In for a Penny [v0.37] [Moist Sponge Productions]

In for a Penny

Обзор: Это визуальная новелла на тему гарема. Сюжет будет вращаться вокруг нашего главного героя, оказавшегося в сложной ситуации. Вы будете следовать за ним, пока он пытается завершить свою миссию, данную Смотрителями, чтобы заселить город, полный женщин, и раскрыть тайны своего положения.

Игра в первую очередь интересна уникальными персонажами, а также большими сиськами. Но по качеству исполнения игра ниже среднего. Есть анимации, но сделанные не очень качественно. Игра будет интересна любителям больших сисек, даже огромных, именно для таких игроков она и сделана. Для обычных игроков максимум будут интересны только уникальные модели персонажей.

Тема обновлена : 2023-03-04
Дата выпуска : 2023-01-07
Разработчик : Moist Sponge Productions Patreon
Цензура: Нет
Версия : 0.37
ОС : Windows
Язык : английский
Жанр : 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Harem, Scifi, Large breasts, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Lesbian, Voyeurism

Журнал изменений:
Here is the next update. A lot has been happening since Christmas in real life so it’s a little shorter than normal. A little Mokori and a little story. Also Courtneys routine.
Apologies for not responding to any comments for awhile. We will get back on that soon. As always hope you enjoy.

A little Mokori and a little story. We could run our quality check this time around. We were planning on going through the entire game correcting everything, but my dev partner has had some personal issues and I haven’t seen him since Christmas. So there will be a handful of mistakes in this update. They should be corrected for the next release.

A little story in this one. We are going to overhaul the game soon, get rid of all of the mistakes that a riddled throughout the game.

A little story a little mokori in this on. We played the game through with the text to speech on again so hopefully this should be the second update with…fingers crossed…no spelling mistakes. As always hope you enjoy.

A lot happens int his one. I enjoyed doing this update as it felt like more was happening in it, a lot more filled with things…that doesn’t make any sense. Anyways I hope you enjoy.
We also added a new spelling check phase so hopefully there should be zero in this update. Let us know how that is. On that note we have had a hectic few months so sorry we haven’t read or replied to any posts. We will get back into it soon.
We will also be updating the banner here and main page of the game pic soon, so there’s that to look forward to.

A little story and a little mokori. Just a tad. Real life things are piling so we haven’t been able to reply or read comments for a while. We will hopefully get back on it soon. Hope you enjoy as always.

A lot of story, no mokori but I am building to something, Hopefully you enjoy catching up with several characters and the story I am building.

Over 250 new renders in this update. I worked late into the evenings to get it finished. I didn’t want the update to end half way through the initiation scene. Rosalyns and Alices bios have been added and the bonus pic for Alice for guessing the werewolf break correctly. As usual hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.

The next update and the conclusion of our murder investigation. Over 200 new renders, some story and some Mokori for you all. I had a lot of problems with daz finishing this off, so the end Mokori scene wasn’t all I had planned. I think it turned out alright. As always we hope you enjoy and feedback appreciated.

The continuation of the investigation with Alice and Roslayn in this update. I was hoping to complete it this update but life got in the way and I ended up only being able to complete just under 200 new renders for this update. It ends on a very, very, very funny joke reference. I think you will find it as amusing as I did. If anyone knows of the reference or has seen it let me know. The next update will end the investigation so wait to find out the evil attacker…sorry Alice…murderer. As always i hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.

We have the start of a small story with Alice in this update. What will it lead to? Will you be able to guess, we will see. Over 200 extra renders no mokori but lots of story. Maddie also makes her return. I am not overly happy with her look, DAZ doesn’t play nice with over sizing the figures. So she might change in future updates. you feedback is very welcome especially on this subject.

Well over 200 new renders a slither of future story and a whole lot of Mokori in this update. The next update will be the start of a short story for Alice and her investigation. So look forward to that.

Here is our new update for your ocular devices to have a gander over. 250 new renders. Adding, a mokori scene, I am quite proud of. A little story. Also I spent a few hours going back over the old script, a lot of the MCs lines have been changed to try to get across the hesitancy the MC has at the beginning. I think this will not go down well with some, maybe coming across as me making the MC a little more of a vagina hating twit. but I think it adds to his gradual feeling of finding his feet in his new position, which even our most valued annoyed commenters must admit he has currently.
As always Hope you enjoy

Version 0.24. 200 hundred extra renders. A little story and a mokori scene. A niche mokori scene, something that has been requested a lot. Hope you enjoy, let us know what you think.

Here we have the next thrilling instalment. We have condensed the files another 20% for this update. So the game is significantly smaller. There is over 200 new renders and a…what I think is very funny addition. hope you enjoy.

Here is the next monthly instalment of our serial sex story. A nice mokori scene with over 200 new renders and plenty of story.

Here is the next chapter in the gripping, nail biting, and dare I say, down right fantastically written In for a Penny. Over 200 extra renders and finishing off The Nyx storyline. Hope you enjoy and feedback as always is most welcome.

Version 0.20 for your consumption. Thanks to our fantastic patrons we have commissioned music to be added to the game. the first experience of this is the main menu music. We have left the entire piece in for you to listen to. We will be chopping and splicing with this and other songs in future updates. hopefully we will have a full soundtrack soon. We were going for a very 70’s bassy porn sound. i think it was done nicely. I took a lot of care writing this one as well because of the some of the subject matter. I hope you enjoy.

Another footprint in the sand in the journey towards good VN content. I think so anyway, and I would, I wrote it. 🙂 A little over 200 new renders in this update and a few new faces. Added something i think people will appreciate. I had major computer issues for the fist half of this update so the renders don’t have the most exciting backgrounds. But I managed to get the update out with more than 100 renders so i am happy with it, I hope you will be as well.
As always feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy.

Here we are the 0.017 version of in for a penny has landed. A little extra story and a bit of mokori in this one. Due to new desk settup also over 250 extra renders. Hope you enjoy and give us your thoughts. We were also thinking of adding a public server to our discord as a side to our Patron one, if anyone is interested in that let us know.

«Here is the next version for all you porous sponges.
A bit of drama, a little mokori, and a whole lotta story crammed into this update. The character bio menu has been mildly updated with the characters that the MC has had fun with can now be entered…if you will excuse the pun. The pictures should be viewable soon.
As previously stated I managed to squeeze out over 250 new renders for this update.
Hope you enjoy it and your feedback is welcome.
As always PC in header and Mac below.
I have used the Mega links as they were requested instead of the Mediafire on the previous update.»

«Here is the latest update. Quite a bit of story in this one. No Mokori but I am planning something very large in that area in an update or two.
It has around 230 new renders and sets up a lot more of the first story arcs story and throws in a surprise as well.
As always let us know your thoughts and we hope you enjoy. «

More mokori and some story in version .14 . 200 extra renders and and update to the mental note menu. My dev partner did the menu…I bet you can’t guess what is his favourite type of game is. It doesn’t click into the bios as of yet but it does look good. Hope you enjoy.

This version has an epic mokori scene witch I am quite proud of and a bit of story expansion. It also has a replacement scene for the flashback scene that absolutely no one liked. It is a short one but if you are interested you can go back and have a look.
There is a new menu being currently built. It will have the bios and pictures of each character when you first meet them. This is currently under construction and doesn’t work. But the bare bones is there if you want to have a look. Hope you enjoy.

Version 0.12 for your consumption. A little mokori for you to feast your eyes on.. Plus some game tweaks. As usual around 200 extra renders and some more of the first story arc story expansion,

Our latest version for your consumption. A little mokori, and some story expansion. Just under 200 renders in this version. Not a lot else to say this time round. So enjoy.

Here is version 0.10. An extra 180 renders a little Mokori and some extra insight into the first story arc. This update is a little smaller than usual as Xmas and new year fell in the development time and I slacked majorly and had some alcohol and festive merriment instead. I hope you enjoy and the next update will be back to normal. Also thank you for all your feedback on the last update. We have collected it all and come to the conclusion no one liked the flashback scene. So we will not b doing that again. You may have noticed we have also changed the title card image. To more embody the first story arc. Enjoy and I hope everyone is doing well.

Version 0.09 of our game has arrived for you to give a go. An experimental update again. We have added a scene that, if received well can give us more variety in the Mokori scenes in the future. My worry is that it may be received as NTRish if we continue to have scenes like it in the future. So please give us your feedback on the confessional scene. 200 extra renders and a seasonal mokori scene for you all. And thank you for your feedback on the free roam section. Some liked and some hated it. There won’t be many extra free roam addition in the near future and we will add a cheat in for those that despised it but want to see the extra scenes when we add more.

Another update for our game. This update is large to test out the free roam section of the game. Collect items and open up extra scenes. If it works well and gets positive feedback the player will be able to unlock more through the free roam. It also has the first instance of the photoshoot. Again that will be used to unlock things in the future. There is around 200 new renders and add a little extra story.

Another update for In for a Penny being thrown force ably at you here. With a new Mokori scene and a nice bit of story. Around two hundred renders and the choices are back in this update. They don’t impact the game but are a bit of fun to allow for a bit of replayability.

This is shorter on the story side of things due to work being cut short due to life kicking down the door. It has a two appearances of characters we only got to see the back of in the intro. A little mokori in this update. Hope you enjoy.

Version 0.05 has arrived. this version introduces a little more of some of the characters from the intro. We have also gone back to being a linear story. We made this decision after running a poll on discord and for ease of story telling. There will still be free roam sections but the player will be able to skip. No Mokori this time round. And 200 extra renders.

A Mokori scene is in this update. I worked long and hard on it. Feedback will be appreciated. Around 200 renders and 4 storylines started.

This is the finish of the introduction of the characters and is the version with the compressed files. So no more unnecessary bloating. No mokori in this update. In the next one for sure, but has over 200 extra renders. Please stay with us we have some fun stuff planned.

This is a smaller update than previous ones. Only a little over 100 hundred renders, going into some of Red and Blues motivations. This update is for the Engine change. We have taken in your feedback. We have switched over to Ren’py. We have rebuilt the game completely within Ren’py…we are new to it and are learning as we go. So please let us know if something is not right. The game still has file bloat. So the next update we will be definitely be sorting that out. We will be converting the PNG images to Webp.

Over 200 new renders. Esc key is now disabled and the H key hides the text box. The game still has a file bloat. We couldn’t find a way to shrink image size without quality loss. Hopefully next time.

Initial Release





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