Altered Destiny [v0.07c] [ICCreations]

Altered Destiny [ICCreations]

Обзор: Вы, ведущий и ваша лучшая подруга Кимберли натыкаетесь на древний… артефакт. Прикоснувшись к нему, вы становитесь свидетелем смутного катастрофического события, которое произойдет в ближайшем будущем. Не зная об истинном значении этого события, вы оба попадаете в другую временную линию… почти на два десятилетия назад. Хотя вы можете свободно путешествовать между этими двумя временными рамками одного и того же мира, вы должны найти способ предотвратить катастрофическое событие, которое скрывается впереди.

Об игре


  • Два центра внешнего мира (прошлое и настоящее). Вы сможете путешествовать между ними по своему желанию.
  • Новый состав персонажей, некоторые из которых вернулись из предыдущих игр.
  • Разнообразие персонажей. Хотите, чтобы каждый персонаж чувствовал себя уникальным по сравнению с другим.
  • В значительной степени история сосредоточена на глубине персонажей.
  • Выбор. Некоторые БОЛЬШИЕ, некоторые маленькие, но все они так или иначе будут иметь значение.
  • Разрешение изображения/анимации 1920×1080. Увеличено с разрешения FILF 1280×720.
  • Гадалка. Этот персонаж станет проводником MC (Прошлое и настоящее). В общем, подсказка
    генератор. Чтобы избежать путаницы в том, что вам следует делать дальше.

Тема обновлена: 2024-02-23
Дата выхода: 2024-02-23
Разработчик: ICCreations Patreon —
Другие игры разработчика: F.I.L.F.
Цензура: Нет
Версия: 0.07c
ОС: Windows, Mac, Linux
Язык: Английский
Жанр: 3dcg, Мужчина-протагонист, Большая задница, Большая грудь, Фэнтези, Приключения, Суперспособности, МИЛФ, Анимация, инцест, Между сисек

Журнал изменений

Scene updated due to the location being changed.

Updated Nadia’s Park scene in the past due to the setting being improved upon.
Added in Quick Menu option. It can be enabled from the Preference screen.
Fixed a few graphical errors for Kassandra’s house at night.
You can now view the image on Kassandra’s hallway without an error.
Uploading photo’s the MC’s PC should display/work correctly.
The day of the week should now progress forward when going to sleep in the Past.
Fixed a layered screen bug when visiting the Restroom in the Arcade.
Nadia’s new option no longer screws up other quest progressing scenes.
Plenty of Grammar/Spelling fixes.

A big focus on main story content with the majority occurring in the past time period. Use the «!» and «Lewd» graphics on the map to guide you.
Gwynn Scene in the Present at her house.
Ava Scene in the Present at the Tavern.
Large set of constantly occurring scenes in the Past at your House.
Silvia/Kassandra Scene in the Past at Kimberly’s House.
Olivia Scene in the Past at the Arcade.
Julia/Penny Scene in the Past at the Park.
New location: Kassandra’s House.
Location based on Silvia and Kassandra’s Relationship Questline along with a place to pass time / move to the next day without needing to return to the Present.
Remade the Park location for both the Past and Present. The previous one just didn’t go with how I imagined it. Much bigger upgrade and hint towards V0.08 content.
Nadia can now unlock a «Missed Opportunities» option that focuses on experiencing and unlocking the alternative versions of how a scene will play out. Currently only one option is available, featuring Olivia.
Nadia now only helps you with Sketch Quest content outside of the main story as the «!» guides render her help rather useless.

— Fixed a bug that caused the new Perl scene to end IF you did the puzzle in v0.05
— Fixed a crash that was caused when reviewing Devin’s lewd library scene in the gallery
— Fixed a graphical error that didn’t display «Fri» in the UI in the past timeline

What’s New:
— Lewd scenes related to the side-story content in game
1) ‘HHS’ Intro set of scenes
2) Continuation of Perl’s transformation experiment
3) Devin’s repeatable option at the Library
4) Continued Natalie scene at the Camp-out scenario on the Event Planner
5) Julia option scene at the Camp-out scenario on the Event Planner
— Two new Locations added in game:
1) Surf’s Up Shop
2) Horny Harpy Studios
— Added a purchasable improved form of travel for the East side of town.
— Added a pictures button on your phone that stores images sent by your contacts.
— Removed relationship hearts for side characters. Only to be used for the main cast.
— Character portraits on the map will display a «Lewd» graphic next to them if you have a new
REPEATABLE lewd scene to experience at that time/place.
— EZMODE added! This is an option to players that wish to trivialize the mini-games you may
face from time to time. Activated via the preferences tab in the settings.
— The player now gets Olivia’s BB Badge returned to him when able to control his power.
— Idle conversations added for the Harpies for HHS. Will work on other placeholder idles soon.

Due to updating Renpy, a lot of code needed to be updated. Would like to have the new «V0.05d» version out to be more confident of no bugs if more players go through the game. Thank you!

— You weren’t able to revisit Silvia in the hot tub after the initial scene. Fixed
— If not taking a picture of Gwynn at night the first time given the option, it wouldn’t save the photo to your camera when attempting again. Fixed
— Some scenes that happened between going to sleep and waking up the next morning didn’t pass the day forward. Fixed
— Spelling/Grammar Errors

V0.05b with Bug fixes is now out.

Changes from V0.05a:
— Kim should now not be in her bedroom when helping with the dishes.
— You’re supposed to be able to rejoin Silvia in the hottub if you wish, she didn’t show up anywhere in the afternoon due to a mistake in the code. Fixed and now rejoinable!
— Penny should always be somewhere when she’s home. Either in the kitchen in the morning, laundry room in the evening or bed at night.
— Fixed the bug that made you go into the changed timeline if you hit the «back» button on the «GLOBE» demo in the early game.
— When trying to upload pictures to your computer BEFORE doing Gwynn’s night scene, it gave an small error. Fixed.
— With the new content finished, when doing the camping event it would soft-lock you from finishing as the scene would now progress further. Fixed.
— An very rare occurrence that happens when you would sleep with Ava the night before Natalie starts her Science class. Fixed
— Added a phone text to have Kim remind you that you can borrow her skateboard if the player hasn’t after a few days. More of just a reminder.

Update Notes:
— New character progression quests/scenes that mostly involve Natalie, Lily Perl, Gwynn, and the new voted character, Ava.
— New location: Tavern. It resides on the East side of town, so borrow Kim’s skateboard to reach it.
— Made the ‘handholding’ cheat guide be ON by default. If you wish to play without an obvious guide, you may turn it off by retyping it within the cheat menu.
— Fixed a bunch of spelling, grammar, continuity errors, quest bugs, yadda yadda, etc.

— Fixed a bug that prevented you from progressing if you spoke to Gwynn BEFORE meeting Perl in her lab
— Fixed a bug that sent you to the «pre change» version of your bedroom if you selected to rest and then selected «back».
— Kim and Silvia’s animated idle while during the dishes code was mistakenly removed. It’s back now.
— Fixed a bug that gave an error when on the past overworld map during the night at the end of the update.
— At the end of the update, the past/present time of day and day of week should match. It wasn’t, and now it’s fixed.
— Fixed a handful of spelling/grammar errors
— These bugs were reported while I was adding in some of the last animated idles I needed to do, so now you will be able to find Perl and Natalie in the classroom when summer school starts




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