Love Tavern [v2.0.2] [Secret Lab Production]

Love Tavern [Secret Lab Production]

Обзор: После вашей смерти в автокатастрофе богиня призвала вас присматривать за таверной в мире исекай. Ваша задача — нанимать разных девушек из разных племен и рас, чтобы они помогали бизнесу, а также застраивать комнату за комнатой таверны, чтобы расширять бизнес.​

Об игре


  • Стройте различные типы помещений на разных уровнях, чтобы расширить свой бизнес.
  • Нанимайте девушек разных рас, чтобы адаптироваться к вкусам клиентов.
  • Управляйте девочками и поручайте им выполнять четыре основных задания (раздача еды, охота, уборка и массаж), чтобы заработать деньги.
  • Заботьтесь о своих девочках и больше копайтесь в их прошлом, чтобы узнать их лучше.
  • Собирайте ингредиенты и готовьте различные блюда исекай, чтобы обслуживать местных клиентов.

Найм девушек
Нанимайте девушек разных рас, чтобы адаптироваться к вкусам клиентов.

Здание комнаты
Стройте различные типы помещений на разных уровнях, чтобы расширить свой бизнес.

Исследовательский квест
Разблокируйте подземелье и отправьте своих сотрудников на исследовательское задание по сбору необычных ингредиентов.

Используйте собранные специальные ингредиенты, чтобы приготовить экзотические блюда исекай и подавать их местным клиентам.

Клиентский фетиш
Назначьте массажный персонал нужному клиенту в зависимости от его фетиша, чтобы максимизировать прибыль и популярность таверны.

Тема обновлена: 2024-01-07
Дата выхода: 2024-01-07
Разработчик: Secret Lab Production Patreon — Steam — Discord — Twitter — Webpage
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 2.0.2
ОС: Windows
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 2d игра, анимация, девушка-монстр, менеджмент, главный герой-мужчина, большая задница, большие сиськи, вагинальный секс, оральный секс, кримпай, внутренний вид, анал, секс-игрушки, головоломка, трах сисек

Журнал изменений



  • Fixed crafting slot 5 and 6 cannot be assigned.
  • Fixed bug that some users cannot change game speed.
  • Fixed mission weekly limit display error.


  • Fixed staff disappeared after go to mission task.


  • Added a separated pause button.
  • Fixed bug on demolishing room.
  • Fixed collecting all dungeon doesn’t record weekly limit.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed HUD disappears after viewing event story (Halloween and Mid-Autumn)


  • Fixed bug that caused player couldn’t demolish room.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Introduced a BGM Song List feature.
  • Implemented a background selection option for character previews.

— Fixed localization bugs.
— Fixed Gallery bugs.
— Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.0.0b Hotfix
— Hotfix: NPC Naomi Questline Upgrade Warehouse to Level 5 does not trigger.

1. Additional Tavern Spaces
Expand and personalize your tavern with more rows and columns! Now you have even more space to showcase your creativity and efficiently allocate resources to create the ultimate haven for your customers.

2. New NPC Quest Line
Embark on a captivating quest line featuring Ren, Yui, Yumi, Georgia, Adifaah, and Goddess Naomi. Completing these quests not only unlocks a gallery of characters but also grants you access to various features and buffs. Once a quest is conquered, you have the opportunity to hire these fantastic NPCs to enhance your tavern.

3. New Customers Quest
Discover additional quests to unlock special customers with unique traits and cool rewards. Engage with these quests to bring new faces to your tavern and reap the benefits of their presence.

4. Auto-cooking
Unleash the power of automation by assigning recipes for automatic cooking! This feature, unlocked through the NPC quest line, allows you to streamline your restaurant operations and focus on other aspects of managing your bustling tavern.

5. Expedition
Also unlocked through the NPC quest line, the Expedition feature lets you send staff on automatic hunting missions. Sit back and relax as your skilled adventurers bring back valuable resources from their expeditions.

6. Training and Reroll Rework
Revamped training mechanics allow you to target specific talent training instead of relying on randomness. Rerolling now resets all levels and focuses all talent points into one randomly selected talent. Take a chance to earn Shiny Characters with each re-roll.

7. New 3-stars and 4-stars staff
There should be a lot of unforgettable characters as you dig into your staff’s stories. Now you can unlock them as additional staff by earning shards from customer quests or the Fortune Wheel. Once unlocked, these talented individuals will be available for hire in the shop, adding a new dimension to your tavern management strategy.. (Please note: these new staff will not have stories and galleries)

8. Fortune Wheel
Introducing the Fortune Wheel! Spend tickets to spin the lucky wheel and collect shards of new characters. Test your luck and expand your staff roster with this exciting addition to Love Tavern.

9. Shiny Character
Hiring staff using Shards or Reroll now carries the chance to unlock special Shiny Characters. Customize their colors to add a personal touch and make your tavern truly unique.

— Fixed Izumi Texture bug.

— Added Resolution and Fullscreen options to Game Settings.
— Added Feature: Pressing F11 to toggle fullscreen.

— Changing some equipments’ icon.
— Fixed minor bugs.

— Fixed Crafting display bug.
— Fixed Love Hate Gift tooltip bug.

— BIg improvement on performance.
(Full Update Note coming soon)

— Fixed achievement 《Expert Learning — Learned 20 cooking recipes》wasn’t recorded and triggered correctly.

— Fixed DLC loading forever bug.

— Fixed refreshing shop item was not triggered.

— Improved character list, mission list and other list performance.
— Fixed character localized name issue.
— Fixed mission stuck bug.
— Fixed freezes on playing match 3 game.
— Fixed some other minor bugs.


Fix bugs, fix window exit crash Fix archive loading
v1.1.6.2 Update notes.
Fix exit crash problem
v1.1.6 update notes.
-Improved user interface performance of character list, task list and chef list
-Fixed All Stories achievements that did not trigger.

V1.1.4.3 — Update Notes
Add more Moon Rabbit activities to use recipes in the journey
Improved user interface performance
Improve animation scenes
Fix Tamiko journey event trigger crash issue
Other system adjustments optimization and fixes
Fixed minor bugs

V1.1.4.2 — Update Notes
Repair the crash problem
Fix the problem that the event of Moon Rabbit’s journey to Tamiko does not trigger.
Fix the error of missing content in the old version of dlc and replace the DLC with the new version
Other system adjustment optimization and repair

v1.1.4 update notes
-Related special event: Moon Rabbit to Tamiko Journey. Now new players who have not played it can trigger this event after completing all 4 story chapters of Tamiko.
-Players can now complete the achievement Expert Learning (20 cooking recipes) and use the recipes during their journey in the Moon Rabbit event.
-Players can now recruit characters multiple times through shards.
-Fixed minor bugs.

Achievement Hotfix
— Fixed achievement bug for [Room Builder Professional] and [Expert Cleaner]
— Added 50 Steam Achievements and corresponding missions.
— Added Emily Story chapters
— Improved UI Performance
— Improved Animation Scenes
— Added training time saving (won’t be reset on changing scene)
— Minor bug fixed

v1.1.2 Update Notes
We are happy to announce the new content release for Love Tavern

  • Emily, Leona & Nadia full content (excluded Emily’s story — updating soon on this version patch)
  • New Hiring Sakura and Slyvia
  • Support selling ingredient
  • Additional bug fixes and performance optimization
  • Fixed Employee doesn’t go to clinic bug
  • New characters for hire: Emily (Lich), Sakura (Dryad), and Slyvia (Harpy) — Story will be released soon.
  • Added selling ingredients in shop feature.
  • Improved performance issues.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

V1.1.20 EA
-Added devices for sale in the store
-Added tutorial skip option
-Added massage room peeping event
-Added the choice of language and voice for the first time in H event recall, you can choose dubbing Japanese/English
-Added display of room level in the overview camera mode
-Added some missions with missing components
-Added Spanish language
-Fixed the bug that the mission could not be completed
-Fixed some minor bugs

Key Feature

  • Unlock Lilith and Flann Story
  • New characters Leona and Nadia (Non-Story)
  • Increase Tavern to Level 7
  • Crafting
    • Providing upgrading higher tier item
  • Gift & Character Affinity Level
    • Players can find a gift and send it to increase girl’s affinity level
  • Hunting equipment
    • Players can spend dungeon tickets to hunt for better gear
  • Goddess Shop
    • Players can unlock new features onward (Crafting & Affinity)
    • Earn free 1 coin at level 6 and level 7
    • To improve more in the next release
  • Refine HUD and Icon
  • Additional randomize voice for each of the characters
  • In-game Performance improvement Setting
  • Bugs fixed

Special Event: The journey of the Moon Rabbit (2 Weeks) (Required Tavern Level 3)

  • Event story
  • Collect Moon coin and redeem exclusive reward
    • New skin and pose for Tamiko
    • Two new unique equipment
    • Mooncakes recipe
    • Random equipment
  • How to collect Moon coin
    • Massaging the customer
    • Completing quest
    • Cleaning the room
    • Serving food to the customer
    • Opening chest
    • Cooking Mooncake will give you one Moon coin for each cake you cook perfectly.

We will release a branch new story for our special staff: Lilith and Flann
The next line up characters will be playable: Leona and Nadia
Game feature

  • Crafting — Providing upgrading higher tier item
  • Gift & Character Affinity Level — Player can find a gift and send it to increase girl’s affinity level
  • Hunting equipment — Players can spend dungeon tickets to hunt for better gear.
  • Quality of life: Display room rank, girl reaction when a player does an action to her
  • Performance improvement

v1.0.8 Update Notes
— Fixed game performance drop in late game.
— Fixed customers all disappear issue.
— Added adding nickname feature.
— Rewarding 3 special dungeon tickets when getting a positive Income Statement.
— Fixed minor bugs.

v1.0.7 Update notes
+ Improved all RU translation
+ Improved partially Thai translation (still WIP)
+ Fixed Thai Font issue
+ Fixed minor bugs

v1.0.6 Bug fixed
— Fixed girl leaving tavern when assigned to massage room.
— Fixed wrong girl name after recruit
— Added setting button Story scene
— Fixed blessing card display error in Income Statement
— Fixed minor bugs

v1.0.5 Update Notes
— Fixed Collect All Bug
— Fixed Wrong Salary
— Fixed time speed 0.1 bug
— Fixed wrong employee count in the save data slot.
— Improved Thai translation

v1.0.4 Improve Thai & Russian Language Translation
— Improve Thai & Russian Language Translation

— Performance issue has been fixed. It will not be lagging anymore.
— Ingredient display error fixed.
— Minor bugs fixed.
There will be a gift for early players who suffered from the fps drop issue. Enjoy!
(Limited to saves created before v1.0.3)

v1.0.2 Update Notes
— Fixed Ultra wide resolution, and other resolution display error.
— Remove Quest Center time display.

v1.0.1 Update Notes
— Match-3 gem dragging bug hot fixed.

Initial release



Дополнительно: Cheats/Gallery — Steam fix

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