World After War [v0.80] [Crazy Forge Studio]

World After War

Обзор: Вы играете за Джека, молодого ботаника и девственницу, который просыпается на военной базе внутри горы, в NRF (место для ядерных беженцев) для VIP-персон и правительственных людей, великая война, которая разрушила весь мир, теперь вы лидер группы, вы и 5 других красивых женщин, вам нужно держать это место в порядке, выходить в мир в поисках ресурсов, поддерживать базу с хорошим запасом воды, еды и электричества, улучшать Ваша база, чтобы осчастливить ваших соседей по комнате, ремонтировать / строить роботов, собирать ресурсы, изучать и открывать новые улучшения и технологии и выживать в этом апокалиптическом мире!

Тема обновлена : 2022-11-21
Дата выхода : 2022-11-21
Разработчик : Crazy Forge Studio Patreon — Discord — Сайт
Цензура : нет
Версия : 0.80
ОС : Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Язык : английский
Жанр : 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Masturbation, Milf

Журнал изменений:
New content:
— Start of the quest: Angelicare.
— Start of the quest: Dominance [NTR] — 02 New Futa options with Mary and Sakura during the «movie night».

Postponed to November: UI — Game Mechanics — Language System

New content:
-Small progress on the «Special Care» quest. [Big tits pill option] -A new option when inviting Mary to watch a movie.
-Kissing and hugging Mary is different depending on the progress of the quests related to her.

New Content:
-Now in the bedroom after calling Robyn, you can put Jennifer to do maid services for Robyn after progress on the «Good Girls» quest.
-New scene with Ashley available on Floor B with 50 hearts and progressing in the quest for «A Curious Date in the Night».

New Content:
— New futa on male option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.
— Small progress on the «Special Care» quest. [FUTA ON MALE] — Visit Angelica at the Gym.
— Visit Angelica at the Living Room.

Minor changes:

— Small progress on the language system.

New Content:
— Small progress on the «The Price of Freedom» quest.
Minor changes:
— You can now manage the equipment of the squad members.

New Content:
-02 options to pay Taxes with Tony after advancing in the quest «Who’s The Boss» quest.
-Small progress on «I’ll do it myself» quest.
-New option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue when the player could progress on The Dead World quest before talking to Tyrese about Megan and Sarah.

New Content:

-Small progress on the «The Price of Freedom» quest.
-Sleep again with Mary in Houston.
-A new action with Mary in Houston during the day.
-Watching a movie with Sakura and Mary repeated and with a new ending option.
-Watch a movie with Megan and Sarah.
-Visit Megan and Sarah at the pool.

New Content:

-Conclusion of: «Mr. Blue Eyes» quest.
-Conclusion of: «Katana» quest.
-Progress on the «The Price of Freedom» quest.

New Content:

— The Cat pill becomes available to give to Ai.
— Small progress on the «Good Girls» quest.
— New futa on male option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.

Minor changes:
-Fix, canceling the Anal option during the movie with Ai and Ashley now returns you to the beginning of the options correctly.

v 0.71
New Content:
— Small progress on «Saving a Ghost Reaper» quest.
— Small progress on «Who’s The Boss» quest.
— New movie option to watch with Angelica: Drama.

v 0.70
New Content:
— Small progress on «I’ll do it myself» quest.

Minor changes:
-The game now automatically saves to the Autosave file and no longer to the last game saved by the player.
-Coal Generator available for research and build, produces 50 energy day and consumes 5 coal ore.
-Added a big warning on the 2nd and 3rd when the player opens the world map to point out the help menu.
-Small increase in coal found in mines.
-Added chance to find coal in Steelworks.

New Content:
— Conclusion of «The Dead World» quest.

New Content:
— Progress on «The Dead World» quest
— Small progress on «Mr. Blue Eyes» quest.

New Content:
— Start of the quest: My Bro. [NTR/Avoidable] — Start of the quest: Good Girls. [NTR — Futa on Female] — Start of the quest: Pain and Pleasure. [Futa on Male]

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue that could make it impossible for squad members to attack during combat.
-Fixed an issue that could occur in some missions if one of the girls is assigned in the squad.

v0.66 Public
New Content:
-The start of 2 new quests with Sakura.
Minor changes:
-Minor UI changes in the resource transfer part.

— Small progress on «The lawyer» quest.
— Small progress on «Who’s the boss» quest.
— 08 new pictures in the Gallery with the big tits content.
— 02 new pictures in the Gallery with the male centaur content.

New Content:
-Progress on «The Dead World» quest.
-One new option with Samantha Cat.
-07 new pictures in the Gallery.

New Content:
-Small progress on «The Dead World» quest.
-New quest «Crystanium Plates».

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue with the requirement to start the quest «The Allure of the Pussy».
-Fixed an issue that entering the room before going to «Santa Rosa, New Mexico» in the search «The Dead World» would skip this whole scene.
-Fixed an issue with the saving of some quest information with one of the girls being in the squad.
-Using Glock and hunting knives in combat now has sound effects.
-Ui in combat shows how much AP the primary and secondary weapon requires.
-Mc now starts the combat with the correct amount of Action Points regardless of name and recovers AP on each player turn.
-8 pictures of Samantha talking in the bedroom were redone.
-Solar panels are upgradable to level 8.

New content:
— Visit Sakura in the pool
— Watch a movie with Sakura.
— Conclusion of: «Rude Girl» quest. [Futa on Male path] — 07 New pictures of «Futa» in the gallery.
— 01 New pictures of Mary in the gallery.

Minor changes:
-The help menu has been updated. Go to the world map and click on the ‘?’ to access it.

v 0.61
New content:
-Conclusion of: «Houston Desalination Plant» Quest.
-Conclusion of: «Houston Greenhouse» Quest.
-Conclusion of: «Rude Girl» quest. [Futa on female path] -Progress on the «The Dead World» quest.
-Progress on the «Mr. Blue Eyes» quest.
-Progress on the «The Price of Freedom» quest.

v0.60 Public
New Content:
-Small progress in the quest: The Dead World.
-Small progress in the quest: Mr. Blue Eyes.
-Small progress in the quest: Who’s The Boss.
-The UI part with information about current quests improved.

New Content
— A new quest: The Allure of the Pussy.
— A new futa scene with Suzy in the bedroom.

New Content:
— Invite Angelica or Alexis to watch a movie in the evening. [There is no boring movie option yet] — Visit Angelica or Alexis at the pool.
— Progress in the quest: Saving a Ghost Reaper.

New content:
-Small progress on the quest: The Price of Freedom.
-Start of the quest: Who’s The Boss. [If you do not pay the taxes to Tony].
-Start of the quest: Mr. Blue eyes.

Minor changes:
-Ui correctly shows the amount of taxes payable to Tony if you have fewer resources than taxes.

v 0.56
New Content:
— Quest progress: The lawyer.
— 02 new options during the movie with Ai and Ashley.

Minor changes:
— Added forward and back buttons when looking at photos from the gallery.

v 0.55
New Content:
— Quest progress: The lawyer.
— New quest: I’ll do it myself.

New content:
— Peek Angelica and Alexis in the showers.
— The beginning of a new mission: The Price of Freedom.
— The beginning and some progress of a new mission: Rude Girl.
— 58 New Jpg files.
— 04 New mp4 files.

Known Issue:
— Combat works only if the MC has the name «Jack».
New content:
-Combat v 0.1.
-22 jpg files Gnome MC in the gallery.
-02 mp4 files.

Known Issue:
— Combat works only if the MC has the name «Jack».

v 0.52
New content:
— New Quest: A Curious Date in the Night.
— 55 New Jpg files / 5 New mp4 files.
— 05 New Jpg files / 5 New Male on Futa mp4 files.
— More than 30 old renders with Ai redone.
— Blowjob with Ai reworked.

Minor changes:
-Fixed. Samantha says the wrong line if you ask what she has found out about Sakura without having finished: Bio Lab Research Quest.
-Fixed. Sleeping in Houston for the first time, resetting the daily events correctly.

v 0.51
New content:
— Progress on The Dead World quest.
— 4 new quests.
— More than 110 pictures.

Minor Changes:
— Step van speed increased by 50%, 2 to 3.
— Penalty scene only triggers if you are outside the shelter after 11:45 pm and no longer at 11:00 pm
— Travel time and estimated travel time are more accurate, but still not exact on long rides.
— Morale penalty for being outside the shelter after the allowed hours does not take away 10 morale, but 4 times the number of people in the shelter.

New content:
— Progress in quest Natural selection
— 07 (+1 Futa on male) new mp4 files
— 48 (+12 Iray) (+3 Futa on male, +20 Iray Futa on male) CG

Minor Changes:
— A few grammar corrections.
— Fixed an issue where the scrollbar handle is too slim when opening the Work Ui.
— Fixed an issue with the Anal lube button with Samantha.

v0.49.2 Public
New content:
-30 pictures in the Gallery with Michelle
-12 normal pictures
-10 Animations
-1 Animation in Gallery

Minor changes:
— Now to progress in The Dead World quest you need to talk to Kassandra about Houston.
— Ai arrives with the radio and starts The survivors’ quest as soon as you see the movie with her for the first time.
— Fixed, in the most recent versions, Mc can’t walk to the two warehouses and return to the shelter before 11 pm.
— Fixed an issue where a scene in The Dead World quest was repeating endlessly.

v0.48 public
New content:
— A new complete quest
— A new option in the pool.
— 17 new hot photos of Male on Futa in the gallery.
— 03 new hot photos of Ashley in the gallery

v0.47.1 Public
New content:
— Progress in the quest — Sisters of war.
— Talk with Carol to start a new quest.
— Progress in the quest — The Lawyer.

Minor Changes:
— Fallen Angels quest no longer prevents City of Altus quest to start.
— Fixed the UI, in the scene with Ai in the Bedroom.
— Assign Roles is now saving and loading correctly.
— The scenes with the girls waking up from the chambers will no longer be repeated in some cases.

v0.46 Public
New content:
— A complete new quest.
— Michelle content.
— Futa on Male content.

v0.45 Public
New content:
— A complete new quest.
— The beginning of a new quest.

v0.44 Public
— Rest with Jennifer in the Living room.
— Progress on the Mystery Of The Cookie Eater quest.
— 03 new photos in the gallery.

v0.43 Public
— 1 New option in the Bathroom with Mary.
— Visit Samantha when she is resting in the Living Room.
— Small Progress in the quest Natural Selection.

v0.42 Public
New content:
— Content with Suzy.

New content:
— New content with Michelle in the bathroom.
— New content with Futa pill with Michelle.
— 06 new Hot photos with Michelle in the Gallery.
Minor changes:
— Some old photos with Michelle were replaced.
— Fix, Button to leave the bathroom with Kassandra taking shower was not working.
— Fix, Giving the Big Tits pill to Samantha with Jennifer’s assistance was not leaving the scene properly in the end.

New content:
— 2 Actions in the bathroom with Ashley.
— 2 Actions in the bedroom with Ai futa pill

— Natural Selection progress.
— Male Gnome pills.

Minor Changes:
-The game was not saving changes in the shelter like fuses and copper cables on the doors.

v 0.38.1
Minor Changes:
-Settings added.
-Fix, the game was saving the screen zoomed out.
-Other minor adjustments.

v 0.38
New content:
— Kassandra Content. [42 Jpg + 1 Mp4] — Floor C available. [6 Jpg]

Minor Changes:
-Fixed, Talk with Ai about anal sex was disabling the scene with Tony visit the Dallas girls.
-The zip box in the protagonist’s chamber and one of the drawers in the kitchen, will be deactivated when jumped to day 3 when starting a new game, the content inside is already in the player’s inventory.
-I updated unity 2017 to Unity 2019 and there were some changes in the code that can cause bugs. As the game is not saving the current screen at the right scale. Reports bugs on Discord.

New content:
— Progress on the quest: Natural Selection.
-13 new Big Tits Serum photos in the Gallery.
-30 new Gnome Serum photos in the Gallery.
-2 Bonus photos in the Gallery.

Minor Changes:
— Some icons replaced.
— Gallery, Jennifer, futa on male, second image Fixed

New content
— Progress on the quest: The Dead World.
— Progress with Ashley. Talk with her in your bedroom.
— 6 new hot photos with Mary in the bathroom available in the gallery.

Minor Changes:
-Mary’s gym scene fixed.
-Jennifer’s gym fixed.
-Fix, Talk with Ashley in the room was not available in the saves started before 0.30.

New content:
— Progress with Angelica/Alexis.
-16 new hot photos with Ai in the bathroom available in the gallery.
-16 new hot photos with Futa Solo and Futa on Male in the bathroom available in the gallery.

Minor Changes:
— Animations for Linux version fixed.
— The scenes with Alexis / Angelica start later on the 39th and not on the 19th.

-Mary’s gym scene has a bug, avoid visiting Mary at the gym until version 0.36
-Jennifer’s gym scene also has a bug, avoid visiting Jennifer at the gym until version 0.36

New content:
— 02 new Actions with Ai in the bedroom.
— 02 new Actions with Ai futa in the bedroom.
— Small progress with Angelica/Alexis.
— Unlock HD photos with moral points in the gallery by accessing the wardrobe in the bedroom.
— 31 new photos on the Gallery.
Minor changes:
-Fixed. The Bio Center was being accessible on day 0, causing the quest to skip, and making the game soft lock after advancing the initial quest, If you try to enter the Bio Center before the quest asks, you will receive a message: «Not now».
-Fixed. Entering the command center on the morning of Day 1, an old scene was starting that should have been removed from the game.

-Progress on the quest: Michelle depression.
-Small progress in the bathroom with Michelle.
-01 new action with Jennifer in bedroom.
-01 new action with Ai futa.

Minor Changes:
— Research and build Carbon Garden up to tier 8, to produce 16 daily carbons per tier, for 4 of clean water and 8 energy per tier.
— Research and build the Water Pump up to tier — 10.
— Research and build the Replicator up to tier 8.
-Fixed, Replicator was wrongly using 8 carbon per tier and not 16 carbon.
-Having in stock the exact amount of clean water, carbon, and energy for the operation of the greenhouse and the replicator was causing the machine not to produce in the day.

New content:
-When you call Jennifer for help with Samantha’s research, you can choose to show her the effects of the big breast serum.
-Progress in the mission: Mystery Of The Cookie Eater mission.
-Progress in the mission: Natural selection.
-Progress in the mission: Small as dwarves and gnomes.
-You can hug Suzy, Ashley, Kassandra, and Carol in your room.
— Progress in the mission: Michelle Depression.

Minor Changes:
-Fix: Inviting Suzy, Ashley, Carol, and Kassandra to see a movie with them living in the shelter, was wrongly inviting to chat.

New content:
-New option in the pool with Mary.
-1 cutscene.
-1 New action in the bedroom with Ai futa.

Minor changes:
-If the RMB menu is open, you can’t click on-screen buttons that are not of the RMB menu.
-Create a new save from the main menu using the name of an existing file correctly removes the data from the old save.

New content:
-New option in the pool with Mary.
-1 cutscene.
-1 New action in the bedroom with Samantha futa.

Minor changes:
-Ai won’t let you out of the shelter after 8:59 pm.
-If you are inside the shelter you will not be able to advance the time after the working hours (8:59 pm).
-The camera now does not move in the map view when «Esc Menu» is active.
— Pressing 1 to 5 doesn’t work when the «Esc menu» and the Save/Load menu are active.
— Now the shelter will get dirtier for 10 + 2 * (total of people living in the shelter.) The beginning of the game will be a little easier to keep the shelter clean, and more interesting in the late game.
-The maximum cleaning increased from 100 to 200.

Эта игра должна находиться на жестком диске, где не требуется авторизация администратора для чтения или сохранения файлов, и она не будет работать правильно, если папка с игрой находится, например, на «Рабочем столе» или внутри папки «Пользователи».



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