Healslut [v0.92a] [Davie Zwei]

Healslut [Davie Zwei]

Обзор: Воспользовавшись возможностью присоединиться к совершенно новому расширению супер-популярной MMORPG Powerful Order Online в качестве бета-тестера, вы оказались в очень странном (и, очевидно, эксклюзивном? ) Классе Healslut. Как вы справитесь с властью … и последствиями?

Тема обновлена : 2024-05-14
Дата выхода : 2024-04-29
Разработчик : Davie Zwei F95zone — Patreon — TFGames — SubscribeStar — Discord — Сайт 
цензура : нет
Версия : 0.92a
ОС : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Язык : английский
Жанр : 3DCG, Female protagonist, Transformation, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Monster, Monster girl, Prostitution, Handjob, Fantasy, Masturbation, Trap, Futa, Titfuck, Animated, Mobile game, Lesbian, Footjob, Bukkake, Vaginal sex, Groping, Teasing, Creampie, Futa protagonist, Humiliation

Журнал изменений:
Extended the main story up to the point of Sparkle’s «final» choice (and a little beyond)
Literally hundreds of sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion
Changed the rain effect to seem more realistic (hopefully)
Becoming Leigh’s «Valet» now properly precludes Sparkle from becoming Lel’s Familiar (these routes are mutually exclusive)
Adjusted some logic so that the looter role would be prioritized above «roleless» content
Completely restructured the pre-dinner talk with Roopah to fix variable collision (Roopah shouldn’t assert illogical/incorrect things anymore)
As a result of the above, the logic has been fixed so that Roopah will make her dinner request in most situations
Added Familiar Sparkle to the Shapechange option list in the options menu
Updated the credits
Sparkle would get gagged before she received the gag
Sparkle would suddenly become a giant when given the nudist collar
Lel’s nipple rings were floating
Removed stray guidelines accidentally left on some renders
Ooyum’s spell on the ship was missing some images
Adding missing sound effects to the bandit orgy route
The bandit orgy route wouldn’t allow the Kayden Mindfuck sequence to be skipped
Sparkle couldn’t tell Roopah that she would ask Panki about messing around unless she was a futa
Guidance would come up every time before making a decision talking to drunk Kayden
Guidance would come up every time before Sparkle served someone at the ship dinner
Guidance would cause the choice to tell Kayden about the teleport ability to pop up randomly
Sparkle would get insta-dressed when talking to Wejit after returning to the game
Several instances of Sparkle being hidden by her companion
Panki would excuse herself from conversation repeatedly
Leigh wearing the incorrect outfit for the Gonewobble registration
Missing logic on skipping code for handling the fish-get quest

863 sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion (and still more to go…)
The Guidance system (in-game walkthrough) is now available in the game options (please drop your feedback!)
Familiar/Kitty Sparkle has been made less feline in appearance (a more furry variation is planned)
Several (mainly sexytimes) scenes have had «wimping out» removed unless Backpedaling is enabled
Finally found and fixed the blanket bug for backup and milked Sparkle
Added the option to skip Lel’s and Kayden’s Mindfuck sequence

Placeholder images for smorgy have been updated but the narration and dialog is still in work
The start of Leigh’s ownership of Sparkle now begins with his re-recruitment at his mansion (Sparkle needs to fail to convince him to start this route now)
[The above route will be buggy for now as I work to integrate it going forward!] Roopah will now decide that Sparkle should be free use unless Sparkle has explicitly asked for a relationship
An agreeable/eager Sparkle/Sushi will now put in a little work to ‘distract’ the bandit in Underwell
A possible encounter with fellow Human Fwawr in a steamy realm (requires Fwawr’s Undies outfit & teleporting the Pixie Powder for the fish-get quest)
Placeholder scenes for the bandit camp smorgy are in and should probably just be ignored (sorry)
Roopah will now appropriately force free use if she is making Sparkle’s decisions and they are not in a relationship
The missing sprite for Sparkle being annoyed while in Pez’s dress has been added
Images for baby transfer between Pez and Sparkle or Pez and Gaggie Spitz have been fixed
Gaggie and Hamhead no longer mention the investigation if Sparkle isn’t investigating
Fairy Sparkle refers to herself as a Fairy and Nymph Sparkle refers to herself as a Nymph now
Sparkle now references not being a slime anymore instead of missing her gear when returning to the game after «death»
Sparkle mentioning «never having a roommate/sleeping with anyone» doesn’t repeat itself anymore
Lel no longer appears in the customs office if Sparkle is there with someone else
Simon/Simone now talks about being in the common room instead of Kayden’s room if that’s the case
Nymph Grit / Fairy Dust / Pixie Powder is now all mentioned correctly
Roopah will no longer mention her pubes if Sparkle hasn’t seen them
The Greater Demoness now refers to Sparkle correctly if she is a pink Slimegirl
Wejit no longer shows up in two random places if Ooyum is Sparkle’s companion
Sleeping in the common room no longer causes Sparkle to wake up in Kayden’s room in odd instances
A tonne of typos and text inconsistencies corrected thanks to a very very helpful TFGames site member

Kayden backstory mindfuck (have to leave Lel at the bandit camp to access at this time)
Dozens of lines cut/combined to reduce clicky-click and dialog drag
Restructured the Roopah intrusion (night1/night2 talk) to fix a big piece of missing content
Sparkle can now spend night two in the common room to avoid hooking up with group members
Created missing rags-irked sprites that caused errors in Kayden wakeup talk on the boat
Added more backgrounds to the ship scenes for variety

Added pet/familiar/companion route (starts at rescuing Lel from the dungeon)
Combined dozens of lines for less clicky-click
Fixed logic error with Roopah’s breakup dialog
Fixed Bibicee disrobe bad reference

Extended the story progress in the bandit camp up to the moment of distraction or escape (only 10-15 minutes content, sorry)
If Sparkle made Leigh mad, he will now purchase Sparkle at auction for himself
Fwawr’s enchanted underoos now have more significant impact throughout the story (but will that cost Sparkle later?)
Updated the meeting with Fwawr in the bandit camp
Sparkle now has to «manually» get Swollwang’s seed for the mushroom trade (requested!)
Removed Sparkle’s «diaper» at the Port Town auction so that’s she fully naked on the sales block (requested!)
Re-rendered some sprites for quality and to remove some awkward poses
On the wagon ride, Champ no longer comments on Sparkle getting dressed if she’s not
IRL PC now ruminates about sleeping in the common room (instead of Kayden’s room)
Added missing ‘aghast’ sprites for Sparkle’s «Goblin Queen» outfit
Fixed bad sprite references for the blanket outfit (blanket anxious)
Added check for Leigh’s ownership to the status screen
Hundreds of images optimized (game size decreased significantly)

A second (or interum) meeting with Fwawr the fellow Human
Possibly getting Fwawr’s enchanted underoos (which are eNCHaNTeD)
Made the Silversun outfit transformation more «voluptuous»
Added sprites for all versions of Sparkle for the Silversun outfit (77 daggum renders)
Added some optional exhibitionism to the greatsword side quest
Get an agreeable point for wearing the gag when Lel suggests it
Can now spend the first night in the common room (with four unique outcomes)
Removed/combined dozens of lines to decrease the click-click-click
Restructured the ownership_type for Lel so that «fair» has a more fair chance
Fixed a big bug that was preventing a bit of story for the slave route from being shown
Sparkle now stays nude through the ride to Humblehooch if she was purchased
Sparkle no longer magically gains a top if she was topless on the wagon ride
Bugfix Update:
Created missing «aghast» sprites for the looter outfit
Created missing sprites for Fwawr outfit with gag
Fixed giant Sparkle sprites for Silversun outfit
Fixed the Fwawr intro if Sparkle has not met Fwawr previously
Fixed issue with not being able to say no to Bodderich in the common room
(Now can cuddle with Lel in the common room as the fourth outcome)
Added icon for Fwawr outfit in status screen
Lel no longer instructs Sparkle on wearing the looter gear if she isn’t

v0.84a Public
Go on and get dirty
Go undercover in a big bandit camp
Discover what Sparkle has been doing wrong all along
Unravel a big mystery about Lel through mindfuckery
Can now skip Twig’s «side quest»
Better renders for several backgrounds
Fixed repeating dialog before bunking down on night one
Fixed some POV issues with first/second person narration
Fixed duplicate definition of MC IRL speech
Bimbo Sparkle image error fixed for bandit camp scenes
New Bimbo Sparkle dialog lines for bandit camp scenes
«Demon-Pact» Lel now accounted for leading up and through bandit camp
Corrected more typos, probably put more in

Kayden’s free-use dinner scene is now completed (72 freakin renders for 2 images in the scene!)
Futa Sparkle can now choose to bottom for Harmony at the camp outside the Goblin village
Can now do sexytimes with Manster in Underwell regardless of having Harmony in the party
If in a relationship with Panki+/-Lel, Sparkle has opportunities to quit free use near the start of her duties
Can now attempt to smuggle the Pixie power regardless of having the Fairy Form spell
Tons of renders redone for lighting consistency and clarity (thanks writer’s block!)
Altered the girl version of the «steamy» outfit to be without bra instead of without bottoms because boobs
Changed the ADU collar classic girl hair because I wanted to
Added «Lying with Lel» to Replay Scenes
Added some images to the starting questions screens
Added a bit more content to the «bumplug after sexytimes with Kayden» scene
Added subtle click sound when making choices to give them some weight
Fixed incorrect opening sound for the status screen
80% «just» removed because of way too much «just»

Harmony sexytimes scenes after meeting with the Goblins are completed
Three new Sparkle variations now available in Act 18 (dumbo bimbo, shebeast hulk, and adorable femboy)
New possible encounter with Tonii in town in Act 8 (Tonii to reappear later just like Fwawr)
Can now bang Manster for intel in Act 8 (animated OMGAGS!) [requires at least 1 previous oral act] New possible encounter with Goofyknee (and possibly tentacles) in Act 9 (with metal music) [requires Lel being Sparkle’s manager and failing to smuggle the fish] New option to settle the «dock fee» in Porttown (Panki-centric)
Maybe there’s some new route to start getting through to Roopah
New option of first person narration («I did this, I did that») in addition to second and third person
Dozens of character sprites rerendered to fix blur/lighting issues
Normalized «emotive» sprites across most characters [rest in process] Fixed issue with added ambient channel looping/not looping
Switching body type or variation is locked until those are available in the story (to prevent all the broken image stuff — changes will be allowed from the very start in a future update)
Fixed a big bug with getting Lel back — several scenes referenced the wrong variable which lead to incorrect dialog and choices
Fixed another big bug with a lot of scenes not taking into account the possibility that Leigh had Lel sold
Sparkle now has a choice to be «reluctant» when agreeing to free use — an «I don’t like it (but I like it)» option — as well as when Roopah makes that decision and being reluctant will have an impact on Sparkle’s attitude and how the others treat her
Made it easier to pass the later ‘exhibitionism’ checks too since the only way to do it before was if Sparkle has the Naked Knowledge passive and that seemed too restrictive
When Lel is dead, Sparkle is dressed as the looter and is healing Rudedood expection error fixed
Getting bummed by Roopah on the boat now counts towards your sexytimes scores and ditto with the next scene with Panki + Lel
If Lel buys you, your «ownership» status now changes
If you turn down the mushroom quest, when the server is down for maintenance, it no longer says that you must find it
Help menu overlapping text issues fixed
Gab’s mentions to the changes in Leigh now are route-specific
Game now has proper credits option on main menu
Bug fixed where looter Sparkle would not return to the looter uniform after being ‘zapped away’ by Gab
Bug fixed so that ownership status actually changes if Lel or the group owns Sparkle
New options for Lel ownership of Sparkle regardless of how Lel was treated or if Sparkle is in a relationship with her and/or Panki
Now if Kursven bids in the auction she puts in money for the group to own Sparkle [after which Sparkle is owned by the group] Extended the interactions with Butterslap and registering Sparkle up to the point of official collaring (which then abruptly ends, sorry!)
Window shopping with Roopah is now available [requires bimbo Sparkle] Rewarding Wejit (again) in a back alley (with a voyeur) is now available [requires previous rewarding] Sparkle can now take the transformation potion from Lel before going to get registered regardless of body type
Sparkle [except for bimbo] can now either sign the servitude contract or refuse to sign (which may cause Lel to treat Sparkle less favorably)
A lot of dialog has been updated to account for Lel owning Sparkle while Sparkle is in a relationship with her (+/- Panki) [«cute» ownership] Will now be jailed (and possibly tentacled) if you fail to smuggle the fish while with Lel regardless of sharing her duties or being responsible for her
Missing dialog between Sparkle and Wejit discussing Sparkle’s ownership has been included now
Fixed incorrect dialog being shown when Sparkle is commenting on her «two girlfriends»
Corrected variables when «satisfying» Tavernkeep
Ooyum will now appear in the party on the status sheet if she is in the group
Incorrectly blocked dialog between Kayden and Sparkle before the bandit massacre has been opened up
Backing out of freeuse duties no longer sets Sparkle to a reluctant performer
Some first-person narration perspective issues corrected
Skipping code updated:

being jailed by Lel’s actions now has proper variables attached
accounts for the different options and outcomes with Rudedood
bunking with Kayden on night 1 now gives appropriate +1 to Leigh as well
Jane staying the night gives the appropriate +1 like
Can’t have Wejit defend if Sparkle didn’t buy the armaments
Incorrect blocking of Lel «dead» outcome is fixed
Can’t have Kayden or Panki retrieve the mushroom is Lel is not there
Sparkle’s «looter attitude» can now be chosen
Getting the vial from Swollwang no longer automatically passes the fish smuggling sidequest
Healing Rudedood now sets the correct variables
«Satisfying» the Tavernkeep now sets the correct variables
«Rewarding» Wejit now sets the correct variables
Can no longer start Act 6 in the incorrect body type
Now properly able to select «reluctant» when agreeing to freeuse duties

If Sparkle switches to a different act in the alleyway it is properly attributed
The flag for providing Leigh relief on the first night has been fixed
Fixed exception when twink Sparkle at the public service orgy
Body change when talking to Wendy is no longer accidentally instantaneous
Fixed some doubled dialog between Sparkle and the Tavernkeep
Got an exhibitionism check fixed in the last act that was backwards
The flag for getting back Leigh after he leaves is now fixed
Sparkle gets her clothes back after the free-use training now
Milked variation of Sparkle properly shows up directly after the milking
Baby transfer scene has been fixed so the images don’t overlap
Extraneous text removed from the start of serving dinner on the ship
Fixed odd reference to Skylark when leaving the ship when she’s not in the party
Agreeable/acceptance variable mixup has been sorted
Not meeting Wendy in her new cat form if Sparkle is very agreeable has been fixed
Sorted out various typos throughout

In this update:
Harmony and Roar +/- Lel nights at camp are not in yet
Did not update the gallery yet. Sorry!
Did not update «skip ahead» yet
But the following are in this update:
Ninety-freakin’-eight new scene renders
Forty-four updated background renders
Eighteen updated character sprite renders
New spell effects for every Sparkle spell
Lots of typo and weird dialog fixes
Night with Champ at the Goblin camp foothills [Harmony and Roar(+/-Lel) to follow soon] Sparkle for sale! The Port Town auction and outcome
All new new status page so that you can see Sparkle’s current role, spells, outfit/trinket, inventory, sexstuff stats, decisions, relationships, ownership, and group members at any time
Refactored ALL the Ren’py code for consistent indenting and variable handling (still have more to do with consistent labels and jumps)
Added loads of new sprites for different emotional states and updated a lot of scenes with them
Added «foreshadowing» option to toggle the subtle content warnings
Added «backpedaling» option to toggle the ability to reconsider previous choices
Added «fade to black» option to toggle off sexytimes scenes and replace with short descriptive text (not completed)
Added a new impractically, irrationally, and unrealistically buxom fairy form
Changed shirt for futa «steam» outfit renders (the previous one was a nightmare to work with)
Removed a metaphorical metric dung-ton of superfluous black fade transitions and pauses
Customized the UI a bit more
Changed the default font because of licensing
Slime forms made a little more slimy
Fixed bug with staying as Fairy through dinner
Fixed bug to allow a nudity-inclined Sparkle to stay nude after receiving chest of clothes
Fixed bug that didn’t allow trading the mushroom to Swollwang if Lel is dead
Fixed «bug» that didn’t allow Panki to offer to override the mandatory «free use» from Roopah if you are in a relationship with her (must be reluctant)
Fixed bug with offering to «distract» the bandit in Underwell
The game contains 28,060 dialogue blocks, containing 265,642 words and 1,445,903 characters, for an average of 9.5 words and 52 characters per block.

More of a voyeur than a roleplayer? Check the options menu to change the narrative from second person to third person! Now «Sparkle» is doing all this naughty stuff instead of «you»!
Want to try the different body variations? Check the options menu again to change to another variation at any time! (This does not work properly before the variations are available within the story and may cause bugs!)
Meet Fwawr Argarg, a fellow human! Requires choosing not to hard-reset and file a report at the start of the game. This is a one-off encounter for now but more is planned for Fwawr in coming updates.
Can now offer the Tavernkeep some «relief» in exchange for the linens for Lel (requires prior naughtiness of the same type with Rudedood). This, of course, does not help Sparkle circumvent the mushroom quest. HahahaHAA!
Continue to the Goblin camp (if on the «miners» route from Port Town), meet a buff bushy barbarian lass, and solve the mystery of the two brothers and one changling!
Allow the town to enjoy using you for their various pleasures! Bone-chicka-bone-wow.
Clean some outhouses if you like! Gross weirdo.
A long-time-coming confrontation with Kayden (if NOT on «miners» route (for now)).
Character creation screen updated with some *GASP* actual animation.
Panki’s «accent» has been reined in a bit for readability.
Getting ‘slimed’ in the mushroom quest now has consequences (still in work!).
«Skip Ahead» function when starting a new game has updated to the start of Act 17.

v0.5h Public
Additional backgrounds added for variety
Fixed wardrobe bug not allowing selection of previous outfit for Act 16
Can how join Lel in the ship galley for her route (and/or Roar) after the «backup» or milking incidents
New outfits for everyone!
Get a language lesson from Lel (everybody loves language lessons)
Finally get off the damn ship — welcome to Port Town!
Meet some constables (and maybe get your face sat on if you have Assured Absolution) and then meet the mayor
Decide how to deal with unpaid docking fees
The return of… someone! Along with new revelations and mysteries
Meet three new weirdos

Version 0.5G2
Fixed several bugs in the «skipping act» code
Fixed the bottoms on/off issue with collars
Now can get the after dinner scenes with Roopah easier (requires only getting with her on the boat the previous night)

Version 0.5G
Fixed the looter bargag image bug (finally)
Fixed a bug making the blanket ‘outfit’ disappear
Fixed typos in the wardrode selection
Fixed cutlass disappearing when speaking to some individuals
Fixed the PIC outfit scenes for trap/futa during dinner
Trap/girl/futa «Mending Misery» tweak images fixed
Fairy form now has all alternative body type variations
Changed the way the collar outfits are referenced (faster, less bugs)
Re-rendered SNE dinner scenes to remove «sepia» look (by popular request)
After dinner scenes with Roopah complete (with optional ‘twist’ if futa)
You can now skip to any act you want from the start!

Blanket bug fixed, Pez/Gaggie captain bug fixed
Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark night completed
Meeting a helpful game developer
Sparkle’s powerful new spell makes its debut

Relegated to serving dinner if you are the (non-FU) looter
Added end of dinner conversations
A revealing conversation with «previously dead» Lel
Introducing Skylark to Panki/Panki+Lel (and possibily adding her to your ‘harem’)
Splashy after-dinner bath with Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark
Bit of bonding (i.e. bondage) with solo-romance Lel
Possible night with Kayden (if boi)
Roopah now imposes free-use if making your decisions (if looter & not with her)
More options added to the ‘skip to Act 13’ menu

Dinner now shows correct selected collar for each scene
Girl backup body poses made less ‘slumpy’
Fixed a few lines of ‘See No Evil’ dialog to account for the blindfold
Fixed incorrect Sparkle variation showing up in slaver parlay scenes
Fixed futa milked body outfit inconsistencies
Fixed Wejit visit repeating after Sparkle getting shot
Fixed some cloth draping issues with the fuzzy britches outfit
Fixed a few issues with Panki/Panki+Lel conditional branches
Fixed inconsistencies with some Lel alive/dead dialogs
Fixed label jump that would not properly award the pirate cutlass
(non free-use) Ends abruptly following the after dinner chat with whomever you sat with
(I will add additional options to the Act 13 skip in the next release.)
(The bitgag not showing up in the looter outfit is a known bug. I’m still working on it.)

OLD SAVES WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY. Sorry 🙁 So many code and image changes!
You can opt to skip to Act 13 when you start a new game. You will have to make a few choices but then you can carry on from there instead of a complete restart!
Lots of new tracking variables added for fixes and future branches (hence why old stuff is broken)
All outfits now available for all bodies and variations
First part of ‘free use’ collar dinner (Champ takes round two)
IMPORTANT: right now all the dinner free-use sexytimes scenes will show the «All Dressed Up» collar but this will be corrected soon!
Bug/typo reporting now included (will create a file called _BUGGERY.txt that you can upload or send to me)
Dialog font choice now available in options
Waking up with Panki after a nap quickie (Panki or Panki+Lel routes)
‘Roopah always dead’ bugs fixed (hopefully)
Interesting/revealing dinner dialogs for all major characters
Ends abruptly after Kayden speech. 🙁 Work continues! 🙂



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