Unyielding [MercenaryMage]

Обзор: Unyielding — это ролевая игра на основе трансформации. Я хочу, чтобы это напоминало настольную RPG с живым и интересным миром. Выбор всегда должен иметь значение.
Кателли был человеком, пока он не был проклят волшебником, пытающимся получить бессмертие. Catelly, оказалось, был закаленным наемником перед проклятием и отказывается проиграть ему.

Тема обновлена : 2022-05-05
Дата выпуска : 2022-05-05
Разработчик : MercenaryMage Patreon
Цензура : Нет
Версия : 0.4.7 Public
ОС : Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Язык : английский
Жанр : 2DCG, Мужской главный герой, Женский главный герой, Трансформация, Фэнтези, Бой, Оральный секс, Бой, Большая задница, Большие сиськи, Лесбиянки, Мобильная игра, На основе текста

Журнал изменений:
v0.4.7 Public
Added The Final Vote (End game line)
Added Memories Long Forgotten (Danica (with Carolina) storyline)

Added Kate (end game scene)(Contains a bad end)
Added art to The God’s Assault
Added the Blackfire version of The Fog Revealed (Danica line)

Added art to The Night Before Battle (Complete Castle 3 in Sandy Coast)
Added The Fog Revealed (Danica storyline, have Carolina)
Added The God’s Assault (End of the game line)

Added art to the happy end of Secretary (SFW art)
Added The Night Before Battle (end game line)

Walk with Brandy (Complete goodbye)(Fancy art!)
A second chance (Blackfire variant)(Danica storyline)

What happened:
I fixed two very bad issues.
1) People were getting stuck in the end game, unable to load their saves. This has been fixed!
2) If you leveled up Fhan to take her group damage buff and then left her out of the fight, she got really pouty and broke your game. She has been disciplined .

Added Delivery (option scene in the end game route. Have Blackfire have completed his quest successfully)
Added A Second Chance (Danica storyline)

Added Underground Meeting (End game route)
Added Return to Hill House (Danica’s storyline)
Added a drawn image to Ask Fray

Added Black Sails (End game route)
Added A Strange Ambush (from The Storm)
Added A Private Party (from Heal)(4th year anniversary scene with fancy picture)

v0.3.25 Public
What changed:
Added Sneak Out (End of Willem line)
Added art to Daud’s Dream

v0.3.24 Public
Added Ask Fray (End of the Daud like)(Has a happy end!)
Added a very important art piece to Willem’s Graduation

v0.3.23 Public
Added Goodbye Drinks (From heal) (With art!)
Added Office Cleaning (Lizette line)
Added Secretary (End of the Lizette line) (with a happy end)
Added All Is Ash tidbit

v0.3.22 Public
Added Willem reacting to Catelly’s height loss
Added Catelly’s Graduation (Willem’s storyline)

v0.3.21 Public
Added Daud’s Dream (Daud)
Added Training Conny Continued (Concordia) (with art!)
Added art to Willam and Horizon (NSFW)

Added Voting Day (Lizette)
Added Blackfire version The Raft (Fail shrine and plant minigame) (with art!)

Added Willem and Horizon (next Willem story)
Added The Raft (Fhan version only, see below, with art!)
Added Blackfire version of The Carnival’s End

Added Training Conny (Heal, complete Cleaning in Sandy) (With picture!)

Added Hold Hands (Daud storyline)

The main story here is autoupdates. If you meet the requirements to get the two new stories, they will automatically add themselves when you load a save that qualifies for it. Yay! This will only work for content going forward. No more having to replay stuff a million times.

Added Carnivals Finale (Complete Sandy and Carnival 3)
Added Lizette’s Night (Complete Sandy and the last Lizette story)
The gallery stories now have symbols denoting if a story has an adult scene, TF, or a Happy End
Added a drawn image to the Sandy Coast beach scene (Fhan version only)

Added Payment (Blackfire during Sandy celebration)
Added Heal (post sandy)
Added Tavern Games (post sandy)(With art work!)
Added Return to Sandy (Carolina post Sandy)
You can now delete save files
Fixed the resolution selector in Android

v0.3.15 Public
Added the stargazing variants
Added End Sandy Celebration

v0.3.14 Public
Added Stargazing (Sandy celebration with Fhan)
Added Cat and Blackfire (Sandy celebration with Blackfire)
Added Carolina and The Maid (Sandy celebration with Carolina)
Added an art piece to Artistic License (Sandy celebration)

v0.3.13 Public
Added The Play (All the other routes)
Added Milking (Sandy celebration)
Added Kate fight 16

Added Brandy’s Offer (Sandy celebration)
Added The Play
Added Kate fight 15

Added Danica’s R&R (Sandy coast celebration)
Added Kate Fight 14

The Cat and The Maid (Enjoy the maid in Graduation)
Concordia’s Request (Cleaning)
Kate Fight 13
What Happened:
Fixed a bunch of important bugs! The Ran fight was pretty bugged.
What’s Next:
Another round of celebration scenes!

Added Reveal
Added Carolina business
Many bug fixes in combat and Sandy

Added Cleaning (Sandy celebration, finish The Truth)
Added Carolina(Sandy celebration, finish the pirate quest and select Blackfire. Finish Birthday Party)
Added Wrestling (Sandy celebration, finish Make Art)
Added a drawn image to the Downturn rest scene between Fray and Catelly

Removed Brandy extra castle 2. It must be earned now.
Added a recovery button for those stuck in Sandy.
Added Celebration
Added Conversations

Added Meeting
Added a drawn image to Go Fishing

Added Aftermath
Added Wakeful Night
Added Confession (Next daud story)
Added Kate Fight 12
Added several tidbits throughout the game

Added Sherry (both sides)
Added Kate Fight 11
Added Brandy into the Castle 2 scene
Added a CG into Castle 2

Added Ran’s Island (Both routes)
Added the 10th Kate Fight
Added a special version of Birthday Party (Complete Ran’s Island)

Added Island Hoping (from the plant hunt side)
Added Danice reacting to Catelly’s bigger bust (study with blackfire)
Added two new items to the item shop

Fixed the bug that prevented «The Truth» from showing up.
Added Island hoping (Only from defeating Varuna)
Finishing Night Ambush in downturn allows for moving over water tiles.
Added Kate fight 9
Added a drawn image to Punishment (lose to Varuna)
Added more ability points throughout the game.

Added Willem reacting to Cat’s long hair
Added Blackfire reacting to Cat’s blonde hair
Updated Perjury’s portrait
Gave Varuna a portrait
Ash’s story got a new background
Latte got a theme song (it will probably appear in places other than her scenes)
Added a healing line to Fray
Tons of new combat abilities
Added Kate fight 8

Added The Truth (Complete either castle 2. 3 new portraits + a cg with two versions)
Updated Pellata’s portrait
Added Kate Fight 7
Added many new combat abilities.

Spiced up the landing page
Added Birthday (castle 2, the blackfire version)
Added Kate fight 6
Fixed some loading hitches
Added a bunch missing art to the skinny Catelly base
3 new backgrounds

Kate fight 5
Added Birthday Party (Complete castle 1, Fhan side only)

Added Carnival’s Returner (Carnival 3)
Added Kate Fight 4
Reskinned the Kate Fights

Added the third Kate Fight
Clippings can now display art
Added 4 new clippings throughout the game
Added Stolen armor (it’s from the Lizette line)
Added Graduation (In sandy unlocked from Earn Your Keep)

Added Rabbit Festival (return from Downturn)|
Added Night Ambush (complete either minigame in Sandy Coast)
Added Kate Fight 2
Many new abilities added
Rebalanced items a bit

Added Punishment (Lose to Varuna)
Added the human route to Water Lizette
Redid how CG images are displayed
Changed how movement works in combat
Fixed tons and tons of combat bugs
Help Lizette and Carnival now have an opt out option

Added Carnival 2 (Complete Ash and The Carnival)
Added Battle Varuna (Sandy Coast)
Added new backgrounds
Fhan and Fray start locked in the appearance editor.
Outfits int he appearance editor must be unlocked by seeing them.
Lots of polish

Added Visit the beach (4 routes, complete the treasure hunt successfully)
Paid off tech debt

Added Treasure Hunt (In Sandy)
Added Wonder (Visit the glade, but don’t rob it)
Bug fixes. Like, so many.

Added Drink (don’t return the money during Downturn)
Added Blackfire reacting to Catelly’s butt expanding
Added Willem reacting to Catelly’s bust expanding
Finished Downturn hard mode
Added more abilities in Cats advancement track to help in hard mode
Added another ability to Danica’s advancement track
Added more save slots
Touched up the town UI a bit.

Added Injury (Downturn celebration, don’t give supplies to the in the lake tile)
Added Planning (Sandy, from town)
Added Plant Hunt (Sandy, from the forest)
Added Plant minigame
Added Kate reacting to lips
Added character heights (Make sure to check the appearance screen)
Added a new song to Showdown
Catelly now shrinks when shrunk
Added new options to Fray and Fhan in the appearance screen
Hard mode

Added picnic (complete the ghost pirate story successfully)(SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE DOING THIS! THERE ARE 5 ROUTES)
Added Earn Your Keep
Added a drawn image to Too Much
Redid a bunch of story flow

Added Willem reacting to height (not canon)
Added Lizette reacting to height
Added Lizette reacting to lips (not canon)
Added Daud reacting to height
Added clippings (Found in the gallery, hit that little arrow)
Moved all canon breaking reactions from the normal game into the clippings section
Sorted all chapters by book
Sorted the town page by book
Added nighttime Kates background
Added action song in a few places
Added the losing condition to the pirate battle.
Added more clarification to the pirate battle.
Added saving and loading to Sandy


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