch tv
— Demo on US servers

Here is the 22.4 Monthly Update. Our new features :
12 new CGs including sex scenes
8 new events
Fashion Harem
14 new chibis for Bree MC
Photobooth with guys
3 new reactions

— Bug with date_do_old_girl_clothes

— Band Harem Foursome 2 [1 CG] — Band Harem Foursome [1 CG] — Dog & bird attacks [2 CG, 2 Events] — Emma Doggy [1 CG] — Jail bg on Camila Doggy
— Kylie Blowjob [1 CG, 1 Event] — Kylie Doggy Style [1 CG] — Kylie Prison Blowjob
— Lavish Cunnilingus [1 CG] — Lexi Doggy [1 CG] — New location jail
— New skill «Bookworm»
— Peeping bath Minami + Bree [1CG] — Photo-booth
— Piercings inserts for tatoo parlor
— Prison Visit
— Prison Visit with Camila
— Schedules adjustments Anna Minami
— Text update (Band Harem Foursome)
— Text update (Home Harem Threesome Bree/Sasha)
— add missing drink layers
— allow story tracker steps to switch between active and inactive state
— rework slap ass
— Adjust morgan slap layers
— Adjusted emma’s sex scene logic for easier play
— Assorted bugs for Anna
— Christmas party work outfit
— Default issue on slap
— Disable self voicing on top bar attributes
— Emma cunni nipples piercings
— Inverted cassidy swimsuits
— Kylie collar
— Morgan tattoo parlor
— Multiple impregnate each day
— Peeping samantha piercings issue
— Samantha showing condom
— Stacktrace on already defined dates
— conditions check
— add siscondelay during Minami movein
— aletta swimsuits
— available jail activities
— avoid triggering samantha_event_B02 during activity
— birthday date not triggering after afternoon date
— bree calling Mike master if not slave
— condom logic checks.
— crash on already defined dates
— disable lavish_fuck_office until having assets
— emma behind emma during kiss
— emma doggy piercings
— emma_size_limit_calc traceback
— fertility book name too long for ui
— harmony_event10 + add optional label and missed_label to DateAppointment
— hero.has_gifts
— layer issue in sleeping bree sam
— layer issue morgan kiss
— lexi in demo
— minami conditions checks
— missing extension on vo file
— morgan fuck layer issues
— morgan hottub
— multiple entries for girls info
— practice date with minami
— repeatable bree sasha minami foursome
— sasha breast complex consistency
— sasha hair comments consistency
— second floor hallway access
— separate known birthday from mikemc and breemc
— showdown issue due to sexperience.last not reset
— typos on books
— ui in cheat menu
— wrong return in get_next_day_of_week
— 22.2.0c
— move layeredimage fun couch to home harem

— Persons in multiple rooms

1 new pose, 7 new events, 7 new CG, 1 new outfit, 6 features

— Amy teaser [1 event] — Angela sprite update + BreeMC events [2 events] — Aletta Titjob [1 CG, 2 Event] — Date Arcade Girl [1 CG] — Harmony Cunnilingus [1 CG] — Harmony Doggy [1 CG] — Harmony events 9/10 + avoid blocking events [2 events] — Karting during dates [1 activity] — Kleio new pose [1 new pose] — Kylie Jail Outfit [1 outfit] — Kylie stalking phone answer
— Pregnancy ending and child support [1 feature] — Updated Threesome with Bree and Sasha [1 CG] — Updated tattoo parlor
— Visual update for Bree Sasha Threesome [1 CG] — Walk the bitches [1CG] — Better showdown check! [1 feature] — New options screen [1 feature] — 15+ repeatable sex scenes [1 feature] — Sexual stamina [1 feature] — Girls fertility cycle [1 feature]

— Added automatic fixing of Minami if sex exploit was taken by players
— Adjusted Stat operators and fixed calculation errors
— Aletta Sprite
— Alexis NTR flags
— Android choices alignment
— Assorted BreeMC bugs
— Audrey Sprite
— Ayesha Sprite
— Bree/Sasha pet walk Piercings
— Bree/Sasha threesome Piercings
— Cassidy ask fuck after date
— Characters shouldn’t show up in multiple locations anymore
— Completing the game on an old save with a new skill introduced won’t cause a crash
— Emma blocking event
— Entering rooms with fees attached won’t cause an error report
— Girls blush
— Girls in multiple locations
— Kylie will no longer get pissed when you interact with Kylie
— Kylie’s fourth event requires her to be visible in game to be triggered
— Lavish BJ during Christmas Office Party
— Lavish Sprite
— Mall dates won’t crash anymore
— Mike RPG Armor
— Mike date outfit during slap activity
— Minami’s evening sex activity will now trigger under the correct conditions
— Minami’s sex activity bug fix won’t cause an error on execution
— Minami-triggered foursome should now be selectable during fuck activity
— Missing chores calculates housemates properly
— Prevents a number of mall events from being triggered in the middle of Emma’s Scav
— Randint usage
— Reset interact activity after triggered event.
— Reverted multiple character copies fix as it introduced new bug
— Sasha Leash
— Sasha Sprite
— Sasha doggy rope
— Set finder help functions to default to game randomness value
— Sex Count
— Sexperience again
— Shawn nametag
— Shiori’s blush & clean up hints
— Tattoo parlor POV
— Updated the searching for four-leafed clovers activity to be spring…
— Weekly missed bills will correctly select housemates adaptively
— aletta stupid typo
— avoid always set room
— close amy
— exiting escape menu
— grayed areas (thanks Paradoxal D)
— jealous harem blocking event
— load/save freeze to crash
— negative stats
— rename bottom menu button to save
— showdown calls
— stamina formula

Christmas Office Party Event
8 new CGs including sex scenes
New expressions on 4 girls
Customized girls reactions (for 8 different situations)
Customized guys reactions for Bree MC
Increasing traits impacts on dates
Palla added in the tattoo shop
— 367 voiced lines (Aletta, Bruce & Jack)
— 38 BreeMC Chibis
— 11 CGs (10 are naughty)
— 9 new sex scenes (Emma, Anna, Cassidy, Lavish, Minami, Morgan)
— Rework to try and fix the lag issue
— Condom reactions (Sasha, Shiori, Samantha)
— Command to tie/untie Aletta’s hair
— Piercings activity CG

— Add script generate screenshot + fix lavish collar
— Cassidy Halloween Sex
— Slutty date gifts (Audrey, Minami)
— Slutty minami
— Anna sexydate sprite
— Halloween Invitation
— Harmony event 4
— Kylie Piercings Modification
— Kylie sprite layers
— Refactor Beach Icecream
— The band story tracker will correctly track completion of the first gig event
— apply sunscreen
— lexi_exp_c_surprised

— 134 new voiced lines (Mike)
— 20 booty slapping CG
— 8 new Halloween outfits (including kissing and dancing scenes)
— 8 new Halloween events
— 7 new Halloween sex scenes

— Lexi on fire trailer
— Exception: Invalid Argument count for game.calendar.get_future_days_played

— 11 new outfits
— 10 new CG (Minami, Bree, Alexis)
— 15 new sex scenes
— 17 new story events
— 1 new skill
— Improved peeping with getting caught chance
— Seasonal music

— Add alexis sexydate kiss
— Add lexi sexydress sprite + kiss
— Adjust Hanna schedule at work
— Cassidy close view
— Command girls to wear/unwear sexy outfits
— Kylie close view
— Kylie sexydress sprite + kiss
— Update Alexis Missionary
— Update Alexis Reverse Bedroom to Alexis Cowgirl
— Adjust android presplash
— Adjusted Harmony’s sixth event dialogue to be clearer
— Adjusted activity buttons up to prevent clash with needs
— Anna tattoo
— Ayesha’s cinema date story tracker
— Bree returns to her room after a successful coffee post date with Mike
— BreeMC Aletta story tracker
— BreeMC roommate watch tv tracker
— BreeMC story tracker for Scottie and Sasha
— Cancelling watching TV won’t pass time
— Car owning logic in Lexi’s first event
— Cassidy’s status will update properly when becoming your girlfriend
— Fix Kylie showing every night
— Force condom use algo
— MC wants Zbox only if not already bought
— Minami will be allowed to be proposed to after the completion of Angela’s arc
— Office showdowns
— Players can now sunbath while girls are present
— Sasha piercings with ropes
— Sasha uses correct time description in her second breast complex event
— Shifted BreeMC Sasha events to dedicated file
— Spank rebalance


— 310 new voiced lines (Lavish, Audrey)
— 9 new sexy dresses (Cassidy, Alexis, Aletta, Anna, Ayesha, Emma, Hanna, Kleio, Palla)
— 4 Home Harem sleeping scenes
— 4 new story events for Bree MC (Lexi)
— 3 new story events for Mike MC (Aletta, Shiori, Audrey)
— 2 new expressions (Hanna, Palla)
— 2 new backgrounds (rooftop, waterpark)
— 1 new sex scene (Lavish, Shiori)
— Android icon, splash, virtual keyboard fix
— Girls SexCount on the Phone
— Pregnancy popup
— Rework impregnate logic
— bug fixes

— 15 new full screen scenes (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Lexi)
— 15 new story events (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Ayesha)
— 1 new location (classroom)
— 1 new background (trailer park)
— 1 new music (Office)
— bug fixes

— save update for minami move in
— save update for minami siscon dating
— anna love max workaround
— Add missing blond minami
— Add need max in NG+
— Fix naked sam
— Fix naked audrey in sexydress
— Fix hh ending number
— Fix haircut breeminamisasha
— Fix hero mute
— Fix minami move in

— Disable model render (test if it helps to reduce lag)
— fix preg_request conditions
— add forgotten lexi preg_conditions
— Temp adjust lexi home harem proposal
— Fix morgan dick reaction
— Fix bree sam sasha harem fuck
— Fix snow exception + sex slave status
— minami story tracker
— Showersex creampie anal
— Checks on minami sleeping + add choice for the blond asking
— Dissociate kitchen coffee flag

— Add 372 voiced lines
— 3 girls per screen + order interact icons
— Add blond minami peeping
— Fix audrey nodate
— Fix Samantha love.max
— Fix talk_preg conditions
— Fix lexi_minami_samantha propose
— Fix lexi_propose check
— Fix girlfriend_day flag
— Fix Exception: Could not load image u’vo/workhard_0aa3303e.ogg’
— Fix minami haircut in showersex.
— Fix showersex missing dick

— 6 new CG
— 12 new events
— 3 new backgrounds
— New haircut for minami
— Lag fix
— Dick reactions
— pregnancy requests for the home harem
— repeatable home harem sex
— bug fixes

— Date cinema/park bg
— Ayesha playing water
— Ayesha dance
— Ayesha call event
— Audrey hidden
— Sasha Bree beach date choice
— hero.say
— Fuck ceo shiori & Cassidy
— date bg park cinema
— flag battle of the band
— aletta lexi cumshare image layer
— Cassidy missing from ceo office
— mute hero voice
— multiple alarm ring
— talk subject NG+
— Aletta restaurant stacktrace
— hero.say
— Fuck ceo shiori & Cassidy
— date bg park cinema
— flag battle of the band
— aletta lexi cumshare image layer
— Cassidy missing from ceo office
— mute hero voice
— multiple alarm ring
— talk subject NG+
— Aletta restaurant stacktrace
— Add Audrey cunnilingus scene
— Nightclub Lexi/Aletta
— New BG Tattoo shop
— 3 new chibis
— Snow effect
— Add Office ending
— Office cumshare
— New university background
— Update dance kleio
— 5 new chibis
— New restaurant BG
— New location — Jewelry store
— Add check on new version
— concert button
— Audrey shiori office events
— 10 new chibis
— New Samantha voices
— Aletta proposal, ending, wedding
— Aletta events 7/8/9/10
— Aletta kink events
— Add presplash screen
— Add aletta pregnant layers
— Aletta events 06/kink 3-4-5
— Adjust bg ceo Office harem scenes
— CEO office
— 10 new chibis
— New chibis
— Rework spank
— New voices
— New music
— New pub background
— aletta typo fix
— stacktrace copy
— double location
— Stat addition
— Simplify Alexis, Audrey, Anna and Ayesha’s triggers
— Simplify Aletta’s triggers
— lexi wink
— Kleio kiss work outfit
— Jewelry Store shop name
— ceo_command
— hottub swimsuit
— Demo build include fix
— Use Activity class instead of strings
— Shiori fixes
— Adjust smartphone date with the same ask_date conditions
— Various fixes
— Various Sasha issue fixes
— logic with the emma insists flag update that was locking her progress
— Add white tank morgan
— hero.say must go
— Rework cheats
— Use chibi loading bar

— talk subjects
— Update to renpy 7.4.5

— skills and talk subjects
— sam.say
— palla harems checks
— Bree sasha event 2
— Add updates builds

— Layers, typos… fixes
— Lexi KP
— Talk subject NG+ rework
— Demo issues
— reenable android

— Layers, typos… fixes

— Audrey’s ending

— New voices
— Allow player new game or new game +
— Audrey ending
— Audrey events 09/10 + sexydress
— New electronic store BG
— Audrey doggy + cowgirl
— Shiori ending
— Shiori piledriver
— More chibi actions
— New shooting range background
— Shiori missionary
— New flower shop background
— Kylie assault consequences
— Add missing texts for gifts
— First 10 chibis actions
— Update kissing scenes for the office girls
— Bilssard’s deal
— CEO commands
— update harem.yaml
— rework Shiori sprite
— rework Lavish sprite
— rework Audrey sprite
— Jessica teaser
— Rework Aletta sprite
— Rework sprite Minami
— KP rebalance
— Choose starting day
— New inventory screen
— Gianna teaser art
— New gym background
— New Shopping screen
— Camila voices
— New beach music
— Aletta KP events
— Improves how Shiori addresses the MC
— Reincarnation mode
— Cassidy kiss outfits
— Firesparq review
— harem stacktrace in demo
— Audrey nipples piercings
— sasha restroom layer issues
— sam kiss layers
— Fixes shiori
— Test use bug
— Attribute and Love type error
— add hidden check on blissard’s deal
— Small grammar fixes
— Talk subjects number
— yalign lavish/audrey
— Minami kiss layers
— Adjust friendzone
— Updates on consumables attributes + sam default attributes
— Bree sprite during preg talk
— minami joining harem
— Comment android

— Lavish hottub sex
— Adjust bj tv conditions
— Camila dance arms
— Send friendly texts

— 24 new sex scenes
— 9 new story events
— 2 new outfits for Lexi
— New dateable character: Camila
— New Lexi kiss
— New church & coffee shop bg
— New location: the hospital
— New secondary character: Laura
— New music during sex scenes
— Lexi in the home harem
— Updated Bree early events
— Updated «dog walk» scene
— Updated Kleio ice cream scene
— Updated birthday «surprise»
— Repeatable pixie harem sex scene
— Engine reworks
— Bug fixes


— Appointment issue

— Ask_date
— Bree Kitchen Fun Event
— Continuity and dialogues
— Minami pubes
— Playwith in arcade
— Stacktrace during activity while interrupted by event
— UI issue
— fix linter for kleio kiss
— generic_get_out event firing conditions
— multiple dialogues
— chances tests
— Typos/continuity

— Add ask sam about minami in home harem
— Sasha testing strapon in bedroom
— Play with activity in arcade
— Issue when checking girls conditions
— Minami layers
— hot tub layers
— Emma dream

— Minami added to the home harem
— Samantha added to the home harem
— 16 new story events (Bree/Minami/Sasha/Samantha)
— 629 new lines of voiced dialogue
— 8 new sex scenes (Bree/Minami/Sasha/Samantha)
— Bug fixes

— 900 новых озвученных строк (Морган, Саша, Саманта)
— Новая локация: картинг.
— 9 секс-сцен (Бри, Саша, Минами, Саманта, Алетта)
— 4 сюжетных события (Бри)
— 2 новых наряда для Бри
— Новый фон книжного магазина
— Искусство Hottub
— Добавлен Морган ко всем сценам свиданий.
— Переработан спрайт Клейо.
— обновление кредитов

Добавлена ​​потеря любви к задержке телефонных звонков
— исключены специальные символы из имен сохранений, исправлены проблемы с пользовательским интерфейсом
— Множество исправлений ошибок

Исправление ошибок

21.01.1 Патреон
— Новые фоны для магазинов модной одежды и кино
— 15 новых сюжетных событий (Бри)
— 160 новых строк озвученных диалогов (Гармония)
— 4 новых CG / сцены (Эмма / Киара / Бри)
— Обновлена ​​сцена поцелуев для Бри.
— Новый второстепенный персонаж: отец Бри
— Бесплатное чит-меню
— Множество исправлений ошибок

20.12.1 Патреон
— Новый спрайт для Kleio
— Обновлен спрайт для Минами.
— 18 новых сюжетных событий (Анна, Бри, Саша, Минами, Клейо, Аеша)
— 10 новых CG / сцен (Анна, Саша, Клейо, Аеша)
— 390 новых строк озвученных диалогов (Бри, Саша, Джек)
— воротник для Kleio
— Исправление ошибок

v20.11.1 Patreon
— отказ от ответственности
— Новая функция: события дня рождения
— 12 новых CG / сцен (Бри, Саша, Саманта, Хармони)
— 8 новых сюжетных событий (Бри, Саша, Саманта, Хармони)
— 700 новых строк озвученных диалогов (Бри, Саша, Лекси)
— Исправление ошибок

Версия 20.10.3f
исправление ошибок

Версия 20.10.3c

Версия 20.10.3b
— Новое искусство еды на кухне
— Новые навыки: Шибари и SM
— 1 новая сцена секса (Кайли, Аиша)
— 7 новых сюжетных событий [Майк MC] (Кайли, Бри, Аиша, Лекси, Саманта, Шиори)
— Улучшенный календарь — Исправления.

Версия 20.10.2
— Увеличена стоимость обручального кольца до 5k из-за большого спроса
— Новое занятие: гидромассажная ванна.
— Исправление ошибок

Версия 20.10.1
— Новый фон в коридоре и пекарне.
— Новый просмотр телевизора, питье и сон
— Новый навык: Маленький член
— 10 новых сюжетных событий [Майк MC] — 9 новых сюжетных событий [Bree MC] — 380 новых строк озвученных диалогов (Аиша, Саша, Анжела,
— Исправление ошибок

— Новая аркада и фоновый рисунок бассейна
— Добавлены способы получения КП во время свиданий
— Новый значок похода
— исправление ошибок

— Новая кухня, спальня Бри и искусство спальни Саши
— 11 новых сюжетных событий [Bree MC] (Майк)
— 7 новых сюжетных событий (Минами 2, Шиори 5)
— 2 новые сексуальные сцены (Минами)
— 287 новых строк озвученных диалогов ( Кэссиди, Аиша)
— Отредактировано множество диалогов Бри, чтобы при необходимости использовать Папу / Хозяина
— Исправлены ошибки.

— 1 new sex scene (Hanna)
— 274 new lines of voiced dialogue (Hanna)

— Kissing art for Hanna and Morgan
— Kissing art for Sasha [Bree MC] — New bathroom & living room art
— Updated peeking scene
— Beach volley artwork during dates
— New location: Trailer Park
— 14 new story events (Palla 7, Kylie 3, Lexi 4)
— 3 new sex scenes (Emma 1, Kylie 1, Ayesha 1)
— 749 new lines of voiced dialogue (Sasha, Kleio, Lexi, Bree)
— Bug fixes

-Bug fixes

-Bug fixes

— New girl: Ayesha
— Kissing art for Ayesha
— Missionary sex with Ayesha
— 4 new story events
— Changed the cheat code
— Bug fixes

— Bug fixes

— Named saves
— Cuddling art after sex
— Concert art for the band
— New bedroom art
— 26 new story events (Minami 12, Kylie 3, Anna 3, Kleio 2, Sasha 2, Samantha 1, Band harem 3)
— 736 new lines of voiced dialogue
— Bug fixes

— New location: The aquarium
— 3 new story events for Minami (you can now date her)
— Changed the cheat code
— Bug fixes


-Bug затруднительные

— 6 новые сексуальные сцены
— 17 новых сюжетные событий
— 110 новых линий звонкого диалога
— Новая сцена поцелуя для Анны
— новые наряды для Саши и Саманты
— Новые танцевальные сцены для Саша и Саманта
— Крупные планы для Саши и Саманты
— Обновлены сцены поцелуев для Саши и Саманты
— Солнцезащитное искусство для всех девушек (кроме Моргана)
— Игра в водное искусство для всех девушек (кроме Моргана)
— Исправления ошибок

— 4 новых секс сцены
— 13 новых сюжетных событий
— 110 новых линий озвученного диалога
— новая сцена поцелуев для Анны
— новые наряды для Саши и Саманты
— Новые танцевальные сцены для Саши и Саманты
— Крупные планы для Саши и Саманты
— Обновленные сцены поцелуев для Саши и Саманты
— Солнцезащитное искусство для всех девушек (кроме Моргана)
— Игра в водном искусстве для всех девушек (кроме Моргана)
— Исправления ошибок

Что отсутствует и будет добавлен позже на этой неделе:
— секс-сцена Саша — секс-сцена
Bree — секс-сцена

— New Mall
— 10 новых сюжетных сцен
— 4 новых секс-сцены (Harmony, Alexis, Shiori, Audrey)
— Bug Исправления
— Еще несколько сюрпризов

— Новый предмет «Счастливый клевер»
— 4 новых события для Майка (Bree MC)
— Новое искусство к дате катания на роликовых коньках Хармони (Mike MC)

К сожалению, сексуальная сцена Гармонии не будет отсортирована до мая.

— Добавлена ​​гармония в трекер историй
— Обновлен торговый центр с новыми фонами
— Новые локации: полицейский участок, ванная комната ночного клуба, VIP-зона ночного клуба
— Новый второстепенный персонаж: инспектор полиции
— 420 новых линий голосового диалога
— 9 сюжетных событий
— 5 новых сцен секса
— 5 новых случайных событий
— 1 новый наряд для Harmony
— Исправления ошибок

Новости чит-кода
Когда мы преодолеем цель в 15к, меню читов станет доступным для всех, это будет кнопка в телефоне игры (что облегчит пользователям Android):
Он будет доступен только в простом режиме и отключит достижения Steam.
Конечно, если патреон слишком сильно упадет, он снова станет эксклюзивным, так как мне нужно финансирование, чтобы сделать игру.



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