Inari [v1.3.2] [HimitsuCP]

Inari [HimitsuCP]

Обзор: Наслаждайтесь романтической игрой-симулятором, действие которой происходит на фоне красивого приморского города, создавайте различные истории с разными очаровательными женщинами.

Вы обнаружили карту сокровищ на старом складе, и сокровище находится в вашем родном городе.
Когда вы возвращаетесь в родной город после долгого отсутствия, вас встречают три красивые женщины, которые рады вас видеть: Такане, Асами и Мио.

Переживите разные истории с этими великолепными женщинами и вместе исследуйте город.
Сможете ли вы найти сокровище и покорить их сердца? Исход вашего романтического приключения в этом приморском городке решать вам.​

Тема обновлена: 2024-05-02
Дата выхода: 2024-05-01
Оригинальное название: イナリ
Разработчик: HimitsuCP DLsite — Steam
Другие игры разработчика: HimitsuCP
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 1.3.2
ОС: Windows
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 2DCG, Ahegao, Анимированные, Большая задница, Большая грудь, Симулятор свиданий, Нащупывание, Японские игры, Мужчина-протагонист, Мастурбация, МИЛФ, Оральный секс, От первого лица, Романтика, Песочница, Между сисек, Вагинальный секс, Вуайеризм

Журнал изменений

— Changed the number of stages to 10
— Adjusted SP rewards for each stage
— Significantly lowered the difficulty of each stage

Various Bug Fixes
— Fixed a bug where Asami SD does not appear in H mode
— Fixed a bug causing option files to corrupt

1. Free H Mode Added
Now, players can engage in H with the heroine at any desired time.
Once you become her lover, you can use this feature.
Various positions have been prepared, so have fun.

2. New Location — Shopping District
A shopping district is now open where you can buy various items.
New items will continue to be updated, so stay tuned.

3. New Location — Carrot Island
A serene island has appeared in the middle of a lake.
Find out how to get to this island full of secrets.
Note that Carrot Island is related to the [Free H Mode].

4. Added Quests
New quests have been added.
Experience interactions with new NPCs and various rewards.

An additional update is planned within two weeks:
— Addition of purchase items
— Addition of SP-related quests
— Modifications and additions to the main (treasure hunting) quest

1. improved translation
2. addition of CCTV function
3. additional photography function

[1. Add Mio H scene]
Mio’s H scene has been added.
Please enjoy her new scene.

[2. Add collection list of fish]
An collection list of the fish has been added.
Find out what kind of fish you caught!

[3. Add main story]
A simple main story has been added.
Please enjoy it.

<Corrected bug>
— About a beach bug
Fixed a bug that stopped playing on the beach
— Text related bug
Fixed a bug that exposed ID values in the conversation
— Bug that stops at the start of the game
Corrections are completed after identifying the cause of a multi-lingual problem

In addition, we have fixed another small bugs.
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We’ll let you know about the additional revisions.

<Additional applications>
— Adjust detector probabilities
We have adjusted the probability of rare items appearing.
— Ring item sale
We have modified the rings related to the lover system to be sold in stores.
The ring appears in the store after you get your first ring.
— Modify the Heroine Information Window
The H scenes that have been added now can only be seen as lovers.
Additional UI has been applied to the Heroine Information window for easy recognition.

*New H-Scenes for Takane, Mio, Asami.
*Add Lover System – You can be in relationship with girls. When you are in relationship, their favorability increases faster and you can build a higher favorability. Be the lovers of these attractive women!
*Add main story – main story related to the shrine added.


Win (v1.3.2 Steam Uncen): GOFILE — MEGA — MIXDROP — PIXELDRAIN — WDHO


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