Love of Magic [Droid Productions]

Обзор : Добро пожаловать в мир судьбы, романтики и покера. Love of Magic — это эротическая игра-песочница в стиле визуальной новеллы, вдохновленная играми Urban Fantasy и Slice of Life, такими как Persona.

Только что осознав свои силы и преследуемый нежитью, вы прибываете в Эдинбург, чтобы изучить искусство магии. Однако вас ожидает судьба, которая складывается 1500 лет назад. Найдите настоящую любовь. Откройте для себя свою силу. Играйте в покер.

Автор Обновлено : 2021-07-25
Дата выпуска : 2021-07-25
Разработчик : Droid Productions Patreon — Сайт — Паровой — — GameJolt — Раздор
Censored : Нет
Версия : 1.0.7b (Book 1) 0.2.25b (Book 2)
Длина : ~ 10-15 часов
OS : Window, Linux, Mac, Android
Язык : английский
Предыдущая работа : Создание фильмов (завершено)
Жанр : 3DCG, Анимация, Мужской протагонист, Мобильная игра, Ощупывание, Мастурбация, Обстановка в школе, Щупальца, Дразнить, Девственница, Оральный секс, Вагинальный секс, Анальный секс, Секс-игрушки

Журнал изменений:
— Fixed a bug where act VII end save wouldn’t correctly advance

— Fixed game+ conversation for people who’d already had it before
— Fixed the incorrect background for the game+ scene

— Fixed a missing script causing an exception in non-editor mode

— Correctly clear the no-katie flag on day 144
— Fixed a bug where jumping locations while moving would cause the elsewhere path to jump
— Fixed a bug where speed transitions might survive to the next conversation/video
— Corrected the save/load image for act 8
— Added Game+ for act 8

— Fixed a bug in the video selective speed playback

— Typo pass
— Fixed broken new KE

— Act VIII complete
— Finished day 144
— Finished Second schwartalf delivery
— New Kingdom Event (LimitedProtection)

— First part of Day 144
— Rebuilt steam and added guards if it failed to properly initialize

— Fixing up Keith (day 142-148 evening/night KD event)

— New end of act cinematic is in
— Cleaned up the day 151 flow + added music
— New outfit for Aoife
— Generating correct end of act save

— Forced localization support for string parsing

— Rebuilding Steam support for OSX/Linux

— Moved day 128 event to 130 (it was clashing with a pre-existing event)

— Day 151 finished writing
— New event morning day 140+ in the Camelot Library. Unlocks new Dylan ability
— New day 128 event

— Fixed showering at night not advancing time
— Typo pass
— Added Mouse Over size effect for conversation options
— Fixed being able to sleep in Crowley bed after moving to Camelot
— Tweaked Akane’s mesh a little
— Tweaked Arisune’s meetup for better puppeteering and text
— Fixed a bug where you could prematurely trigger the date by going to the basement of the crowly day 139, and where you could stay behind and fail to trigger the evening event until next day
— Molly no longer remains behind after day 149

— Day 151 (morning) complete
— Tuned For the Horde to be 7 days
— Fixed Outsider 2 fight not triggering
— Added a new event with Keith (day 142-148, drinking at the KD)
— Added a new event with Emily day 143

— Day 149 complete

— Day 149 Molly section
— Fixed a bug where returning to mid conversation in a room that had an active character event could end up loading both the conversation and the event
— Fixed a bug where you could get stuck drinking until night-time with Katie (bad for the liver, good for the soul)

— Fixed day 141 player stuck in bedroom
— Added day 142.

— Fixed broken Outsider fight flags; X and Mjoelnir now do full damage against the Outsider
— Fixed broken exit flag after fight

— Various fixes to the combat UI, mouse-overs, Outsider forward visualization, etc
— Added new special effects to some of the ally attacks
— Finished the Warthog battle sequence.
— Fixed it so non-calendar events can fire in the morning (needed for Warthog to trigger cleanly)

— First part of Warthog questline (requires WARTHOG_AMMO, FOR_THE_HORDE at morning in Camelot Bedroom. Code needs updating to auto-trigger it if possible)

— Fixed an issue where fire/ice immunity were using Poison for checking
— New abilities; Fire and Ice mastery (all Fire/Ice damage and effect get a % bonus)
— New Katie passive ability post day 144, FireMastery+100%
— Molly no longer remains behind after visiting pervert
— Updated music after visiting pervert
— Katie not available day 138 — 144
— Fixed up Snowdrop’s missing body
— Non-looping background videos now freeze on the last frame rather than hiding
— Fixed day 134 return to Camelot being broken

— Defuxed the Elsewhere map

— Day 141
— Fire damage was showing as Ice
— Emily was incorrectly tagged as being in charge of fistfull of bullets
— Malagareth battle had katie instead of Molly in the lineup
— Katie’s armor at malagereth was incorrect
— Fixed up Arisune conversation to guard against players not having encountered the King’s Dragon
— Fixed up incorrect skin for Cambion assassin
— Matthew is now available by default after day 120
— Olivia’s stay at the private library truncated at day 117
— Musician’s map cost -100 pounds
— Fixed a bug where a race condition in loading spines could cause the wrong spine to show
— Fixed a bug where using the jump to location interface to jump while panning/moving could lead to the wrong offset

— Typo pass
— Fixed up some character outfits the AI misguessed
— Day 140 (morning only)
— Fixed Arisune meeting going before Akane’s introduction

— Fixed a possible race-condition that could prevent a character spine from correctly loading
— New casual outfit for MC
— New Shadowhunter outfit for Akane. You either need to replay Akane’s visitor, or add the AKANE_SHADOWHUNTER flag manually to trigger the conversation. Go to Tea House 2 days after Akane’s visitor has arrived.

— Fixed a bug where characters could end up with double spines.

— Fixed scripted battles breaking
— Fixed missing NPC character art / characters not changing correctly due to missing prefabs

— Fixed the cards in Elsewhere rendering incorrectly
— Fixed missing round table
— Fixed missing characters in some locations
— Added a new Akane character ability. Use SHADOW_HUNTER flag to enable it for now (will have a proper story sequence later)
— Fixed missing hellions

— Fixed the neutron bomb going off
— Fixed wrong cards in Elsewhere

— Rewrote how characters are stored and loaded to reduce memory overhead.

— End of day 139

— New end of day 138 conversation
— Beginning of day 139

— New game of friends
— Fixed a bug where new allies didn’t show correct recharge
— Redid enemy VFX
— Added turn-counter until enemy attack triggers
— Fixed the enemy attack vis first turn
— All allied effects now clearly stating what they do
— Fixed Xochi’s recharge ability
— End of Day 138

— Fixed a bug where outsider XP would hyper-scale
— Added VFX to outsider combat, still WIP
— Redid a bunch of the VFX for ally special abilities
— Now hiding outsider UI after combat
— Redid Katie’s walk-animation in correct aspect (let nobody say her ass looks phat, on pain of extreme pain)
— Redid the outsider combat UI

— Added system for updating background images for special cases
— Added a new system for playing back audio files
— New ally added
— New ally abilities added
— New combat mode added
— Continuing day 138

— Beginning of Day 138
— Clamped elsewhere map camera to edge of map
— Added quick-jump functionality for edinburgh and camelot to the map
— Resized labels for android

— Day 137 Morning

— Jalsa (optional) arrival. Needs Dojo, day 135+, trained at least twice, train at night
— Increased the size of the quest popup to allow for longer strings
— Building the 4th room now correctly deducts cash
— Fixed a visual glitch where showering at night would jump back to bedroom and advance time in the same action, causing a visual glitch
— Timeline advanced to day 136 morning

— Can now use the cloud upload/download functionality for savegames
— Can no longer play with dragon late night
— Odin’s eyepath no longer changes side
— Loading a worldmap scene from dialog will not jump to the menu
— Can no longer do kingdom events late night
— Fixed a bug where too many savegames could cause steam to nuke savegames
— Akane’s visitor event advances time
— Nerfed Helion XP

— New Questline triggering off Draco
— New constructable room in the KD, dining room (requires teahouse)

— New Day 134+ event in the dojo

— Finished Day 134

— Typo pass
— Fixed a resolution issue with Emily’s face
— Updated to unity 2020.3.8f1 LTS

— New Game of Friends
— Continuation of Day 134 (still missing the end)
— Rewind mechanism engaged. Act VIII is now go.

— Added support for Cyrillic fonts
— Studying in Merlin’s tower advances time
— Added the dining room

— Fixes OSX version being named incorrectly
— Playing with KD advances time
— Can only gain stat bonuses the first time in Elsewhere resting per day

— Fixes exceptions triggering

— Map is now dark at night
— Fixed a bug where snowdrop’s second battle is unwinnable

— Typo fixes
— Changed Snowdrop’s outfit when reporting for duty
— Fixed conversations triggering after entering from Elsewhere map, not before (causing missing characters)
— Snowdrop’s second fortress is now online and working
— Fixed a possible logic bug in gem selling

— You can open the Kingdom events by talking to Emily in the throneroom once you get your first Kingdom event
— New Ally: you can now ask Matthew to join you on the paths. He has a static ability that adds +50% to X’s slash damage, and an active ability called Cripple, which reduces enemy damage + increases damage they take by 10%
— Updated Katie’s quest to not send the player to lancaster until later
— Can now train sword fighting with matthew

— Elsewhere camera can now pan (click drag)
— Hunting grounds now have labels
— Increased sized of enter location button for android
— Removed old Chloe dialog the first time you use her in combat0.1.8b
— You can open the Kingdom events by talking to Emily in the throneroom once you get your first Kingdom event
— New Ally: you can now ask Matthew to join you on the paths. He has a static ability that adds +50% to X’s slash damage, and an active ability called Cripple, which reduces enemy damage + increases damage they take by 10%
— Updated Katie’s quest to not send the player to lancaster until later
— Can now train sword fighting with matthew

— Elsewhere camera can now pan (click drag)
— Hunting grounds now have labels
— Increased sized of enter location button for android
— Removed old Chloe dialog the first time you use her in combat
— Fixes a bug where playing certain games would disable the config panel
— Fixed a bug where some emails were triggering incorrectly
— Hid the browser and dress express until there’s new content for it

— Fixed an edge condition when loading from day 119 putting player in wrong room
— Fixed fireside quests being tagged as narrative when descriptive
— Scouts Quest needed «to be continued» tag
— Fixed some android textures missing alpha channel
— Fixed a bug when replaying Landlady & Flatmate game
— Fixed a text-bug in Merlin’s Tower
— Fixed a bug where you could double-dip on the RealmPoints

— Updated meditation <10x to alternate between +STR and +INT with 50% probability
— Fixed Chloe’s ingredient upgrade lagging 1 move after you receive the ingredients
— Fixed the shower being called Action
— Removed the initial RP gain
— Disable RMB when Party Select screen is up (since RMB is used to delete character)

— Rewrote the training at gym sequence
— Force-sleeping at day <118 should take you back to Crowley
— Added back ingredients to stats tracker
— The Garden icon has been hidden until the content is complete for it
— Removed Email attachements from book 1, marked the emails as read
— Fixed load from day calender being wrong
— Fixed load from day flags not being correctly updated
— Fixed Dresden Files book not being completable (add flagg BOOK_DRESDEN_COMPLETED if you’ve already finished it and are stuck)
— Fixed fighting in Elsewhere not advancing time

— Fixed Elsewhere location being locked on game+
— Fixed Elsewhere world map being accessible < day 118
— Fixed Load from Existing Book 1 savegame to give better feedback. Added an android-only message
— New wallpapers
— Can now access Pendragon Inc, though there isn’t much to do
— Updated Emily’s recurring scene with some ending graphics
— New game of friends: Wicked Choices
— Added scrolling to Game of Friends

— Added game+ mode
— Fixed chloe’s trading.
— Fixed typos

— Fixed UI animation bug in replayable sex cutscenes
— Fixed a bug where reloading from the log tab would load a Book 1 quicksave
— Fixed a bug where movie speed changes could carry over from previous videos
— Can now sell ingredients to Chloe again
— Fixed typos + scripting tweaks
— Tweaked music

— Re-encoded videos
— Fixed broken Emily day 118

— Locked Lancaster Glade until day 124
— New replayable sex scene with Emily after day 121 (night, bedroom)

— Fixed showering at late night
— Fixed up music in Barney scene
— Fixed Merlin’s tower recurring tasks (for now)
— Fixed missing end of act save
— Added UI for Kingdom RPgain
— Fixed bug where if you didn’t buy the whisky immediately from Chloe, you couldn’t buy it at all (breaking Lancaster quest)
— Fixed Kingdom Events progressing past 100% to complete
— Fixed bug where Edinburgh locations were closed in a Game started from a blank state
— Fixed a bug where initial level of a blank slate was 0
— Fixed several missing textures day 134

— Fixed the Ally UI incorrectly setting and clearing characters
— Added new resting dialog for all characters
— Tweaked character sizes to keep it more consistent
— Tweaked MC portrait resolution on Android
— Updated Armsdealer quest-flow
— Updated Trouble with Cambions quest flow
— Updated Lancaster quest-line. Currently ending Day 125+ at Crowely
— New Demon hunting grounds near Malagareth day 125+
— New event at Merlin’s tower. Will expand to make it replayable
— Fixed Molly’s late night sequence at the Crowley with broken images/video

— Act VII core content complete

— Fixed starting a new game from existing saves

— Fixed Katie softlock in Lancaster
— Removed unused locations in Edinburgh
— Day 132
— New Ally: Fia (day 132)

— Damnit, Molly

— Can now sell gems at the quartermaster
— removed some of the unused room connections in Edinburgh (dark alley, lecture theater, molly’s dance studio)
— you can now read Dylan’s book in Starcucks
— you can now read Dylan’s book in Crowley
— Emily shows up in the Great Hall morning and evening after day 121
— Emily hands out RP after every monday morning
— Changed the Kings Dragon music
— Calendar now starts on 1/1/2020

— Fixed logic errors with Molly @ Dark Mansion

— Two new events with Molly at the Dark Mansion (Day 120+)
— New Kingdom Event: Fistfull of bullets
— Rewrote the progression for unlocking For the Horde to trigger after fistfull of bullets
— Fixed bug where it was possible to re-enter a map-node you’d previously arrived at even if the map is now supposed to be locked to a new node

— New Molly event, day 120+ at *late* night. Designed to be repeatable (and will get extended throughout Book 2)
— Added functionality to speed up / slow down videos from script

— Fixes to kingdomUI at different resolutions
— Fixed sorting on kingdom UI
— Cleaned up the font system; should be cleaner and faster now
— New Akane at Teahouse event
— Fixes bug where speed clicking allies could lock the UI
— Fixed a bug in quickloading from map
— New Kingdom Event: Toxic shock. Includes new true flawless gem

— Fixed aspect ratio scaling for kingdom events UI
— Setup for three new Kingdom events
— Finished kingdom event Merlin’s Legacy

— Showering at night now correctly returns to bedroom
— Fixed bug where Katie killing the demon on day 124 leaves the game unable to proceed
— Fixed a bug with buttons that would make clicking on the edge of them not detect click
— Tweaked music for Merlin’s Tower, Henry Faceoff and Bella’s martial arts
— Fixed scrolling and sorting issue for Kingdom Events
— Added the ending for the For the Horde event
— New kingdom event (looting House Malgraleth.)
— First pass on the tea ceremony replayable content.

— Kingdom events now work (you’ll have to replay to trigger them again)
— Kingdom management UI now in place (access from grand hall after the first kingdom event is triggered)
— First Kingdom Event implemented (For the Horde)
— New book: Starship Troopers
— New event with Molly, setting up Dark Mansion questline

— Fixed the black bars behind the video not disappearing after exclusive video

— Added guards for when we add MC to King’s Dragon
— Added guards and cleaned up first draft conversation for drinking at the Crowley

— Fixed Bella’s 35% damage reduction
— New day 129 (two slightly different paths depending on whether you’ve confronted Henry. Set the HENRY_PUNISHED flag to control)
— New day 127+ floating event, drinking at Crowley
— Updated all of Emily’s nude, undressed and casual splines to have better contrast
— Tweaked various fullscreen images
— Restored black bars to videos only

— Fia now has ally abilities
— Opened up Lancaster glade with Katie as a replayable chunk of content
— Fixed a bug where sometimes returning to map after hunting would return to the wrong node
— Fixed a bug where you could click ‘through’ the popup to trigger another battle while exiting Elsewhere
— Added support for training STR at Castrum Prime (unlocks from morning 120)

— Android fixes

— Can now train martial arts at the dojo
— Added an event with Bella, night after 7 dojo training sessions.
— Fixed bug that didn’t cleanly sleep past day 119

— Typo pass
— Guzzling corn liquor instead of grain liquor
— Fixed the martian; he’ll not be chasing the Queen of Mars any more
— Onsen scene first pass. It’s still missing one renders; will likely do a 0.0.20b to fix that up later

— New Seeing casual spine for Akane. Re-animated her casual spine
— Finished the first part of the meditation action. Triggers a new conversation at 10th time you meditate.

— meditation at the Dojo (if it’s unlocked)
— locking elsewhere map up properly after Day 124 raid
— Fixing time advancement and good night with Emily, day 124
— Fixed MC stuck day 127
— Fixed Sir Henry’s event only being doable in the morning

— Day 127
— Various small polish items and fixes

— various small bug-fixes

— New party selection screen
— Finished day 124. Kicked some cans doon the road

— Fixed big-text not increasing narration text
— New book, Dresden Files
— Books now pay out statc increases
— Fixed a bug where the second book can not be returned
— Fixed facial app replaying original story sequence
— Fixed Saving/loading from Elsewhere Map
— Fixed the ability to trigger new paths to newly visible nodes
— Fixed all 3 of the Home for the Chosen triggering
— Rewrote how DelayFlags are triggered, so you can now use JumpToDay to trigger them

— Updated the A Home for the Chosen quest-line

— Map now destroys when entering main menu
— Rewrote the fullscreen image code, should handle different aspect ratios better
— fixed log file overlapping buttons

— Removed the old Slice of Life stories. I’ll need to write new ones that fit into Edinburgh 2020

— New conversation with Diana
— New conversation the last night you can work as a bouncer
— Cleaned out a bunch of the old conversations
— Fixed issue where some hunting grounds would throw errors
— Fixed error where quickjump didn’t work in Camelot
— Hooked up the Home for the Chosen buildings
— Typo pass

— Fixed Elsewhere locking between days
— Fixed incorrect alignment for slots in Lancaster

— Updated map camera with gradual pan, improved zoom options and ability to highlight areas
— New location: Lancaster (unlocks day 124)
— Hunting grounds now functional
— Start of Day 124
— Kings Dragon new locations open (for now; they’ll be closed shortly and reopen when their events are done)

— Fixed books not advancing time / not being returnable
— Fixed drinking not advancing time
— Fixed a bad savegame bug that made the game feel unresponsive
— Added snowdrop in bath day 120+, starting the questline Scouts
— Updated the Coursework links to the new Wiki
— Power unlock day 121 now engages
— Camelot bathroom now functional

— Day 121 (Visiting American Embassy)

— Grunts and Locke Lamora now advance time
— unable to read a book with Molly if you don’t have a book to read.

— Added two new books (Grunts! by Mary Gentle and The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch)
— You can now read in the Kings Dragon. You can also drink, but no content written for that yet

— Fixes Dylan’s books not being repatable reading
— Fixes Pendragon Inc breaking on exit

— Fixed up the broken bed in Camelot
— Dylan in the Library with a couple of conversations
— Can now read Dylan’s books (5/13 complete).
— Quickjump from Bedroom in Camelot, and from Basement in Crowley
— New outfit for Emily

— New event: arrival at Camelot day 118
— New event: Emily at day 125 + Chosen at Kings Dragon afterwards.
— Loading a save after entering Elsewhere fixed
— QJump from debug menu goes to camelot bedroom after day 118

— increased minimum zoom resolution, flipped zoom axis
— fixed alignments of Elsewhere icons
— Pathfinding
— Building the backend logic for Pendragon Enterprises (will be accessible from Prime Portal)

— Elsewhere saving/loading and progression fix
— Elsewhere Zoom options added and saved
— Hiding a node now hides the path to it
— Added functionality to hide hunting-grounds
— Added transitions from Elsewhere nodes => real world
— Added support for exiting back to the map from a room with existing characters
— Added blockers for Elsewhere hunting when you’re not supposed to waste time (NO_HUNT flag)

— First pass world map
— Day 118 morning
— New game of friends: Harem Highlander

— Restored Bella’s attacks
— Bloom intensity now kicks in higher
— Fixed Elsewhere card text alignment issues

— Optimizing quick-save path for large savegames
— Fixed bug where Emily and Bella were still unavailable for use (Katie remains unavailable, she’s off to Lancaster shortly)
— Fixed bug where some conversations were ignoring the fact that they’d already triggered.
— Most of the game should now be back to working
— Deleted old conversations from Jenny and Olivia, setting the path for the next generation of dialog with them.
— Added a new Chloe conversation (evening or night, Crowley)

— Added experimental post-processing stack. Enable from Settings Menu
— Cleaned up various broken text elements
— Added Excalibur attacks

— Optimized card handling
— Fixed Katie’s fire immunity
— Typo pass
— Fixed incorrect savegames used for Qload and rewind.

0.0.2 [29/12/20] — Quest images updated
— Day 117 morning event
— Fixed the bulk of room unlocks

0.0.1 [28/12/20] — Stripping down existing build and creating a new project.
— Added a default path for new players with default names and a decent gem setup

1.0.7b [31/12/20] — 1.0.7 added a bug that caused cards to disappear when returned to hand. Fixed the fix to the fix.
— New shortcut: Space to Auto (as well as 1-3 to trigger ally in combat)

— Katie’s Fire Immunity didn’t actually make you immune to fire. Oops.

— Fixed a bug where cards that were discarded were still rendering, causing performance drop over extended battled
— Fixed a bug after Snowdrop’s combat, UI being broken

— Ultra and Hard difficulty now recharges allies slower (60% and 80% of default)
— Added more bulletproofing to Memories UI
— Disply the player’s level from frontend and conversation UI

— Fixed a bug where second trigger of Katie’s firegem during combat would force the Fire9 gem
— Resized some of the character textures to give a crisper look
— Tuned ultra difficulty. Monsters now show up slightly later (125% of normal unlock speed, not 150%), player has slightly more HP (100%, not 90%, of base) and do less damage (60%, not 80%, of base)
— Dropped difficulty in achievements for Inferno (1000->500), Thunderstorm (1000->150) and Anger Management (1000->500)
— Fixed a bug that prevented Act III achievement from triggering

— Fixed achievement Toxic Environment not triggering correctly

— Updated probability of triggering Black Rose 1, and shifted where the flag is set that enables the quest line up

— Spelling pass
— Fixed Bella’s defensive ability (10% and 25%) triggering correctly. The 10% bonus was triggering at the same time as the 25%, giving 35%
— Reduced the HP of townhouse Golem
— Fixed a bug where invalid images could throw an exception, potentially halting script
— Fixed a bug where you could lose the poker UI after dragon combat
— Fixed an achievement (Man of Culture) claiming there are 9 books (there’s 8 in book 1)
— Fixed Emily’s Dragonslayer attack to only trigger after she hits the power threshold

— Start screen now represents correct chapter
— Spelling pass
— Fixed an error where QSave was incorrectly triggering an animation if the frontend UI is hidden
— fixed a bug where you could hide your UI from combat menu (and not retrieve it)
— Helion Captains shifted minimum level to show to 40 (from 25)
— Implemented Snowdrop Questline
— Fixed the computer being able to change character names that didn’t exist by day 2
— Gate Matthew in Elsewhere event < day 90
— Gate first meeting with Keith to be < day 60

1.0.1 [09/12/20] — Fixed coffeeholic not triggering for all paths
— Made some of the quests (reading all the books, rejecting all the optional sex scenes) be savegame local rather than global counters
— Rewrote the memory system, recreated all the memory files
— Fixed audio and music bugs caused by the new Addressable version

1.0.0c [07/12/20] — Updated addressable library and rebalanced addressables for improved performance
— Redid hit-effects for combat
— Tweaking achievements
— Typos and small contiuity fixes.

1.0.0b [06/12/20] — Fixed three achievements not triggering correctly
— Fixed a bug where Emily’s costume picture reply might not trigger correctly
— Fixed various clipped images
— fixed a couple of places with incorrect expressions
— Fixed catwoman achievement not triggering. Fixed Chosen Run not incrementing Bella/Akane/Molly elsewhere achievements
— Added Ultra difficulty :
1. Reduced jokers from Molly from 5->3
2. Damage received is 150% of base
3. Damage dealt is 80% of base
4. Enemies range cap gets a 75% boost from your level
5. HP is 90% of base

1.0.0a [03/12/20] — Fixed Crowley 1 conversation having some dangling pointers
— Various small touch updates to character emotions
— Typo pass

1.0.0 [03/12/20] — Fixed some achievements not triggering correctly
— Steam Release Candidate

0.9.5a [02/12/20] — Val convo 1 wasn’t triggering correctly

0.9.5 [02/12/20] — Hopefully fixed the recurring Crowley conversation that wasn’t saving cleanly
— Redid the dragon animation
— New Day 104+ passive ability for Katie (triggers from the Troll Lich combat, or using the keyword KATIE_POWER). Gives player immunity to Fire (similarly to a fire elemental)
— Kath House Kafe pt II

0.9.4 [30/11/20] — Fixed Shield achivement triggering off enemies as well as player
— Fixed videos in computer screen opening main UI and blocking exit
— Fixed music sometimes not playing correctly in transitioning from world -> scripted combat
— Added the first of the Kath House Kafe series

0.9.3 [29/11/20] — Typo check
— Removed Patreon references from links to two game-of-friends
— Updated Rage requirement from 100->500 (in code… I’d forgotten it was hardcoded)
— Updated Shield requirement from 1000 -> 1500, to prevent Emily triggering it the first time she calls Excalibur
— F95 games and references hidden in Steam mode
— Added better visual feedback for drag interface
— Start game now gives the player 1/1/1 in STR/CHR/INT, so he’s not quite that newb
— Added flags to keep the hidden stats always open after Chloe tells you about them
— Kitsune gets a Day 105 boost from 100 damage -> 300 damage after she gets her third full tail (she’s a 2 1/2 tail when you meet her, the third tail red and still growing)
— Katie gets a day 105 boost to all her spells
— Katie’s icebox reunion drinks at Grassmarket officially closes off Slice of Life
— Rewrote the conversation tracking system. Kept the old legacy system as a backup

0.9.2 [26/11/20] — Removed debug-key that would trigger an achievement
— Fixed a bug where the log file wouldn’t scroll to correct location first time
— Fixed Enstantenous achievements triggering ON a full board, rather than before
— Turned the notification popup size and location
— Fixed a bug where using the keyboard to trigger allies wouldn’t correctly close the box
— Added a hard minimum limit timer for battles that need to time out
— Rewrote the trigger-at turn logic to add better guards for players able to jump past it
— bumped up the Rage achievement from 100 to 500; 100 is altogether too easy to reach by game end
— Added functionality for force-clearing a quest
— Added mouse-over tips for allies + ally attacks
— Rage now does 10% rage applied damage back to caster
— Tweaked damage gems
— Tweaked 8/9 tier gems to make them more significant

0.9.1 [21/11/20] — Preparing game for Steam launch
— First pass Achievements architecture added

0.6.22b [20/11/20] : Bugfixes / cleanup from public release
— Fixed a bug where using the Overwrite save caused the Yes/No popup to remain in the background.
— Added guard for battles that shouldn’t be winnable from normal play
— Prevent you from editing the name of the end of act save
— Moved the quest popup so it’s less intrusive, moved the Quest button to the top right
— Fixed Day 100 blowjob where some of the animations could time out
— Keyboard character 1-9 would trigger the wrong attacks when used for ally attacks
— Fixed some minor tweaks on the settings UI
— Computer navigation was triggering QSave, not AutoSave. Fixed

— Typo pass
— Fixed INT XP bonus calculation
— Unable to hide conversation in EndAct UI
— triggering the ally power by keyboard now hides the UI
— Fixed debug conversation attached to jenny
— New game of friends: Paradise Lust (Flexible Media)

— Fixed MC sticking around on day 112
— New card back: Snowdrop. Unlocks when she gives you the gem
— Katie hitbox in gym fixed
— Fixed end of content save
— Added a proper end of game screen
— Fixed auto-saving for computer conversations
— Fixed help text on computer UI being incorrect position on some resolutions
— Fixed overlapping images on jukebox on some resolutions
— You can now trigger ally abilities on the normal menu using 1,2,3,4,5 keys
— You can no longer delete or overwrite the end of act saves
— Quickload would ignore the «return to start of game» popup
— Talking to Katie and Emily at fireside day 90+ will unlock KATIE_FIREMASTER2 (her upgraded Fire9 attack)
— Fixed missing names in log
— Fixed missing music in credits/jukebox for some songs
— New song: Berserker (again Alexander Nakarada)

— Day 115 / end of book 1

— Fixed Emily wearing the wrong dress day 111
— Updatead music choices for day 109-111
— Day 112 morning
— New recurring event: Night Curry at Khukuri
— Typo pass

— Fixed Emily’s clothes on day 110
— Fixed being stuck after morning 110
— Day 111 (Emily birthday) until end of day
— New game of friends: Lucky Paradox.

— Day 109 / Day 110
— Typo pass

— Fixed up Quickjump navigation to handle multiple distinct locations
— Kings Dragon quickjump fixed
— Fixed Katie’s outfit on xmas eve
— Fixed Emily not being visible day 107 with Henry
— Talking to Matthew closes the A Man’s Home questline
— Returning to Edinburgh

— Fixed workflow occasionally leaving \r control characters in text, causing narration to look messed up
— Fixed bug where the bed icon in Camelot is playable twice
— Added gate to Henry to stop him from appearing too early
— Sorted debug flags by name
— Fixed a bug where starting a new quest would reset the STARTED_ACT_6 flag
— Xmas Eve

— End of Day 106 + morning 107
— Molly conversation 107
— Henry conversation 107
— Day 108 conversation with Emily/Matthew

— Opened up map elements, fixed zooming of transitions
— Opened up King’s Dragon
— Opened up the round table
— Fixed some text overlaps caused by invalid control characters
— Fixed Formal dress overlapping
— Typos and minor fixes
— Camelot now sorts with elsewhere in the quick — jump menus
— Exits from Camelot map: Prime Portal exits to Edinburgh for now, Elsewhere exits to the glade
— Fixed up the flow of rooms, unlocking of rooms, day/night cycle, etc
— Did some character resizing and repositioning
— Cleaned up some text
— Fixed Emily’s night time discussion not triggering properly

— Added Camelot
— Added new character; Anton
— Added day 105
— Added day 106
— Added a new recurring night-time sequence with Emily at the pub

— Molly and Chloe returns after day 100
— Typo pass
— Fixed computer icon notification not refreshing until you exit the room / restart the computer
— Fixed being able to escape Bella’s Chosen event
— Fixed Royal Flush / 5 of a kind visualization being incorrect
— Day 104 complete

— Day 101 and 104 (up to night)
— Fixed bug in gem interface

— Day 100 evening/night
— Full typo pass
— Fixed Game+ loads missing one of the Strangest Pub events

— Fixed missing end of act cover on savegames for Act IV-VI
— Added a guard to stop Slice of Life events from triggering during Strangest Pub
— Fixed day 99 morning not triggering as planned
— History button added to top-bar
— Added a guard on quick load
— Day 100 morning

— Updated Strangest Pub with additional renders, bug-fixes and typo checking
— Fixed a bug that hung the first fight
— Fixed unlocking card_back_minotaur and card_back_bella2
— Added a short day 99 event

— silly typos

— New animation for Katie in the Repo scene
— two new Strangest Pub scenes (I might go back and add some more visuals to one of them)
— Various bug-fixes and tweaks.

— Tweaked Homework 1
— new Day 98 event (Emily’s gear Repo)
— new Strangest Pub sequence (The Scholar)
— Intro video audio is back. Now respects audio settings
— Lots of little continuity fixes from Feedback

— Fixed the appearing/disappearing UI
— Fixed Chloe missing in two scenes
— Bella now only trigger after you get her email
— Bella/Katie strip poker event is no longer tied to single day (so you can find them at the gym any night after meeting Bella). Fixed bug where it wasn’t triggering cleanly
— Slice of Life 1 (Drink at Grassmarket) now triggers after you can go drinking there (After first date)
— Fixed a bug where discarding during a hint would leave the hint sitting around
— 2/5 events in the Strangest Pub sequence set up and running
— Fixed Threads of Love not setting _NIGHT_ACTION
— Fixed some images clipping badly

— Chloe was missing day 89
— Was able to take a Chosen run with Molly while Molly is gone with Chloe
— Fixed some characters missing in the JumpUI
— Fixed entering the gem setup screen first time
— Fixed a bug that let people change gems in mid-combat

— Shifted Sarah disappearing back to the exit line of the dialog
— Added in two new songs (Bella’s Theme and Akane’s theme), and added it to their key events
— Fixing offset error on fullscreen images in non-standard configuration
— Bella’s searching treasure was broken. Fixed
— Incorrect mouse-over for Shower
— Rewrote GemUI; it now auto-sorts, adds the ability to store multiple gemsets
— Day 97 continues.

— Fixed some text box alignment issues for prompt + quest
— Fixed quests missing images
— Fixed post-BR2 no longer studying in Crowley
— Added a new Quest Love of Magic, for the introduction of the Portal
— Fixed bug where debug UI won’t refresh first time in a conversation
— Fixed bug where max HP wasn’t recalculated if you loaded a game saved from Elsewhere combat screen
— Redid some of the animations for the frontend (location/time)
— Typo pass
— Did a full walkthrough for incorrect starting outfits
— Fixed up lingering enemy wraith
— Added fixes where loading will double-add characters
— Added a backstop for players first meeting of Keith in the pub (if they don’t meet him until after day 60)
— Fixed a number of places where UI animations had a potential to break
— Shifted around triggers for quests
— Fixed quests double-triggering at beginning/end of quest
— Fixed quest notification popup being stuck if you load while it’s open
— Start of Act IV wasn’t cleanly triggering
— Made Bella/Katie strip take place any night after you meet bella (not making it a single-day thing)
— Fixed Emily wearing casual clothes training sword day 71
— Added a guard in case the second email doesn’t successfully open the studio from Molly

— Fixed Chloe not triggering at Day 1
— Fixed flicker when a card is created
— Fixed enemies cards occasionally sorting under when playing
— Fixed incorrect faces on new Elsewhere dialog
— Fixed incorrect audio after BR1/2
— Fully integrated Bella into the search treasure event
— Fixed a continuity / savegame issue tied to a previous conversation transition point killing the next conversation if it triggers from calender
— Fixed Katie’s fireball9b not being correctly setup and triggered
— Fixed unclickable popup





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