Knight of Love [Part1 H5] [Slightly Pink Heart]

Knight of Love

Обзор : В молодости вы попадаете в небольшой и мирный городок Мундейл, где в последнее время происходят странные вещи. Частная школа для мальчиков, из которой тебя исключили, наложила на тебя отпечаток; знак девственности. Теперь вам нужно с этим разобраться! Встречайтесь с девушками, стройте отношения и узнайте, как ваш успех в таких делах повлияет на судьбу всего мира!

Игра интересна своим дизайном, персонажи в стиле аниме. Сделано как видно на Коикатсу, а также на движке РПГМ то есть игровой процесс это рпг в старом стиле. Персонажей много, и уже есть достаточно контента который удовлетворит, и это только первая часть. Есть анимации, и в целом качество игры вполне приличное.

Тема Обновлено : 2023-09-04
Дата выпуска : 2023-08-26
Разработчик : Slightly Pink Heart Patreon — Twitter
Цензура : Нет
версия : Part1 H5 — Fix01
ОС : Windows
Язык : английский
Жанр : 2D game, 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Humor, Sandbox, School setting, Milf, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Anal sex

Журнал изменений:
Part 1 H5 Fix01
— Molly date event now repeatable and with more options! [6 new animations] — Added alternate night event for Molly! [Friday, Saturday, Sunday] [3 new animations] — Day event in Molly’s room got new options and reworked animations! [2 animations got more frames, 2 new animations] — Rework on old Molly night event! [All old animations reworked (3), 3 new animation] — Holly the school nurse have alternate peek event! [School grounds, Monday, Wednesday, Friday] [2 new animations] — 26 new animations in total
— 25 new renders

— A lot of minor bugs fixed
As always, I related a 100% save (save slot 10).

Part 1 H4
— New event for Ann! [Go to sleep at Sunday] [3 new animations!] — New pre breakfast/dinner event for Ann! [Morning or Evening, first floor. Friday-Sunday.] [3 new animations!] — New options for Ann bath event! [Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Morning.] [2 new animations!] — More options for Jean event at the beach! [2 new animations!] — Rework of Karen Early Morning event! [6 animations reworked!] — 22 new renders!

Part 1 H3
— Completely reworked the ‘tip’ system! Now you just need to interact with a black cat, that hanging out around the town! EXAMPLE
— ‘Tip’ option in Timeless Void is removed from the game.
— 17 Animations in total!
— 53 Renders in total!
— A lot of bugs fixed!
— New alternate event for Karen! [Complete storyline. Daytime. Her room.] [5 Animations, 16 Renders] — New alternate event for Mrs. Morgan! [Complete storyline. Morning class.] [9 Animations, 12 Renders] — Small peek event for Holly! [1 Animation] — Small peek event for Mrs. Jackson! [Beach. Monday morning.] [2 Animations, 7 Renders] As always, I related a 100% save (save slot 10).
If you want to change the name of your character use a computer in your room.

— 52 new animations for Ann!
— 208 new renders
— New event in MC’s room! (After you finish Ann storyline) (Night) (Repeatable)
— Two different variations of new Yoga event at day! (After you finish Ann storyline) (Afternoon) (Repeatable)
— Event in Ann’s room got bigger and got second variant! (Morning) (Repeatable)
— New option in Ann «roof» event! (Evening) (Repeatable)
— Both shower events for Ann got bigger as well!
— New Unrepeatable (yet) event for Ann and Yasmine!

Bug fixes:
— Fixed a lot of bugs with Collectable Cards!
As always, I related 100% save before 1H2 content!

Part 1 H1 Minor Update 2
— New Homework event for Karen with multiple stages (depends on how far are you in her storyline)!

— 11 New Animations!

— 36 New Renders!

— Rework on Knight Card!

To find new Karen content study at the computer in your room at Day.

— Ann shower event will be different depend on a day! (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday is one variant, other days is the other)
— New options in bath event!
— New options in Ann’s room event!
— New content for breakfast/dinner! (You must finish 1H1 and chose Ann after droping the fork)
— 11 New animations for Ann!
— 14 New renders!

Part 1H1

— Part 1/3 of Ann’s route!
— Some choices you made through Ann’s story will be remembered!

— 27 new animations!
— 191 new renders!
— 60 new busts for Ann in different outfits!
— 3 repeatable events for Ann at the end of 1H1! [Shower, Ann’s room at day and evening.]

Part 1 G 5
New content:

New pack of Cards (Ogre Bandit)!
— 3 New H-animations
— 6 New renders

Rework on Karen pre breakfast/dinner scene at the kitchen!

— 5 H-animations
— 8 New renders

Rework on breakfast/dinner scene with Ann, Molly and Karen!

— 9 New Animtions
— 29 New Renders


— 3 New small maps in school (classrooms, Rivera’s office)

Part 1G3
— Mrs. Morgan 2 new events!
— 185 New renders!
— 20 New H-animations!
— New map (Queen Street)

I didn’t include any new animations in Mrs. Morgan school scenes, descided to focus on her home events.
New scenes and animations in school will appear in next update!
As always, I related 100% at the beginning of Part 1G3 (save slot 10)

Part 1 G4

PART 1G2 is already here!


— Main storyline progression!

— Mrs. Morgan storyline


— 630 New renders!

Mrs. Morgan:

— 35 New animations! (15 «Big» H-animations)


— Alternate outfits for Mrs. Morgan (1 new), Sophie (2 new), Madison (1 new), Tanisha (1 new), Zendaya (1 new), Kira (2 new), Marietta (1 new)! (Appears only during class yet)

— Zendaya model rework!

— Reworked classroom.

As always, I related 100% at the beginning of Part 1G2 (save slot 10)

Part 1 G1 Fix

Main story progression:
— 375 new renders!
— New small dialogs around the city!
— Small changes on school map.

New content for Anastasia:
— New variant of «hot spring» event for Anastasia! (4 new animations)

Fix 01:
— Goddess secret card added! (1 H-animation)
— Minor bug fixes

Part 1 F4
New location: Library! (School second floor)
New Karen and Sophie content!

— New small event at the library! (2 new animations)
— More options in her after training event! (2 new animations)

— More options in her «cleaning» event (8 new animations)
36 new renders!

Ann peek scene is now repeatable!
As always, I related 100% save before part 1F4 (save slot 10). To change character name use this stone near home.

Part 1 F3
New Sophie, Ann and Karen content!
— Repeatable beach date for Sophie (7 new animations)
— Ann peek scene (4 new animations)
— More options in Karen «cleaning» event (2 new animations)
— 31 new render

To start new Sophie content go to the mixed-fight training at school, then repeat after 1 day.

To see new Karen content choose option «Wait» first, then, after massage, new option will appear.

As always I related 100% save before part 1F3 (save slot 10). To change character name use this stone near home.

Part 1 f2 Fix 01
New content:
— Karen movie night event now have more options (5 new animations)
— New event for Karen in living room (16 new animations)
— 27 new renders

Bug fixes:
— Now it’s possible to repeat Molly and Karen shower events

Part 1F
— Karen storyline progression.
— Main story progression.

— 29 new animations in total! (27 are lewd)
— 181 new render!

New content (after you finish Part 1F):
— Karen shower event got new options (4 new animations)
— Karen room event got new options (3 new animations)
— Now it’s possoble to visit Karen at night in her room (4 new animations)
— Pre breakfast\dinner scene got new options (3 new animations)
— Now you can ask Karen to wake you up at the morning (4 new animations)
— Small repeatable animation for Emery.

Part 1 E 2
Event changes:

— Polish and text editing on Karen, Molly and Anastasia latest updates

— Molly night event

— Molly shower event

— Karen night movie event got new animations

— Karen pre breakfast/dinner now have a bit more pictures and get new small animation

— Anastasia scene in her room now gets bigger as you progress the main quest (magic trainings).


— 5 new animations for Karen

— 6 new animations for Molly

— 3 new animations for Anastasia

— 51 new render

— Small animation for autosave. Now you know when game makes it.

Halloween Special 2021
— Karen sex scene (2 h-animation)
— Ann sex scene (3 h-animation)
— Molly sex scene (2 h-animations)

Part 1E Fix 01
— Main story progression!
— Anastasia relationship progression!
— 15 H-animations!
— 160+ new renders!
Fix 01:
— Fixed Rivera changeroom bug.
— Fixed Anastasia scene bug.

!!! WARNING !!!
Saves from previous versions (PART 1D) are not compitable!
But, as always, I related a 100% save at the beginning of PART 1E (save slot 10)

Part 1D
Karen storyline progression!
— 87 new renders
— 15 new H-animations for Karen
— 1 new small animation for Tanisha
— 1 new small animation for Mrs. Morgan

Part 1 C
Save slot 10 — FULL save before Part 1C! Use stone near character’s home to change the name.
To start new update go talk with Molly in her room!

— Karen story/relationship progression!
— 79 new pictures!
— 12 new animations!

Part 1a Public
— Minor bugfix

Part 1

Sophie story beginnig revised!

— 11 H-animations!

— 86 pictures!

— A lot new busts and emotions!

Jessica story beginning revised!

— 5 H-animations!

— 39 pictures!

— A lot new busts and emotions!

Karen story beginning revised!

— 8 H-animations!

— 57 pictures!

— A lot new busts and emotions!

Jean story beginning revised!

— 1 H-animation!

— 7 Pictures!

— A lot new busts and emotions!

Anastasia relationship progression!

— 7 H-animations!

New backgrounds:
Karen room Ann room Molly room Jessica office Gym storehouse




*Сжатые: (Win): Workupload — Pixeldrain — Gofile

Обновление: Part 1 H4 -> Part 1 H5 Fix01 [297 MB] MEGA — MixDrop — Pixeldrain — Workupload

ВНИМАНИЕ: Сохранения из предыдущих версий (ЧАСТЬ 1D) несовместимы!


Knight of love happy Halloween standalone: MEGA — MIXDROP — YOURFILESTORE — ZIPPYSHARE

Сжатые* (Win) : Workupload — Pixeldrain

Дополнительно: Gallery Mod — Ann animation

* Этот неофициальный порт / версия не выпускается разработчиком, скачивайте на свой страх и риск.

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