Life in Santa County [v0.9] [Bold Bash Studios]

Life in Santa County

Обзор: Графство Санта. Символ богатства и мира. Но что, если это действительно не так? Молодой мальчик, живущий в районе, где все кажется таким обычным и невинным, а затем обнаруживает темный и похотливый образ жизни, скрывающийся внутри. Станьте свидетелем всех разрушений, которые он испытает, и великих перемен, которые он произведет. В этом городе есть только одно правило. Не доверять никому.

Тема обновлена: 2024-04-28
Дата выхода: 2024-04-24
Разработчик: Bold Bash Studios Patreon — Discord — Website
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 0.9.1
ОС: Windows, Mac, Linux
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 3DCG, Главный герой мужского пола, Анимация, Инцест, МИЛФ, Шантаж, Измена, Сперма в жопе, Эксгибиционизм, Мастурбация, Девственница, Романтика, Коррупция, Секс-игрушки, Вуайеризм, Женское доминирование, Школьный сеттинг, Мужское доминирование, Управление, Point & Click

Журнал изменений
Fixed a bug with the Elena route.
Some optimization stuff.
Gallery bugs fixed.
Fixed a bug in the Karen route.
Some minor bug fixed.

1000 Scene
30 Animation
Fully reworked prologue.
Fully reworked School setting

Added missing animation.
Added animation sound effect. (Only latest update)
Some minor bugs fixed.

1200+ Render
+20 Animations
+25 Music
+64 Sound Effect
-Two different Lauren lewd path.
To do:

A large number of animations will be added to the game.
Sound effects will be added to existing and upcoming animations.
Additionally, any bugs or issues present in the existing animations will be fixed. Scheduled time is next week.

Fixed Sophie Bug.
Fixed Sophie and Ran bug.
Some minor bugs fixed.

Fixed Charlotte and Lauren bug.
Fixed some blink bugs.
Sophie and Chloe added to the gallery.
Added some missing sound effects.
Some minor bugs fixed.
To do:

Animations problems will be fixed.
10 new animation will be added.
All animation added sound effect.
Thank you very much for your waiting and support. I hope you have a lot of fun. Please share your ideas with us, positive or negative. this is so important for us.

1500+ Images.
28 animation
50 new sound effect
10 new music
Several bugs fix.
To do:

Animations problems will be fixed.
10 new animation will be added.
All animation added sound effect.

Patch to add animations.

v0.5.4 :
— Added 20 Animations.
— Added Point tracker.
— Renpy Version Updated.
— Bugfix.

Added 22 Animations. (TOTAL 40-50)
Added secret gallery.
Coded from scratch.
Several bugs fix.
Isnumeric error fix
-Added credits.

v0.5.2 Fix
Fixed several script problems.
Chloe Gallery fix.
Karen Gallery fix.
Some missing scene fix.
v0.5.1 Fix
Blink and missing scene fix.
Fixed several script errors.
1200+ Render
40 Animations.
Coded from scratch.
The interface has changed.
Renpy version has been upgraded.
losseless compress.
-Added new achievement.
-Your old saves will be working. Please report otherwise.
Fixed Iris guitar sequence.
Fixed Karen Gallery.
Fixed Lauren yoga white background.
Fixed some spelling problems.
Fixed missing scene.
A couple of minor bug fixes.
Fixed issue with free-roam sequences.
Fixed the dialog issue in the Sophie-Ran sequence.
Fixed MC morning bed dialog problem.
Locked inactive buttons in the Sophie-Chloe night room sequence.
New collectible button added. A few other minor issues have been fixed.
A couple minor bug fix.
1500 Scenes.
50 Animations.
The entire script of the new content update has been rewritten by a professional who does this job.
A little mini-game.
Secret gallery system and collectibles. (It works mechanically and as code. Special scenes will be added with bugfix update.)
Added masturbation mechanics along with collected underwear. (In the garage every night before bed.)
Extra night sand-box sequences. (When you meet the requirements, you can enter their rooms while the main characters are sleeping.)
No changes were made to the phone mechanics for this update.
No game-breaking bugs have been found so far. I hope it will be like this in the future.
Added new achievements.
There may be minor errors in some of the animations. Normally, making such animations in such a long time is a bit difficult as you can understand.
All bugs will be fixed.

40 Animations (33 straight animations/ 7 Post-processed animations )
20 new scenes
Gallery added
Fixed freezing issue in open world.
Scenes with missing backgrounds have been fixed.
The Charisma and Intimidation images have been swapped.
Added new status notification (Charisma, Intimidation). (Now, when Charisma or Intimidation points take effect, an animation will appear at the bottom left, where you can see if you succeeded.)
Minor bugs of many scenes have been fixed.
Ros sequence has been updated.
Added autosave.
Added shortcut keys-
*Opens «L» Load location
*Opens «S» Save location
*»Shift+S» screenshot
*»F3″ Quick save
*»F5″ Quick Load

* We currently have 1800+ scenes. This number may increase slightly in the last release.
* New scoring and path system. (RISE&FALL)
* The perk system that you choose the path and perk you will follow.
* Reworked Chloe and Iris.
* 6 new female characters.
* New phone system.
* Slide menu for you to navigate free-roam sequences more easily.
* Hint menu.
* Inventory system.
* Money system.
* Freedom to associate with or ignore any character you want.
* Detailed selection and result. Every choice you make may have a different response, even if you don’t realize it.
* The setup is prepared in accordance with the main planned game concept.

v0.2 bug fix
* The password and bag idles in Sarah’s house have been updated.
* Font brightness problem has been fixed.
* The save limitation has been removed.
* Some pointing errors have been resolved.
* Gui and menu opening speed has been increased.
* Few minor bugfixes

Prologue v0.1
1300 Renders
26 Animations
2+ Hour gameplay
27 Musics
76 Sound effects


Только обновление (v0.9.0 -> v0.9.1): GOFILE — MEDIAFIRE — MEGA — PIXELDRAIN — WORKUPLOAD


*Андроид: PixeldrainMixdrop



Дополнительно: Walkthrough MOD* — WALKTHROUGH — Gallery Unlock*

Life in Santa County — LaikDink’s Walkthrough/Cheat/Improvement/Gallery Unlocker Mod [v0.8.1] [Bold Bash Studios]

Обновление: 19/07/2023
Версия мода: 0.8.1

— Выделены рекомендуемые варианты
— Добавить несколько вариантов для обеих сцен
— Добавить функцию «чит»
— Разблокировать галерею


Мод галереи

* Этот неофициальный порт / версия не выпускается разработчиком, скачивайте на свой страх и риск.

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