Sunwave Hotel [v14.12.1] [Will Atkers]

Sunwave Hotel [Will Atkers]

Обзор: В игре вы будете частью дуэта наемников, которые потерпели крушение на тропическом острове. Нанятые криминальным авторитетом из научно-фантастической галактики, вы и ваш напарник должны снова встать на ноги и придумать способ завершить работу, которая привела вас на планету. По пути вы будете решать проблемы и встречать новых друзей и товарищей, которые помогут выполнить вашу миссию.

Естественно, на райском острове соблазны и порча подстерегают за каждым углом. Будете ли вы придерживаться пути обратно в космос или задержитесь и насладитесь достопримечательностями и приключениями своего тропического места?

Тема обновлена: 2023-12-22
Дата выхода: 2023-12-21
Разработчик: Wildquill Patreon — Discord
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 14.12.1
ОС: Windows, Mac, Android
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 2DCG, анимация, главный герой, приключения, девушка-монстр, научная фантастика, дрочка, минет, дрочка сиськами, мастурбация (мужская и женская), вагинальный секс, анальный секс, лесбиянки, бисексуалы, вуайеризм, групповой секс, игрушки, бондаж, уход за лицом, Лисица, Щупальца, Девушка-кальмар, Эльфы, Большие сиськи, Мильфы, Большая задница, Кримпай, Беременность, Лактация, Секс-игрушки, Юмор, Укажи и щелкни.

Журнал изменений
New Erotic Scenes
Special Reward with Triss after her interview. The pluck reporter from Island 2 finally gets to interview you. Her scene can play out in one of two ways depending on if you take the dom path or the sub path.
Special Date Night with Omi and Olera. The Shark Twins are excited to repay you for your rescue. This scene occurs at the conclusion of the Smuggler’s Faction, so if you haven’t played through it already, this is a great time to start.
4 Scenes added to the Main Gallery that you can access in the Main Menu.
2 new Selfie Scenes added. One for Zatanka and one for Vynore.
Story Events
Spend some time with Omi and Olera. The daughters of the cartel boss have been through a lot and their place on Onakinii is uncertain.
Talk to Vynore on Island 1 to learn more about her backstory and why she came to the islands.
Zatanka is in the mood to work out. The spunky Ortheon wants to be your personal trainer and if you agree, she may have a special prize for you.
Over 18k new words added to this update.
2 new erotics scenes.
2 naughty selfies.
Fixing up the intros and backstories for some of the main companions.

Erotic Scenes
When the walkthrough is updated, it will include scene details for those that want to know exactly what is in each new scene.
Intense action with Kuhno. Spend a wonderful evening on your deck with your main girl. (Kissing, Romantic, Pregnancy Talk)
Help Nyras in a bad spot. (Mating Press, Naughty, Roleplay, Maledom)
Day at the beach with Zatanka and Kuhno. (Threesome, Creampie, Cleanup, Pregnancy Talk)

Story Events
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Reach out to the faction that you joined up with on Island 2 and see if they can help you with your new problems.
Pregnancy Mode — Talk to Kuhno about having children and all the dangers and boons that might come along with such a decision.
Meet up with Nyras and decide whether or not to help out the mysterious bunnygirl with a big problem she’s having.
Spend some time with Kuhno and Zatanka at the beach.

Other Notes
33 new amazing images for the erotic scenes.
New Customer Portraits for Xun and other characters.
Over 9000 words have been added.

Erotic Scenes — When the walkthrough is updated, it will include scene details for those that want to know exactly what is in each new scene.
Netali — Help the naval officer out and see if you can’t have an unofficial liason.
Reina — The shrine maiden on Onakinii Island has special task for you. Prove your mettle to the Goddess.
Kaci — The spoiled girl is hanging out at a hotel on Onakinii. She’s bored, and looking to explore.
Vynore — Alternative Pregnant/Dirty Talk scene with Vynroe for those into Impregnation Content
Kuhno — Scene 3 now has animations! Check it out in Gallery, page 2.
Story Events
Reclaim your loot from the Dream Master’s hideout so that you can finish the original job.
Rise to the new challenges on the third and final island.
Galan is in trouble! Help Captain Netali stop a terrorist threat on Onakinii.
Meet with Reina the shrine maiden on island 2. Assis the big blue busty babe with her ritual and see if the two of you have a deeper connection.
Have a difficult conversation with Zatanka about what she wants out of your relationship.
Other Notes
Around 41 new amazing images for the erotic scenes.
Custom 2d Artwork new backgrounds as we begin exploring Okinar Island.
Nearly 18000 +Words have been added.

Erotic Scenes
Divi and Kuhno. Slime girls lurk in the jungles of Lowosah (Mode 1 Exclusive)
Gia — Help Gia get into the grove of things while she does the dance of her people. At a strip club.
Luvek — Even social workers need date nights. Especially cute wolfgirl ones.
Story Events
Journey with Alexis into the Jungle Find the entrance to the lost ruins.
Introduction of Reina, sister of Raiko. Reina protects a special shrine on Onakinii Island.
Hanging out with Nyras.
Meet the Captain
Luvek’s Introduction
Luvek’s Date Night
Other Notes
Around 30 new amazing images for the erotic scenes.
Custom 2d Artwork for all new characters added to the game.
Nearly 16000 +Words have been added.

In all, we have 10 new events and 2 new erotic scenes.
In the two new scenes, Mirru has two alternative ways to enjoy her content, so be sure to check out both when you play through it in the gallery.

· We have now hit 52 scenes total in Sunwave Hotel
· 10 scenes have been added. We also have 3 alternate/expanded scenes along with a brand new scene with everyone’s favorite mooch, Vynore.
· Mystic Alliance – Forge your blade and chose whether to truly embrace your power or not. If you’re on the Mystic Alliance path, troubling visions will follow you as you work on completing your last trials with the supernatural organization. Be wary, there are dangers both within and without.
· Smuggling Cartel — Chaos reins in the downtown area after a firebomb goes off at Omi and Olera’s birthday party. You must track down their kidnapper to make sure you stay in their mother’s good graces. If the twins die, you’ll never get the information you need to track down the Dream Master.

Corsoni — A dream of things to come? Pregnant Mode — Content
Our gothy wolfgirl’s appetites have certainly increased after she found out she’s expecting a child with you.
Eshana — A special massage for one of her best customers.
Eshana’s special services have another option available to space cowboys in need of a break from corpo plots, kidnappings, and rival guardians.
Vynore — The horned mooch has been very naughty.

Vynore can’t be as lazy as she seems right? Yes. Yes she is. But, it kind of works out, because she makes sure to always be around for those lazy mornings after a busy night in Onakinii.
Secult — A more cute scene with your favorite catgirl pet.
Secult doesn’t always need to be strapped up with bondage girls. Sometimes the horny neko girl just wants to have some fun with her Master.
· Around 15 new incredible hand-drawn Images
· Nearly 25000+Words have been added. 8 times the size of the previous update.

We have now hit 48 scenes total in Sunwave Hotel
· Over 3 new scenes including 1 erotic scenes.
· Mystic Alliance – Earlier you saw how some of the Order is set against you. As the Chosen One, many people see you as a rival and would definitely like to see you taken down. Veliss is handling the situation and teaching you how to build your energy blade.
· Veliss Scene 1 — Who doesn’t like blurring the lines between Master and Apprentice now and again. As you study up on the history of the Sutrul Guardians, you can decide to have a little fun with your sexy Lojecki Master.
· 6 new incredible hand-drawn Images
· 3785+ Words (next month’s will be at least 3x this size)

· We have now hit 47 scenes total in Sunwave Hotel
· Over 12 new scenes including 3 erotic scenes.
· We’re near the end of the Smugglers Cartel and we’re now into the meat of the Mystic Alliance. I love these factions, and I hope that everyone will enjoy the choices of which to join, and how the story continues within each unique plotline
· Dating the Boss? Not really, but Ooli of the Smugglers Cartel needs a companion for the evening. Play your cards right and you can get to be more than just boss and employee, and all the risks that involves.
· Smugglers Cartel – Another Party, this time for Ooli’s daughters. It’s their birthday and Ooli has pulled out all the stops and you’re invited.
· Mystic Alliance – Check out the first major quest for the Mystic Alliance. The job is simple, but with the Guardians, nothing is without complications. You’ll get to meet a new player and realize just what kind of tangled web you’ve climbed into by joining the mysterious order.
· Adoka Scene – Finally, you can enjoy some not-so-quiet time with Adoka, the cute squid girl from Island 1.
· Ooli Scene – As mentioned before, you can have some fun with his hot monstergirl MILF if you join her for what is definitely not a date.
· Alexis and Kuhno Scene – A cute little small scene after a delicious brunch.
· 20 new incredible hand-drawn Images
· 12988+ Words

We have now hit 44 scenes total in Sunwave Hotel
10 new scenes including 3 erotic scenes.
With this update, you can advance the main quest if you chose the Megacorp. Unfortuantely you will need to load an older save and then complete the final quest for the Corp. I am sorry about this mistake. In the future, I will make sure that the quests have the switches in so this will not happen.
1 erotic scene is about new bonds being formed with Kuhno and Perluun as they focus on you. Involve 2 variations for how you ‘finish’ :p
1 erotic scene has you helping out Corsoni with some biological urges.
1 erotic scene is a new play on Corsoni’s second scene that lets you and the foxgirl enjoy some naughty roleplay.
23 new incredible hand-drawn Images
11310+ Words
One new Key Feature I want to highlight.

Last update I added a Hide function so you can just look at the image or animation without text on the screen.
The function is now tied to the C key and you can still just click it off on screen by pressing the ‘eye’ icon in the bottom left.
Updates to Game Mechanics — Added during small patch earlier in the month.

Added «show/hide» button for text box
Changed Submit/Advance button layout to prevent double button input registration
Fixed button input in different areas of the UI
Added text speed slider to options menu
Fixed UI speed bug
Coded text opacity option for menus Coded message text to use opacity option Added text opacity setting to both normal and main menu options menus





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