Neko Paradise [v0.18] [Alorth]

Neko Paradise

Обзор: Neko Paradise — бесплатная игра для взрослых с множеством симпатичных девушек-неко.
Имеет уникальный анимированный интерфейс персонажа и множество анимаций компьютерной графики.

В этой игре есть по крайней мере один Неко на любой вкус, и вы можете решить, с кем из них завязать роман, а кого избегать.
Исследуй остров и его секреты — окунись в милый и сексуальный мир Neko Paradise!

Вы часто ходили на рыбалку со своим отцом… пока однажды вас не унесло штормом.
После того, как вас выбросило из лодки и разлучили с отцом, вы очнулись на странном острове.
Вас нашла и спасла красивая девушка, на которой вы позже женились и у которой родилась дочь.
Теперь… без воспоминаний о прошлом из-за несчастного случая… вы изо всех сил пытаетесь вспомнить события, которые привели вас сюда.

Тема обновлена: 2023-12-30
Дата выхода: 2023-12-23
Разработчик: Alorth Patreon — Discord — Website — SubscribeStar
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 0.18 Standard
ОС: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 3DCG, Главный герой мужского пола, Фэнтези, Паранормальное явление, Романтика, Анимация, Подглядывание, Трансформация, Девушка-монстр, Инцест, Факультативный фута/транс, Дрочка ногами, Вагинальный секс, Анальный секс, titfuck, Кремпай, Поддразнивание, Оральный секс, Беременность, Soft Vore, Мобильный игра, секс втроем.

Журнал изменений
— Events for Choco and Daisy.
— Added Daisy Pregnancy.
— 9 new animations and over 70 new images.

— New location in the city, ‘Bakery’
— Events for 4 new characters, Theobroma, Pudding, Grace and Meeki
— New events for some other characters and expanded dialogs
— Added 3 new wallpapers.
— 16 new animations and over 300 new images.

Salty & Sandy DLC
— 100 images
— 24 animations
— New location and Custom interface for Sandy and Salty
— 2 Custom Artworks of Sandy and Salty.

Added background sound for outside locations ‘Nature’.
Added the ‘Nature Volume’ sound channel to the preferences.
Expanded Corynn’s dialogs by 2 so players can reach the required points for the events.

Added a new minigame to make money at Bera’s home, it unlocks after progressing enough story with Bera.
Daisy’s shop includes items you can buy to make the new minigame easier and more profitable.
Added thighjob for Hazel
Added the first pregnant sex (Select the sex option on Violet’s interface while she’s pregnant and has a belly).
Ash now appears at mc’s home after progressing enough the characters story.
Added repeatable sex with Ash + threesome.(Selec the sex option on Ash’s interface while at mc’s home.)
Added bath option for Lily’s interface, unlocked after ‘first intercourse’.
Players can now go to Lily’s room after ‘first intercourse’ for a ‘nightvisit’. (Repeatable)
Added one more wallpaper to find in the game.
Violet and Lily can now have offspring.
Improved the spearfishing minigame, including 3 new species of fish.
15 new animations and over 70 new images. (not including Ash’s alts»)
System upgrade from 7.3 to 7.5.
Optimizations for the Sandy and Salty DLC.

-Added a new Violet, Lily, Autumn and Mitty event.
-18 new animations and over 210 new images.
-Added another new Lily event before other recent ones,for those who
have progressed withh Lily already, it’s accessible in the gallery named «kisses».

-Various new events.
-Added 42 new animations and over 240 new images (Including Ash’s alt genders).
-Remaking of old images.
-Added footjob for Hazel.
— Ash Pregnancy

-Implemented a Donation Option for the Nursery, including a count.(It comes with Hazel giving a bit of help.)
-Added more content with various characters.
-Added a New story event (Autumn’s Love Path).
-Implemented Pregnancies for Bera.
-Optimized further the pregnancy system.
-Expanded the Dialogue System. (Now character dialogs may also change depending on points and events.)
-Added new unlockable clothing for Bera, Cream and Chocomint.
-Alternate clothing now also changes outside of the character interface.
-Repolished Cream and Chocomint’s character interfaces.
-Remade the game introduction/explanation when starting day 1.
-Added 19 new animations and over 200 new images.

-21 new animations and over 170 new images
-New location Nursery
-New Character Hazelnut (Hazel)
-Added New Location, Nursery.
-New character Hazel.
-Pregnancy system polishing.
-Added possibility to get Chocomint and Cream pregnant on a regular basis.
-Implemented a count for times mated, ‘offsprings’ and relationships.
-The automatic bugfix while loading a save, will add and adjust the new variables.
-Improved the dialogue system and added over 100 new dialogues for each character.
-Integrated the wallpaper button into the backgrounds, making all touch areas invisible.
-Improved hit area to discover wallpapers making it also more accessible for phone users.
-Some code fixes and polishing of small details.

V0.11 (08/08/2021)
Added Marie, Caramel and Autumn Rival character interface.
Added a Sex interface for Violet.
Moved one Autumn wallpaper to another location and path while replacing it with a new one.
Swaped Cotton story progress with Marie and adjusted the variables.
Addded more dialog to various characters.
Addded two new locations in the village, ‘street’ and ‘Autumn’s home’ (love path).
System fixes, adjustments and improvements.
Added 14 animation files and around 200 scene images.

V0.10 (15/04/2021, bug fix)
Solved bugfix not going through all version fixes after loading a save file and blocking the Bera route.
Solved bugfix getting applied on starting a new game.

Added Bera and Autumn character interface.
Updated and improved gallery.
System fixes and adjustments.
Added button for ejaculation function. (Can be turned off)
Expanded the game story for branching, adding ‘Love’ and ‘Rival’ path for Autumn.
Moved the Autumn character event to the story ‘Autumn rival path.
Added new Ambient Trigger system with 5% trigger chance.(Still under construction)
Added 20 animation files including variations and over 200 scene images.

Added 21 animations and over 150 new images.
Updated gallery
Added more character dialogs

Keep in mind that this is not the complete V0.09 release, it only features the new characters and systems, the rest is coming soon.

3 New characters + interface system. (Corynn, Rayne, Daisy
Kleo interface and new reward system.
Added market system for Neko Coins.
Added system to change character wearables for the interface.
Added two new wearables obtainable in the market.
Added 3 new songs, 35 animation files, 181 scene images and some sound effects.

New pregnancy system. (Under testing)
Cream available for pregnancy, including character pregnant interface. (Under testing)
Added new character progression.
Improved the hint system and added more character buttons to it.
Added 30 new animations and over 200 new images.
Added 2 new wallpapers.
Added Ash and Mitty interface
Added Dickgirl to Ash gender options, now featuring 3 choices.\nNote: You can change it on the laptop in the bedroom.

New system build — V1.0 Base system setup — Old Saves won’t work.
New game system won’t require a complete game download anymore. (Windows/Mac)
Specific updates and patches will be available for patreons inside discord, not patreon page.
Special scene with Chocomint one of the ‘winners’ of the voting poll.
Added 1 new character to the game story and 3 new standalone characters.
Added 1 new main wallpapers and 1 new standalone wallpaper.»
So to clarify, 8 wallpapers are present and 2 extra ones if you have Nina and Cotton installed.
Game now features a separate story event system appart from the character events.
Improved Interface, Gui and Hint System.
Added replay for sex scenes as option in the bed.
Added 2 new music to the player, other extra sounds, 20 new sex animations and over 100 new images.

v0.06 second Bugfix + orricial Android port
Game Breaking Bug Fixed version

Story content with ‘Ash’ and Special Animation, the ‘winner of the voting poll.
Added Nina with story and interface into the game.
Added 2 new wallpapers.
Added Violet kitchen animated sex scenes with Anal and Vagina option.
Added other naughty content content.
Integrated new hint buttons for the hint interface
Added one new map location ‘farm’.
Some bugfixes.

More story content with ‘Lily’, the winner of the voting poll.
Added Mitty, Autumn, Bera, and Kleo as story content.
Added 2 new wallpapers
Updated map with 2 new locations
Added options to toggle animation loading and animation quality for low gpu users to be able to play the animations.
Added spearfishing minigame, but needs to be polished.
Added Chocomint’s second morning visit.
Added other extras to the game and some bugfixes.

I integrated a new animation system that will appear in V0.04 of Neko Paradise;
I guess, there is a slight change that It is probably going to be the new meta for Ren’py games.
Added content.

Bug fixes
Complete grammar correction
Interface improvement

-1-Implemented small time passing scenes Breakfeast and Lilybathing
-2-Implemented player wake up early scene when sleeping before night.
-3-Added new buttons.
-4-Implemented Violet shower scene. You can peak for now. (It is random day event)
-5-Implemented scene to meet Lily’s friends.
-6-Added Pet action for Lily. Yes you can pet her now and she will react.
-7-Upgraded Interface
-8-Added Day counting system
-9-Added Day times system
-10-Added Night Filter
-11-Overall Root Coding was Improved
-12-Text Fonts, Colors and so on was adapted.
-13-Fixed grammar.
-14-Fixed Bugs.
-%-Other stuff





v0.17 Full


Salty & Sandy DLC


ДополнительноWallpaper locationsGallery Unlocker*

* Этот неофициальный порт / версия не выпускается разработчиком, скачивайте на свой страх и риск.

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